Women Entrepreneurship Strategy success story: Also Recrutement

"The Women Entrepreneurship Strategy, and specifically Evol (a Montréal-based business support organization funded by the Women Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Fund), helped me get the financing I needed to provide a new temporary staffing service. It also gave me access to networking opportunities where I met other entrepreneurs like me—other women entrepreneurs and women from visible minority groups—who share the exact same realities.

Fatou Bocoum, Founding President, Also Recrutement

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[Text on screen: Fatou Bocoum / Founding President of Also Recrutement]

Hi, I'm Fatou Bocoum. I'm the founding president of Also Recrutement. I started Also Recrutement in 2015. I've always been passionate about entrepreneurship. Having acquired a few years of experience in recruitment, I realized that it's a great career that allows me to match up job seekers and employers.

At Also Recrutement, we are growing quickly. Our vision is to be the reference point for businesses looking to find solutions to their human resources challenges, whatever they may be. When I started my business, I was a young woman entrepreneur in a male-dominated manufacturing environment, and it took a lot of work to build credibility and be taken seriously by clients, candidates and potential employees we wanted to hire.

As the business started to grow, we still faced growth challenges like finding financing, but also surrounding ourselves with the right experts to support us in this business growth. I benefited from the Women Entrepreneurship Strategy program. Thanks to the program, and through Evol specifically, I was able to get financing to help me diversify my offerings and provide more services.

I not only got financing to help me launch a new temporary staffing service but also benefited from several support services, such as networking, that helped me meet other entrepreneurs like me, other women entrepreneurs, other women from visible minority groups who share the exact same realities. Since last year, we've been expanding internationally to help our clients meet their labour shortage needs, especially for the most difficult positions where employees are in very short supply in Quebec.

When you're an entrepreneur, you alone make all the decisions. So it's nice to have people who can help us in our strategic thinking, in the direction and the vision of the company. I'd say to other young women entrepreneurs, go for it! If you have entrepreneurial ideas, there's a lot of help, a lot of programs, a lot of support out there to help you follow your dreams and reach your business goals.

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