Women Entrepreneurship Strategy success story: Amango Cacao

"In founding Amango Cacao, our aim was to provide Quebeckers with more natural, less sweet and tastier chocolate options while keeping up the connections we had with the bean producers. The Women Entrepreneurship Strategy helped us buy additional equipment and develop a marketing plan to increase our brand awareness, resulting in a 20% sales increase."

Lydie Kouadio, Vice-President of Amango Cacao

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[Text on screen: Women Entrepreneurship Strategy Success Story – Amango Cacao]

[Interview with Lydie Kouadio interspersed with clips of her chocolate shop, products on display, the back work area, the chocolate-making process and equipment, cacao beans and other ingredients, and trays of freshly made chocolate confections]

[Text on screen: Lydie Kouadio / Vice-President, Amango Cacao]

I'm Lydie Kouadio, Vice-President of Amango Cacao and bean-to-bar chocolate artisan behind the brand. I founded Amango Cacao with my spouse, Gogbeu Ouehi, in 2018. The idea of starting up Amango Cacao came to us after we immigrated from Côte d'Ivoire. My spouse and I decided to explore chocolate when we came here because we had previously worked in cacao.

Our aim was to offer Quebecers a more natural, less sweet and tastier product, while keeping up the connections we had with producers before we immigrated to Quebec. Our business goals, being a retail business, are to grow throughout Quebec and, ideally, Canada, with more sales locations, all while increasing our impact and helping provide a better quality of life to more and more producers in Africa, Côte d'Ivoire and Tanzania.

The challenges as an entrepreneur—well, of course, there's the financing. You also need support in strategic planning and management. Amango Cacao has benefited from the Women Entrepreneurship Strategy funding program. The support enabled us to develop our brand awareness through a great marketing strategy—and develop the business too. We bought additional equipment and increased our sales by more than 20%. I'd say that when you have a business, you have to go for it, of course, and tell yourself that you're not alone. We have a lot of support and access to financing, so believe in your dream. You have to start up and then find all the support that goes along with that. We have organizations that are there to support us.

[Text on screen: Find out how the Women Entrepreneurship Strategy can help you. Visit canada.ca/women-entrepreneurship]

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