Accessible Technology Program

The Accessible Technology Program is investing in hardware and software solutions that help Canadians with disabilities overcome barriers that come in the way of their full participation in the workplace.

The program has a budget of $22.3 million over 5 years, starting in 2017-18.

We're investing in New Ideas

The Accessible Technology Program is ready to co-fund innovative projects led by research institutes, private sector companies and not-for-profit organizations to develop innovative assistive and adaptive digital devices and technologies for persons with disabilities.

Why this is important

Since 2017 we've been working with innovators and entrepreneurs to make a difference in the lives of Canadians with disabilities to fully participate in the digital economy. Canadians living with disabilities have the same ambitions as all other Canadians—they want opportunities to find good, well-paying jobs, make a contribution to their communities and the economy, and build a better life for themselves and their families.

Have an idea? Let's get started

With a funding envelope of $22.3 Million, we're ready to take the next step to get working on your innovative ideas right away.

To apply for funding on your novel accessible technology innovation, visit: Apply for accessible technology funding.

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