Help: Getting started

This site provides the amateur radio operator community with a number of services. This includes, but is not limited to, amateur, call sign and accredited examiner searches, as well as forms for submitting requests for new call signs, amateur certifications and examiner accreditations.

User account

In order to access most of the services on this website (with the exception of searches) you will require a user account. A user account consists of a username and password as well as information about your amateur certificate and examiner accreditation (if applicable). Please seeRequires login for more information.

Submitting a request

Services provided by this website, such a requesting an additional call sign, will follow a series of steps in order to complete the request and submit it to us for processing. These steps are defined below.

  • Login: In order to submit a request you will first be prompted to log in. This is where you provide your username and password that was set up for you when you created your user account. You will have to log in only once per browser session.
  • Certification identification: Each type of request will require you to verify your certification. This may be your amateur certification or your examiner accreditation. Additional information will often be required such as a call sign and date of birth. This information is used for two reasons: 1) to verify your certification/accreditation; 2) to determine the context of the request (Specifying which call sign you wish to change, for example).
  • Data entry: This is where you enter and submit the information related to the request. Once all of the necessary information has been entered and validated it will be sent to us for processing. Processing time depends on the type of request. Some requests have a fee and will require you to mail us payment before we can begin processing. In addition, some requests may require us to contact you for further information.
  • Confirmation: Once a request has been submitted successfully, a confirmation page will be displayed including a confirmation number. This confirmation number should be kept in case you need to contact us regarding the request. The confirmation page lists the data that has been submitted to us by the request.


Security of client information is an important consideration. This website uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to protect all data transmissions between your browser and the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada server. Measures have also been taken to validate user identity (see User Account above) so that only you may submit requests against your certification, examiner accreditation and call signs.