Help: Practice exam

The "Practice Exam" tool generates multiple choice questions for an online practice amateur radio exam. To answer a question, click on one of the circular radio buttons to the left of the four answers provided. Once you’ve made a final decision, click on the "Submit" button.

The "Submit" button will navigate to the answer page to show if the question was answered correctly or not. Once a question has been answered, it cannot be corrected and resubmitted.

If you wish to skip a question, be sure to write down the "Question #" (e.g. 1) to return to it later. The "Question #" can be found in the blue heading above each question. Do not write down the "Practice Exam Question ID" (e.g. B-001-010-003) by mistake.

The "Skip Question" button will navigate to the next question without submitting the question. The tool considers the question unanswered. Unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect once the exam is finished. However, unanswered questions can always be returned to and submitted before the "Finish" button is pressed.

The "Go to Question #" box lets you directly navigate to a specific question. Just enter a "Question #" (e.g. 1) and then click on the "Go" button.

The "Practice Exam" tool will keep score of correct answers, and of how many questions were answered in total. The practice exams are not timed, so you may take as long as you like to answer the questions of a "Practice Exam" as long as you remain in the same session. Clicking on a link or button that leaves or closes the "Practice Exam" tool, will cause the tool’s session to end, the "Total Score" and "Total Answered" counters will return to zero, and all questions to become unanswered.

The "Finish Exam" button will finalize the exam and navigate to the "Results" page. The "Results Page" displays your "Total Score" and whether this is considered a pass or fail (i.e. 70% is required to pass). It also shows your results by category. Clicking the "Previous" button on the "Results" page will allow you to submit more unanswered questions and click the "Finish Exam" button to recalculate results.

The "Return to the exam generator menu" link navigates to the "Amateur radio exam generator" homepage when you are browsing "Amateur radio operator certificate" website. "Return to the exam generator menu" to start a new exam or change the level of questions to either basic or advanced. The level of questions is determined by the link you chose on the "Amateur radio exam generator" homepage.

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