Help: Printing an exam

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If you experience issues viewing PDF files while using Apple operating systems like: Mobile Safari or Mac OS X, please contact "Apple support" for help or try another PDF reader.

The "Print Exam" tool generates an exam, a blank answer sheet, and a correct answer key in PDF format. The links to download these PDF documents can be clicked on as soon as the page is loaded.

The "Generate New Exam" button generates another completely different exam and answer key. Use the same links to download the new exam and answer key.

A unique "Exam ID" is generated for each exam and its matching answer key. The "Exam ID" helps to determine when a new exam has been generated. It also helps to ensure the correct answers are always used with the proper exam. It is the responsibility of the examiner to save a copy of the exam and matching "Answer Key" page for future reference. The "Exam ID" is included in the file name to prevent overwriting.

The "Exam" link will download just one exam. Use the PDF document to save and print as many copies as required. An "Exam" is a unique set of randomly chosen multiple choice questions for a student to answer. Questions are chosen automatically from all categories with at least one question from each sub-category. "Basic Amateur" exams have 100 questions, "Advanced Amateur" exams have 50 questions, and "Professional ROC-A" exams have 25 questions.

The "Answer Sheet" link downloads a blank answer sheet to be used by the student to record their answers to the exam questions. It is a generic form that only differs slightly based on whether the exam is basic, advanced, or professional. Generally, instructions for exams are as follows: Place an 'X' in the box corresponding to the letter of the correct answer to each question. If corrections are made, the incorrect answer must be completely blacked out, otherwise a mark will not be awarded for that question. One mark is awarded for each correct answer. All examinations are 'closed' book. The pass mark is 70% or more. The pass mark for "Basic with Honours" is 80% or more.

The "Answer Key" link downloads a sheet with the answers to the matching exam’s questions. It must have the exact same "Exam ID" as the exam. The "Answer Sheet" is designed to match the "Answer Key" when laid over top of one another for easy marking.

The "PDF Readers" link navigates to information on downloading a "Portable Document Format (PDF) Reader".

The "Return to the exam generator menu" link navigates to the "Amateur radio exam generator" homepage when you are browsing "Amateur radio operator certificate" website. The type of exam (Practice or Official) and the level of questions (Advanced or Basic) is determined by the link you chose on this home page.

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