Help: Study questions

The "Study Question" tool generates multiple choice questions to help study for a real amateur radio exam. To start, a value must be entered in the "Selection Criteria" box. This can be done with either the "Category" dropdown list, or "Question ID" field. There is no need to use both, since the tool will always navigate to a "Question ID" when one is entered.

The "Category" dropdown list lets you to select just one specific category or all available categories from which to study questions.

Alternatively, a "Question ID" can be typed into the "Question ID" field. The "Question ID" must be typed in the format L-CCC-SSS-### (including dashes). L is the level (i.e. A for Advanced and B for Basic). C is the category number, S is the subcategory number, and ### is the question number. By knowing the identification number of a specific question, you can navigate to that question directly. This is useful if you have used the tool before and want to return to where you left off at a later time. The "Question ID" can be found in the blue heading above each question.

The "Begin" button generates the study questions and navigates to a question page. Once you’ve entered a value in the "Selection Criteria" box, click the "Begin" button.

To answer a question, click on one of the circular radio buttons to the left of the four answers provided. Once you've made a final decision, click on the "Submit" button.

The "Submit" button will navigate to the answer page to show if the question was answered correctly or not. The "Study Question" tool does not keep score of answers. It will only keep track of how many questions were answered in total. Unanswered questions can always be submitted. Answered questions cannot be corrected and resubmitted.

The "Study Question" tool has reached the last question when the "Next" button is no longer visible. Clicking on a link or button that leaves or closes the "Study Question" tool will cause the current session to end, the "Total Answered" counter to return to zero, and all questions to become unanswered.

The "Return to the exam generator menu" link navigates to the "Amateur radio exam generator" homepage when you are browsing the "Amateur radio operator certificate" website. "Return to the exam generator menu" to generate a new set of study questions or to change the level of questions to either basic or advanced. The level of questions is determined by the link you chose on the "Amateur radio exam generator" homepage.

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