How to find a digital advisor

As an eligible business participating in CDAP, you will be accessing CDAP's Digital Advisor Marketplace to find and select a digital adoption expert, who will develop a digital adoption plan tailored for your needs.

Once you have received an automated email from the program confirming you have signed your Grant Agreement, the next step of the program is to find and work with your digital advisor.

Below is some guidance to support you as you:

  1. Identify your needs
  2. Search in the Digital Advisor Marketplace
  3. Assess and select your digital advisor
  4. Work with your digital advisor
  5. Submit your Digital Adoption Plan and receive payment

Step 1: Identify your needs


Before you begin searching for a digital advisor, it's important to understand your business needs and have a general sense of the problems you're trying to solve with technology.

If you'd like some inspiration, explore the Business spotlights to see what other businesses have done with CDAP.


Step 2: Search in the Digital Advisor Marketplace


You will access the Marketplace using the Find a digital adoption advisor button by logging into your account in the CDAP portal.

Once in the Marketplace, can browse through CDAP's extensive list of advisors. There are various filters to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

How to access the Marketplace
  • You will receive an automated email from the program confirming you have signed your Grant Agreement. At this point, the digital advisor marketplace will become available to you through your CDAP portal.
  • You can access the digital advisor marketplace by logging into your CDAP portal account. On the main page you will see a button that says Find an advisor.
How to search in the Marketplace
  • There are 2 ways to search in the marketplace: (1) by using the filter options provided or (2) by entering key words or names into the search box.
  • You can further narrow down your search by adding as many filters as you'd like.
  • It is usually a good idea to meet with a few potential digital advisors before selecting one to work with you on a digital adoption plan.
How to find a specific advisor or firm
  • If you are already working with a digital advisor, confirm they are registered on the Digital Advisor Marketplace by searching for the name of their organization.
  • Note: To maintain your eligibility in the CDAP program, you must work with a digital advisor organization registered on CDAP's Digital Advisor Marketplace. If you choose to work with a digital advisor not registered in the Marketplace, you will not be eligible to apply for the CDAP advisor grant (i.e. your digital advisor costs will not be reimbursed).

Step 3: Interview and assess digital advisor options


After searching CDAP's Marketplace, contact the advisors you are interested in working with.

Interview different advisors and assess them against your business' needs.

How to contact a digital advisor
  • Within the Marketplace you can quickly send your contact information to potential digital advisors through the Send my contact information to this Digital Advisor button. This will generate a draft email with prepopulated information:
    • Indicating you are a CDAP-eligible company;
    • Providing your contact information;
    • Asking the advisor to propose an interview time and date;
    • Asking the advisor to indicate if they are able to work with you.
  • When contacting potential advisors, it is helpful to provide them with additional information:
    • A short description of your business;
    • Identify your overall technology challenges and business goals;
    • If possible include your budget for digital adoption plan services and any expected timelines;
    • Attach the results of your digital needs assessment (if completed).
Sample interview agenda
  • Interview goal – determining if your digital advisory organization is a good match to support my company's digital adoption needs
  • Company introductions and business overview
    • My company's top technology needs and goals are…
    • Our budget and timelines for digital adoption planning services are…
  • Digital Advisor introduction
  • Interview questions
  • Wrap-up and next steps
Tips to interview a digital advisor
  • Review the advisor's website and service offerings prior to the interview.
  • Start by introducing yourself and explain the goal of the interview upfront.
  • Outline your key business technology problems and goals (not solutions).
  • Indicate any limitations you have: time, financial, technical, location, language, other….
Sample interview questions
  • Could you describe the organization's process for assessing a company's technology needs?
  • Does your organization have experience working with companies in industry, or with my particular technology challenges? Could you give me an example of a previous project?
  • How much does your company typically charge for a digital adoption planning services?
  • If you were to undertake this work, what would be the structure of our service agreement, and what terms or conditions would be included?

Step 4: Work with your digital advisor


After interviewing and assessing different potential advisors, select the digital advisor you'd like to work with and sign a formal work agreement with them.

Work with your digital advisor – discuss, ask questions, express your needs, ask more questions. Working with your advisor will ensure the digital adoption plan they create best meets your needs.

There are certain elements CDAP requires to be included in every digital adoption plan.

Learn more about the Digital Adoption Plan.

What is typically included in an agreement?
  • CDAP is not involved in the agreements between businesses and their digital advisor. You are encouraged to include the following items in your agreement:
    • Your and the digital advisor's legal business name;
    • The scope of work;
    • Costs directly associated with the production of the digital plan;
    • That the digital advisor will deliver a digital adoption plan in accordance with the programs requirements identified in the CDAP digital adoption plan guide.
Tips when working with a digital advisor
  • It's a good idea to work closely with your chosen digital advisor, and ask questions throughout the digital adoption development process.
  • Review the CDAP digital adoption plan guide to get a sense of what your company's digital transformation plan can look like, and what elements of your company a digital advisor might assess.

Step 5: Submit your Digital Adoption Plan and receive payment

Once you and your digital advisor are content with a final version of the Digital Adoption Plan, you will submit your Digital Adoption Plan along with the invoice to the CDAP program, within the CDAP portal.

The CDAP program will review your Digital Adoption Plan to make sure it meets all the requirements, then send your reimbursement.

When exactly will you receive your reimbursement?
  • We do our best to meet our service standard: if your Digital Adoption Plan is approved, you will receive payment within 30 days of submitting your claim.


Although pre-selected by ISED, Digital Advisors are not agents, partners or employees of ISED. ISED does not warrant the quality of the services provided by such Advisors and is not responsible for any losses or damages, which may result from using the services of an Advisor. Any disputes must be resolved between the applicant and the Digital Advisor.

You can find more detailed information about the Boost Your Business Technology program in the program guide.