Standard fees for copyright

Check fees for registering a copyright, registration of an assignment and other services. All amounts are in Canadian dollars.

January 1, 2024 regulatory fee adjustment

Due to regulatory changes, our 2024 fees have been updated to reflect the adjusted fee amounts. To learn more about the changes, visit our fee adjustment page.

Please note that the amounts shown in the Tariff of Fees of the Copyright Regulations may not be up-to-date.

The list of fees showing below is up-to-date.

The fee amount that you must pay for services that are subject to an adjustment will depend on the date on which the fee is received by the Commissioner, not the date on which the service was originally requested.

  • If payment is received before January 1 of next year, you will need to pay the prescribed fee for the current year.
  • If payment is received on or after January 1 of next year, you will need to pay the adjusted prescribed fee for next year.

Most common fees

Different fees must be paid at various times during the copyright application process. This table provides an overview, but the complete list should be consulted.

Title Standard
Accepting an application for registration of a copyright 2023: $50*
2024: $63*
Accepting for registration an assignment or licence of a copyright 2023: $65
2024: $81

*If the application and fee are not submitted online to the Copyright Office, via the Canadian Intellectual Property Office website, an additional fee of $15 is required. In 2024, the additional fee will be $18.