Filing of Other Particulars

An assignment

An "assignment" consists of selling all or part of your rights in the integrated circuit topography permanently to another party. This party or "assignee" assumes the ownership rights to make, use, rent or sell products incorporating the registered topography and to authorize others to do so.

A licence

When you license your integrated circuit topography, you allow someone else to use it in accordance with the particular terms and conditions set out in the licence as negotiated by the parties involved. In this case, you retain ownership and you can, in some instances, license more than one party.

To be valid, an assignment or licence must be in writing and signed by the owner of the topography. The original contract or a certified copy of it must be sent to the Office of the Registration of Topographies. The Office will retain a copy of the documentation and return the originals with a certificate of registration.

Payment of fees

Payments may be made by credit card or by deposit account.

Fee (CAN$):

Entering in the register particulars of a transfer of an interest or grant of a licence affecting a registered topography: item 3 of the Tariff of Fees.