Manage and commercialize your intellectual property

Manage and commercialize your intellectual property

Tools and resources to help businesses leverage intellectual property (IP).

IP strategy

Build an intellectual property strategy

Understand the main steps to build an IP strategy.

IP strategy self-assessment tool

Generate a tailored guide with information on what to consider when developing your IP strategy.

Plan for success – IP strategy explained

Learn the importance of effectively managing your IP assets and the steps involved in building your own IP strategy.

Protect IP

Protect new ideas and creations

Identify and capture new IP as it is being created.

Prove who owns new ideas and creations

Ensure IP ownership is defined as IP is being created.

Get new intellectual property rights in Canada

Find where and how to get new IP rights.

Protect IP outside Canada

Learn what a business can do to manage its IP abroad.

Maintain a list of intellectual property

Create and maintain an inventory of IP rights.


Intellectual property in the marketplace

Assess the opportunities and decide how to take your idea to the market

Turning ideas into money – Commercialize your IP

Learn about the important steps involved in commercializing your IP, the skills needed and the different avenues for converting IP assets into a revenue source.

Stopping infringement

Stopping intellectual property infringement

Understand the options and how to prepare to enforce your IP rights.

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