Stopping intellectual property infringement

Tools and information to help you understand intellectual property (IP) infringement as well as how to prepare to enforce your IP rights and choose strategies to do so.

Stopping unauthorized use of IP

Defending IP rights

Understand what you need and what you can do to enforce your IP rights.

Customs program by Canada Border Services Agency

Learn how to enforce your IP rights using Canada's IP border enforcement program.

Settling IP disputes in court

Learn about the main considerations and court systems to solve IP infringement disputes.


Communicate directly about potential IP infringement 

Learn what to consider before writing a notice or cease and desist letter.

Alternative methods to resolve IP disputes

Understand the differences and how to choose between negotiation, mediation and arbitration.

Turning IP disputes into a business partnership

Learn how to use licensing as a tool to solve an infringement dispute.


Types of infringement 

Copyright infringement 

Understand copyright infringement, main exceptions, and when and how copyright can be enforced.

Trademark infringement 

Understand trademark infringement, examples, and when and how trademark rights can be enforced.

Patent infringement 

Understand patent infringement and when and how patent rights can be enforced.


Industrial design infringement 

Understand industrial design infringement and when and how industrial design rights can be enforced.

Trade secret theft 

Learn about trade secret theft and what you can do if information communicated in confidence is misused.


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