Product description: industrial designs data

File Format

Data for industrial designs is provided in XML format with one XML file per industrial design assignment or registration. The XML file structure is governed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) standard ST.86 for industrial design data. The images that accompany an industrial design are provided in PNG format.

Record and data content

Each XML file includes the following types of information regarding the industrial design registrations:

  • General information (registration number, title, names and addresses of applicants, owners and agents)
  • Registration status
  • Images (a visual representation of the industrial design)
  • Terms of protection
  • Description

Each XML file includes the following types of information regarding the industrial design assignments:

  • Registration date
  • Registration number
  • Names and addresses of transferee and transferor

Production schedule: weekly and annually

Weekly production

On a weekly basis, a collection of XML files are produced for all new and updated industrial design assignments and registrations. The naming convention for each weekly folder of industrial design registrations includes the extraction date range, and a folder number starting at "001". Within each of these folders is a single folder named "registrations". The next subfolder has the first two digits of the registration number. The subsequent folder has the third and fourth digit of the registration number. Within the next subfolder are the XML files for each registration and a folder containing the images. Industrial design assignments are organized in a similar fashion. However, the files are labeled by assignment number rather than registration number. Each weekly collection can range from 0.5 MB to 6 MB depending on volume of activity.

Annual production

On an annual basis, a complete refreshed collection of industrial design files is produced. This includes all industrial designs from 1861 to the most recent completed calendar year. Collections are organized in a similar fashion as the weekly collections. In addition to the XML file of application information, a scanned image of the application is also available for industrial designs registered from 1861 to June 2001. As of 2018, a collection consisted of assignments and 640 collections of registrations. Each collection is approximately 250 MB.