Strike impacts on patent processing

During the recent public servant strike, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) remained open for business.

Please note that new and existing due dates were not extended by the Commissioner during the labour disruption period. For this reason, applicants and patentees are expected to continue to meet all requirements and obligations prescribed under the Patent Act and Patent Rules.

While operating at reduced capacity, the Patent Office registered all incoming correspondence including fee payments, whether by online submission or mail, on the date they were received.

However, the following areas of service may have been affected during the labour disruption due to administrative delays:

  • processing of fees and service requests
  • the Canadian Patents Database – application and patent information may not have been accurately updated
  • automated notices and letters – some may have contained inaccurate information if they were sent incorrectly due to delays in processing incoming correspondence
  • all other non-automated correspondence, including the mailing of new examiner reports

Although requests sent via the online feedback mechanism were reviewed, corrections and/or responses may also be delayed. Additionally, correspondence and service requests may be impeded by current backlogs.

We thank you for your patience as we return to normal operations.

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