Your IP abroad

Your IP abroad

Taking your business around the world? Learn how to file your IP via international systems.

Resources on protecting your IP abroad

IP guides for target countries

Learn about intellectual property (IP) in target countries.

Protect IP outside Canada – Step-by-step

Explore this step-by-step guide on how to secure IP protection abroad.

Short video on doing business abroad

Watch a short video on how IP can support your business expansion abroad.

Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting (Global Affairs Canada)

Learn the essential principles of exporting whether you are a novice, intermediate or advanced exporter.

List of global IP offices (WIPO)

Search the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)'s directory of IP offices around the world.

Your trademark abroad

Your path through the international trademark system

Consult our roadmap to learn how to apply for trademark protection in multiple countries through the Madrid protocol.

CIPO – International trademarks under the Madrid Protocol

Learn about filing an application for international trademark registration from Canada.

WIPO – International Trademark System

Use the Madrid System if you are a national of any of the 130 countries covered by the Members of the Madrid Union.

WIPO – Benefits of the Madrid System

Find out more about the benefits and advantages of the Madrid System.

WIPO – Madrid FAQs

Explore WIPO's frequently asked questions about the Madrid System.

WIPO – Madrid System Fee Calculator

Use the Fee Calculator to estimate the cost of registering your mark through the Madrid System.

WIPO – Madrid Monitor

Use this search tool to find information on international trademark applications and registrations.

Your patent abroad

Patent Cooperation Treaty kit

Learn about filing an international patent application from Canada.

PCT e-Filing

Log in to the Canadian Intellectual Property Organization (CIPO)'s online service for filing international patent applications.


Explore WIPO's frequently asked questions about the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

WIPO – International Patent System

Gain a better understanding of the PCT System by accessing WIPO's wealth of information for new PCT users.

Euro-PCT applicant guide

Learn about the PCT procedure at the European Patent Office.

WIPO – PCT Time Limit Calculator

Use this tool to find out the time limits for your PCT application.

Your industrial design abroad

CIPO – How to apply for registration using the Hague System

Learn how to apply for registration of your industrial designs using the Hague System.

WIPO – Guide to the Hague System

Download the Hague guide and walk through the various steps involved in the international registration of designs.

WIPO – Hague System Fee Calculator

Use this tool to quickly estimate your application or renewal fees in Swiss francs.

WIPO – Hague Express Database

Use this database to search for information on new international design registrations, renewals and modifications.

WIPO – International Design System

Use the Hague System to register up to 100 designs in 96 countries by filing a single international application.

IP roadmap – Your path to international industrial design registration – Filing with WIPO

Consult our roadmap to learn the steps to apply for industrial design protection in multiple countries through one application and to pay fees in one currency through a single transaction.

Your copyright abroad

Berne Convention

Take a look at a summary of the Berne Convention and its contracting parties.

WIPO Copyright Treaty

Consult a summary of the WIPO Copyright Treaty and its contracting parties.