About the Clean Growth Hub

The Hub is an inter-departmental initiative, made up of 18 federal government departments and agencies that support clean tech innovation. We act as the Government of Canada's coordinating centre for federal clean tech activities and a one-stop shop for information about funding and services for clean tech initiatives.

Clean technologies are defined as follows:

  • Any good or service designed with the primary purpose of contributing to remediating or preventing any type of environmental damage;
  • Any good or service that is less polluting or more resource-efficient than equivalent normal products which furnish a similar utility. Their primary use, however, is not one of environmental protection.

(Source: Statistics Canada)

Participating departments and agencies

How we help

We help clean tech innovators and adopters advance their projects through specialized resources,asterix* including:

  • an online inventory of clean tech-focused funding programs, services and opportunities;
  • resources and tools to help plan and access support for clean tech projects; and
  • no-cost advisory services to help connect clean tech initiatives with appropriate federal supports.

asterix* The Clean Growth Hub does not provide project funding.

Behind the scenes, the Hub also supports clean tech innovation by:

  • enhancing federal clean tech program coordination; and
  • supporting data collection and analysis from federal clean tech programs, as part of the federal Clean Technology Data Strategy.

Our impact

The Clean Growth Hub has a positive impact on clients from diverse sectors that are helping to drive Canada's transition to an inclusive and resilient clean growth economy.

The Clean Growth Hub has developed a Reconciliation, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Action Plan to ensure the Hub is an inclusive and diverse organization that is able to serve all clean technology stakeholders. The plan includes objectives and concrete actions that will have an impact on our staffing actions, our work culture and most importantly, on who we serve and how.


  • 2,300+ clients served (January 2022) 
  • 75% client satisfaction rate
  • Government contacts facilitated for 75% of clients

Client testimonials

ABC Engineering
Calgary, AB

I found the Clean Growth Hub to be a massive help to my team while we navigated the complex system of federal and provincial funding programs for a novel project of ours. The officers we worked with were patient, knowledgeable and extremely detailed in their emails. They took the time to meet with me virtually, then provided a long list with hyperlinks to various programs that are a good fit for our particular project. Our team really appreciates this program, and I have pointed other industry members in their direction.

Heather Gallant, Regulatory and Environmental Manager
Richmond, BC

Saltworks is fortunate to have known the Clean Growth Hub for several years. Through our relationship with them, we've been introduced to key figures in Canada's technology business sector and learned about new funding opportunities that have helped us commercialize our innovative clean technology. We look forward to working with the Clean Growth Hub as we continue to grow!

Josh Zoshi, Chief Operating Officer
Rockport Networks
Ottawa, ON

The Clean Growth Hub provides an excellent demonstration of the processes needed to manage horizontal issues on public policy. As a facilitator of dialogue between clean tech companies and departments, agencies and foundations of the Government of Canada (GoC), the Hub provides a locus and focus for more effective and efficient communication. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) typically do not have the resources needed to track policy and program development and evolution of the GoC. The Hub fills this information gap with timely, relevant information.

Pamela Heneault, Vice President, Public Affairs
Miru Smart Technologies
Vancouver, BC

The Government of Canada has many departments and agencies that collectively provide a wealth of resources and funding for clean tech start-ups. The Clean Growth Hub plays an important role because it helps companies like Miru navigate this expansive ecosystem and identify which specific programs are the best fit for their particular goals.

Dr. Curtis Berlinguette, Chief Executive Officer

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