Canada’s Roadmap to Net-Zero Carbon Concrete

Concrete is the most-abundantly produced human-made material in the world and serves as an indispensable construction material for buildings and infrastructure in Canada and worldwide. However, concrete manufacturing is also emissions-intensive, accounting for approximately 7% of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide.

Canada’s Net-zero Carbon Concrete Roadmap, published in November 2022, was developed by an Industry-Government Working Group, co-led by the Cement Association of Canada and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, with representatives from other federal government departments, industry leaders, and environmental organizations. The Roadmap charts the course to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the cement and concrete sector by 15 million tons by 2030 and achieving net-zero concrete by 2050. Through key actions, technologies, tools and policies, the Roadmap outlines an action plan for the Government of Canada and Canadian cement and concrete industry to drive market development for low-carbon cement and concrete; accelerate innovation and transformation across the entire concrete value chain; and position Canada as a world-leading producer and exporter of low-carbon cement and concrete products and related clean technologies.

This work will facilitate greenhouse gas emissions reductions and address the growing global demand for low-carbon building materials, while leading to economic, environmental and health benefits for all Canadians.

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