CRC Celebrates 50 years

Founded in 1969, the Communications Research Centre Canada has pioneered satellite, broadcasting, fiber optic and wireless technology.

Transcript: CRC Celebrates 50 years


The video is an animation.

Text: 1969

Narrator: What do you remember from 1969? Maybe the moon landing?

Old-style television appears beneath the text, on top of a colourful round carpet

On the screen is a blurry image of an astronaut climbing down to the moon's surface

Narrator: For us, 1969 was a big year. Because it was the year Canada's Communications Research Centre was founded.

Zoom out to a person watching the television with old  images of CRC researchers

A red ribbon appears on the screen and a hand with scissors cuts the ribbon

Text: CRC

Narrator: Which makes this our 50th anniversary!

The carpet grows to fill the background and paper confetti is blown to festive effect

Text: 50

Narrator: For fifty years, CRC research has pioneered technology like satellites, broadcasting and fiber optics, areas where Canada became a world leader.

An image of Earth replaces the carpet, flanked by two researchers in lab coats

Images of a satellite, a broadcasting tower and a fibre optic cable orbit the Earth

Narrator: Today, our focus is on advanced wireless telecommunications.

Scene changes to a city skyline in the background with a person, cars, a drone, a satellite, a hospital and a transmission tower all with wireless signals

Narrator: We are looking at three important questions: How is spectrum used today? How can we use it better? And how can more spectrum be used?

A large transmission tower fills the screen, with different sine waves representing wireless signals

Narrator: As we explore answers to these questions, we've achieved some exciting milestones:

Five researchers in lab coats appear viewing various images on a screen:

Image of a wireless laboratory with measuring equipment

Narrator: demonstrating mobile 5G communications using millimeter waves,…

Text: 5G

Image of an aerial view of mobile 5G coverage at Ottawa City Hall;

Narrator: …engineering wireless coverage with engineered surfaces,…

Text: Engineered Surfaces

Image of three sheets of Engineered Surfaces

Narrator: …and making the invisible – spectrum – visible in our Big Data Analytics Centre.

Text: Big Data Analytics Centre

Image of wireless signals represented by beams on the street in front of Ottawa City Hall.

Narrator: As a world leader in this field, we are using artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and high performance Cloud computing…

Scene changes to a blue background with clouds and colourful images representing the text which is written across a banner

Text: Artificial Intelligence

Text: Data Analytics

Text: Cloud Computing

Narrator: …to increase the pace and the impact of our research to enable the best wireless solutions for Canadians.

Scene changes again to show wireless users – people, a car, an airship and buildings – in front of a city skyline

Narrator: Want to join us?

Narrator: Come visit us online or contact us to find out more and to help achieve advanced technology breakthroughs for the next 50 years!


Zoom in to one of the wireless users whose cell phone displays the CRC website address

Narrator: Communications Research Centre, celebrating 50 years of finding what is possible and what works.

CRC 50th anniversary logo

CRC Innovation Science and Economic Development logo

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