Video: What is 5G?

Everyone is talking about 5G and the future of wireless. But what is it? Why is it important? This short animated video explores how 5G will change the world in ways we can't yet imagine and how Canada's Communications Research Centre is working to help Canada be a leader in 5G.

Transcript: What is 5G?


Text: What is 5G?

With over five billion wireless devices, the world is more connected than ever.

Earth appears, with wireless devices popping up and filling the Earth, satellites and drones circle outside

But in a few years, when that number reaches fifty, or a hundred billion, and current mobile networks can't keep up, we'll be ready because a new generation of wireless is coming. We call it 5G.

Earth and devices shake and then explode

Text: 5G (appears out of explosion)

5G will allow billions of devices to connect even better and much faster,…

Tablet appears with boxes. Hand clicks boxes and checkmarks appear

Text: More capacity, Faster reaction time, Higher speeds

…to make things like transportation, healthcare, and emergency services, a lot more efficient.

Switch to road scene with a self-driving taxi communicating with a stop light

Text: self-driving taxi

An ambulance appears, communicating with a doctor at the hospital

Text: remote treatment

It will enable smart homes and smart cities, …

Devices in a living room are connecting, even the cat has a collar that connects

…and even change how we view and enjoy our leisure time!

Scene in a park – people on their mobile devices watching sports, sending messages and uploading photos

And these are just some of the possibilities, because our world will change in ways we
can't yet imagine.

In the park, a robot is walking dogs, a drone delivers a basket of food to a women on a bench, a women stands on a surfboard with virtual reality goggles

And since this revolution is right around the corner, scientists at the Communications
Research Centre are working to make Canada a leader in 5G so that Canadians benefit from all the innovations it will bring.

Scientists in a lab with equipment

Communications Research Centre – finding what is possible... and what works!

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