Innovative Wireless Research at Canada’s Communications Research Centre

Scientists at Canada's Communications Research Centre (CRC) have a long history of telecommunications research – from early communication satellites to high-frequency 5G wireless technologies. The CRC is a world-class, innovative research facility. This video shows the CRC's past, present and future, and how the CRC is finding out what is possible and what works. #CDNInnovation

Transcript: Innovative Wireless Research at Canada's Communications Research Centre

On-screen text:

(rocket launches)

(dramatic music plays throughout the video)

(satellite flies through space)

Canada’s Communications Research Centre has been doing advanced telecommunications research since the 1960s.

(black and white photos of researchers with satellite model and in labs)

(vintage looking background with symbols and map of Canada)

Early communication satellites

(vintage colour photos of satellite research scientists)

World’s first direct-to-home satellite TV broadcast

(photo of foreign diplomats with satellite connected television)

Launch of Telidon: an internet before the Internet

(photos of family looking at Telidon on TV, and student learning cello from the TV)

SARSAT helping to save lives around the world

(photos of rescue beacons, a crashed airplane, and a newspaper clip about a rescue)

(Canada map fades from background)

(background symbols become more modern)

First international connection to ARPANET

(photo of old computer technology in a lab)

ARPANET the foundation of the Internet

(photo of researchers looking at computer printout)

Development of SHARP: world’s first microwave powered aircraft

(old video footage of researchers launching SHARP aircraft)

(photos of microwave tower and aircraft)

Air ambulance technology

(photo of air ambulance)

Satellite voice service linking doctors to paramedics

(photo of transmitter with CRC logo on top of air ambulance)

Standardization of the digital television system

(photo of wall of television monitors)

(background becomes more modern and deep blue)

Cognitive WiFi

World’s first intelligent WiFi system

(photo of outdoor WiFi antenna)

World-class, innovative research lab

(CRC sign in front of building)

(antenna on top of building)

Finding what is possible and what works

(researchers in a meeting)

(researcher using an interactive kiosk)

Discovering how spectrum works

To improve wireless communications for Canadians

(researcher installing measurement equipment outdoors)

(measurement equipment indoors and researcher studying computer screen)

(truck raising antenna)

(researcher rolls out sheet of printed electronics)

Engineered surfaces to adapt environments

Preparing for 5G at higher frequencies

(researchers testing printed electronics and studying computer screen)

(researcher installs picture with engineered surface for test in office environment)

(animation of wireless signal bouncing off surface towards receiver)

Analyzing big data with state-of-the-art visualization

For research and collaboration

(three-dimensional visualization of a downtown street)

(researchers studying the visualization on a giant projection screen)

Explosive growth of 5G

Connecting everyone, everything, anywhere, any time

(people walking on a crowded street)

Finding solutions beyond what we can see

Communications Research Centre.

(CRC logo)

(music ends)

(Canada Wordmark symbol)

End of transcript