Application for a decision to not make ISC information publicly available because the ISC is incapable

Circumstances where the ISC is declared incapable either by a court or under provincial or territorial laws

You can apply for a decision from the Director pursuant to subsection 21.303(3) of the Canada Business Corporations Act by filling the form below. Ensure that you provide sufficient information to support your application.

Application under 21.303(3)(b)(i) CBCA

This application is made under subparagraph 21.303(3)(b)(i) of the Canada Business Corporations Act (the "Act") for a decision by the Director to not make an individual with significant control (ISC) information publicly available.

The applicant requests that the Director not make publicly available the information regarding the ISC over the corporation mentioned below because the individual is incapable.

Statement that the individual is incapable

Supporting documentation

Include any documents demonstrating that the individual has been declared incapable by a Court or under the law of a province or territory. Documentation officially declaring an individual to be legally incapable may vary according to provincial and territorial legislation.

Upload requirements

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and that:

  1. I have personal knowledge of the matters herein stated to and that I am authorized to submit this application;
  2. The information provided above is accurate and complete.