Digital Technologies/ICT

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Canadian ICT Sector Profile

Reports the performance of the Canadian ICT sector in terms of GDP , employment, education, salaries, R&D expenditures and trade based on the most recent annual data available.

The Digital Technologies/ICT sector comprises industries primarily engaged in producing goods or services, or supplying technologies, used to process, transmit and display data or information.  These industries use creativity, talent, and digital skills to serve and create applications for vertical markets such as healthcare, education, finance, defence and the creative industries.

Canada is home to world class talent and R&D in emerging fields such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, augmented and virtual reality, cybersecurity, next generation networks and semiconductors.

Canadian semiconductor industry

Canadian semiconductor industry

Semiconductors are a foundational component of modern and future technologies and are integral to the net-zero transition, national security, and economic prosperity. Nearly every industry including automotive, defense, and telecommunications require semiconductors for current technologies and future innovations.