Canada's cluster projects

With leading-edge innovations focused on digital health, food supply, advanced manufacturing, supply chains, and the ocean economy, cluster projects have a direct impact on our lives and economy. Here is a list of the exciting projects Canada's clusters have launched so far.

Cluster Project title and description Project partners Global Innovation Clusters funding ($M)
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Total project value ($M)
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Date of announce-ment Project location
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Development of bacterial frameworks for biomanufacturing of industrial and therapeutic products
This project aims to build a platform for rapid construction of framework strains of E. coli that can be readily adopted into commercial production of target products in gene therapy. Ministring DNA (msDNA) is a novel non-viral gene therapy technology that paves the way for personalized, redosable genetic medicine that is safe, durable, and accessible for patients worldwide. The outcomes of this collaboration represent a foundation for the scaled up production of these homegrown innovations, applied to novel products addressing high-demand food industry and biopharmaceutical needs.
Mediphage Bioceuticals Inc., Ardra Inc. $0.24 $0.57 2022-09-15 Toronto, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Global Leadership in Life Sciences by Enabling Commercial Scale Manufacture of Cell & Gene Therapies
This project will build and set up a commercial biomanufacturing facility in Hamilton, which will supply new advanced therapies for cell and gene-based technologies or for existing products that are not currently available at a commercial scale in Canada. The project will focus on process development, advanced manufacturing platforms, analytics and regulatory development and in turn, help position Canada as a global life sciences leader.
OmniaBio Inc. (New CDMO spin-off from CFRM Enterprises), Aspect Biosystems Ltd., Canadian Advanced Therapies Training Institute, ExCellThera Inc., Morphocell Technologies Inc. $10.54 $34.82 2022-09-20 Toronto, ON
Digital Technology Cluster AI-Enabled Metaverse Campus
This project seeks to develop an AI-enabled virtual campus platform,, that will allow trainers to co-create and interact with 3D content for the development of immersive training scenarios. These training scenarios will be available in virtual reality (VR) and on desktop computers and will be tailored to the aerospace and naval industry. The platform will include an AI assistant that will enable the creation of the training scenarios, thereby allowing trainers (non-programmers) to build out their own metaverse., Babcock Canada, RCN Naval Training Development Centre (Pacific), Cognitive3D, Masterpiece Studio, Toronto Metropolitan University $2.34 $5.44 2022-09-07 Chemin Sainte-Foy (Québec)
Scale AI Cluster Supply Chain Optimization Platform
The project will improve retail customer experience by leveraging datasets that provide information related to historical purchase trends, seasonality, market variances, other customer purchase patterns. Adastra will commercialize the expertise developed and reusable technical components of the workflows that can be adapted/customized to other logistics and manufacturing clients, while Taiga will retain the business-specific context, trained models, and optimization model definitions/constraints.
Adastra, Standard Building & Supplies, Taiga Building Products $1.08 $2.80 2022-08-22 Toronto, ON
Scale AI Cluster Apollo.AI
This project aims to leverage AI technologies to redefine project partners quoting and order management experience for both their internal users and clients. The project will develop a decision support system to automate the logistics services quoting process. This system aims to better serve customers and facilitate interactions within the organization.
Ray-Mont Logistics International, FaimData, Ivado Labs, Volume Freight Solutions Inc. $0.96 $2.49 2022-08-22 Montréal, QC
Scale AI Cluster AI-Powered Vehicle Operations Suite
This project, through a combination of technology and empowered customer service enables consumers to shop, purchase, finance and sell vehicles entirely online.
Canada Drives, Canadian Black Book, Infostrux Solutions, UBC Sauder School of Business, ProCogia $0.88 $2.22 2022-08-22 Vancouver, BC
Scale AI Cluster AI for Exploration and Development of Critical Raw Materials
This project will bring together Calgary-based technology SME Enersoft with several mining companies including heavyweights Rio Tinto and Agnico Eagle as well as relevant Government agencies, to develop ML models using new high-resolution multi-sensor machine vision rock scan data to allow for faster, more precise, and more cost-effective analysis of core samples.
Enersoft (GeologicAI), Kirkland Lake Gold, Casino Mining Corporation, Fireweed Zinc, Tech-X Resources, Yukon Geological Survey, Ontario Geological Survey $1.63 $7.11 2022-08-22 Calgary, AB
Scale AI Cluster Canard Bleu
This project, endeavors to connect supply chain members through a central financial institution (TD), enabling members to optimize AI capabilities in supply chain visibility and collaboration without the need of sharing identifiable data, as privacy is key in this context. The project will demonstrate how the data portability protocol can be leveraged by a global logistics firm through a Supply Chain Finance (SCF) use case.
Flybits, TD Bank Group, CEVA Freight Canada Corp., mimik, Toronto Metropolitan University $2.06 $9.25 2022-08-22 Toronto, ON
Scale AI Cluster Improving Save-On-Foods Supply Chain Through AI-Based Demand Forecasting
This project will build and integrate several AI solutions to develop a demand forecasting model with the overall goal of ensuring the right products are in the right place, at the right price for their customers. Additionally, an optimization algorithm will automate scheduling of ecommerce deliveries to improve productivity and align with customer demand.
Save on Foods, D-Wave Systems, ThoughtsWin Systems, White Box Analytics, OpsGuru, Deloitte $2.77 $7.19 2022-08-22 Vancouver, BC
Scale AI Cluster Production and Optimization of Rental Assets Stock and Transportation
The goal of this project is to increase the availability of products for its customers, in the right quantities and at the right locations, through the development of advanced technology capabilities for critical asset management that will strengthen its contribution to the enterprise supply chain through the following predictive and decision support approaches: Improving annual inventory planning and Estimation of optimal parameters for all shipments.
Simplex Equipment Rental, Mind in a box, CGI, Maya HTT, Équipements Mathieu, Construction Bugère $1.04 $2.67 2022-08-22 Montréal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Project Galactic
This project will give an edge to smaller Canadian retailers, empowering these SMEs to level the playing field of larger competitors through best-in-class product search and discoverability capabilities usually only attainable through major capex investments. This will allow their product catalogues to be searchable, their products to be found by consumers, and those products to be purchased in-store and online.
Ravel by CF, Coveo Solutions Inc., Gensquared Inc., Konrad Group Inc., Matt and Nat SE, The Silver Mountain LTD, QE Home | Quilts Etc., Ann-Louise Jewellers Ltd. $1.13 $5.33 2022-08-22 Toronto, ON
Scale AI Cluster Self-Learning Route Optimization
This project is a route optimization platform for SME delivery businesses. Projects partners will reduce their fleet's mileage and fuel consumption by 20%‑30%. This project, will use ML models to incorporate traffic into proprietary route optimization algorithm and leverage AI to make this routing platform more intelligent.
Routific Solutions, Flashbox, Flourist $0.96 $2.44 2022-08-22 Vancouver, BC
Scale AI Cluster ML Tool for Supply Policies
The project hopes to improve operations related to inventory and supply management.
Logistik Unicorp, InMind, SimWell, Ville de Montréal, Dristex, Polytechnique Montréal $0.56 $1.46 2022-08-22 Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC
Scale AI Cluster The DAL-IA
This project aims to develop a solution that prevents inventory run-out in hospitals through improved consumption forecasting of more than 50,000 essential products. The solution will also offer availability predictions regarding potentially delayed or incomplete orders. It will be incorporated into Logibec's existing material resource management solution, already in use in more than 70% of healthcare facilities in Quebec.
Logibec, CHUM, Moov AI, Chair in Analytics and Logistics in Healthcare (HANALOG) $1.87 $5.65 2022-08-22 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Supply Chain Insights & Optimization
This project is to improve purchasing and sales decisions across AMG's supply chain to improve business performance. The proposed solution integrates with AMG's existing technology solutions to provide better insights to decision-makers across the organization. This solution focuses on four key areas: Customer segmentation to improve sales forecasts, product development, and marketing across channels. Multi-channel rolling sales prediction for 2-year time horizon.
AMG Medical, KPI Digital, Alpine Pacific Agencies, GDK Marketing Inc $0.75 $2.35 2022-08-22 Montreal, QC
Ocean Cluster Crowdsourced Wind Maps: A New Type of Data for Marine Weather & Navigation
This project will use connected wind sensors on boats to improve the resolution of marine weather forecasts. Unlike satellite imaging, using actual wind measurements provides much higher resolution than has ever been possible. This solution improves marine weather and navigation for all types of boating/shipping, and opens new growth and revenue opportunities for Canadian companies.
SailTimer, Canadian Yachting, IIC Technologies, MarksetBOT, McBride Racing, Navcast, StormGlass AB, Weather Tactics $0.54 $1.78 2022-08-18 Halifax, NS
Digital Technology Cluster Indigenous Digital Health (IDHE)
This project will develop a new culturally aligned digital platform and suite of integrated applications that will support self-governance and service delivery, automating processes for First Nations, Indigenous, and government organizations managing healthcare, child and family services, housing, education, social development, and other related domains.
Mustimuhw Information Solutions (MIS), Cambian Business Services, Canada Health Infoway, First Nations Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba, Lifelabs, Trinity Western University, First Nations Digital Health Ontario, Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority, SE Health, Chief Red Bear Children's Lodge (Cowessess First Nation), Cowichan Tribes, Mitacs $4.30 $10.20 2022-07-21 Duncan, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Iris
This project uses Artificial Intelligence for diagnostic imaging analysis and treatment planning and monitoring. Iris will increase the speed and accuracy of front-line treatment decisions, improving the capabilities of radiologists and other physicians to consistently find abnormalities in radiology images, improving clinicians' workflow efficiency and the overall quality of radiology services and patient care.
Synthesis Health, BC Cancer Agency, GE Healthcare, Konica Minolta Precision Medicine, University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver Coastal Health, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute, Mitacs, SapienML, CAN Health Network $5.30 $13.50 2022-07-14 Vancouver, BC
Protein Industries Cluster The ChickPea Protein Revolution – New Frontiers in Plant Protein
The project aims to use chickpea proteins to develop new and innovative products to address the consumer demand for novel high-protein, plant-based options. The consortium plans to increase the cumulative plant-based protein knowledge and research in Canada, and catalyze a significant and sustainable impact on the Canadian chickpea supply chain.
Humble and Frank Foods, InnovoPro, Sliced FC, Sobeys $1.40 $2.80 2022-07-14 Victoria, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Virtual Production Innovation Studio (VPIS)
This project will develop Canada's first Indigenous-led virtual production facility, focusing on helping 25-30 Indigenous storytellers share their experiences – to create original IP and media, encouraging creation of original Indigenous content for a global audience.
Emily Carr University of Art and Design (ECUAD), Vancouver Film School, Unity Technologies, William F White International, Laboratory of Artistic Intelligence, Rushcut Media (Zeddrive), University of Victoria (UVic), University of British Columbia (UBC), Capilano University, Showmax Event Services, Warner Media $0.08 $0.53 2022-07-11 Vancouver, BC
Ocean Cluster Blue Mentorship and Leadership Pathways
This project aims to build a more robust and innovative marine sector by increasing diversity and creating a system for professional enhancement within the sector through the use of a strong and sustainable mentorship network.
ECO Canada, Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurs (COVE), College of the North Atlantic (CNA), Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), Future Skills Canada, Joint Economic Development Initiative (JEDI) $0.46 $0.92 2022-07-08 Calgary, AB
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Scaling up the manufacturing process for BrainPrint Bioink
This project will use patent pending drug delivery technology to develop a novel, patent pending bioink called BrainPrint which generates reproducible and functional human neural tissues derived from stem cells that function similar to brain tissue. Partnering with Starfish Medical, this project will scale up the production processes associated with manufacturing the bioink, using microfluidic devices, generating new knowledge, and intellectual property related to these advanced manufacturing processes.
Axolotl Biosciences, Starfish Medical $0.16 $0.41 2022-07-08 Victoria, BC
Protein Industries Cluster Clean-Label Soy Protein, Free of Hexane
The project focuses on developing a unique proprietary process to produce a clean-label soy protein to satisfy the growing demand for non-GMO hexane-free soybean protein in the market. The partners are removing hexane from the soy protein extraction process to supply manufacturers, retailers and consumers with a "cleaner" product, better aligning with consumer demands for clean-label plant-based foods and ingredients.
New Protein International, Kanematsu Corporation, Huron Commodities, Hensall Co-Operative, University of Guelph, Agriculture & Agri-food Canada, JL Richards & Associates Limited, North America Construction $2.20 $11.20 2022-07-06 Vaughan, ON
Digital Technology Cluster Diversity Assessment Tool
This project will make diversity and inclusion assessment, strategy planning, and supporting actions accessible to SMEs by creating an application that will build on 20 years of diversity and inclusion research and practice. This will support organizations in building diverse and inclusive workplaces to attracting and retaining more diverse skilled talent.
Simon Fraser University, Toronto Metropolitan University, Magnet, D2L, SalesChoice, Ontario Chamber of Commerce, SheEO, Life Sciences Ontario, Black Business and Professional Association, North Forge Manitoba $0.15 $1.42 2022-06-23 Vancouver, BC
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Micro-Power-Plant Advanced Manufacturing Demonstrator
This project will showcase the benefits of Industry 4.0 to realize a novel advanced green energy generation technology by piloting a micro-power plant that uses advanced manufacturing for a green energy technology with zero emissions.
McGuire Aero Propulsion Solutions, Burloak Technologies $2.24 $5.67 2022-06-22 Toronto, ON
Protein Industries Cluster Evaluating The Opportunity for a High-value Soymilk Powder Processing Facility in Eastern Canada
This project will examine the technical feasibility and costs associated with manufacturing a "Made-in-Canada" high-value powdered soymilk beverage, and marketing the final product to consumers in Japan and North America.
David John Hendrick International, ProSoya, Eastern Canada Oilseed Development Association, Field to Fork AgriSystems Consulting, Hendrick Consulting Company $0.19 $0.39 2022-06-09 Inkerman, ON
Protein Industries Cluster Commercialization of Oat Milk Concentrates
This project will develop and commercialize cost-effective oat milk concentrates using innovative processing methods to address the increasing demand for oat-based products.
Plant Veda Foods, HPP Canada, Thirstea Beverages, Avena Foods $0.49 $0.99 2022-06-09 Delta, BC
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Development of large-scale additive manufacturing capabilities for next-generation, eco-friendly hybrid rocket engines
This project aims to develop a Canadian, in-house manufacturing solution that will allow the deployment of a comprehensive value chain in developing and manufacturing large-scale metal 3D-printed pieces for high performance rocket engines.
Reaction Dynamics Lab, Amrikart Ressource Cybernetique $1.51 $4.89 2022-06-01 Montreal, QC
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Industrial Implementation of CarbiCrete's Carbon-Negative Concrete Manufacturing Process at Patio Drummond
The objective of this project is to retrofit Patio Drummond's concrete plant from its current pilot project scale production to an automated industrial scale production using CarbiCrete's carbon-negative manufacturing technology.
CarbiCrete Inc., Patio Drummond, Innovative Inc. $3.44 $7.74 2022-05-26 Lachine, QC
Protein Industries Cluster Upcycling Fibre From Pulse Processing into Sustainable Micronutrient Fertilizer
This project will support the development of the first ever commercial-scale manufacturing facility for a micronutrient fertilizer, Soileos. The fertilizer uses low value pea and lentil hulls left over during processing, bringing value to traditionally low-value by-products.
Lucent BioSciences, AGT Foods and Ingredients, NuWave Research, IN10T, Aberhart Ag Solutions $7.00 $19.17 2022-05-26 Coquitlam, BC
Digital Technology Cluster The Upskilling Imperative
This project will pilot digital upskilling and a post-program support platform to help small businesses across BC, Ontario, and Saskatchewan train, mentor and retain over 250 employees.
Lighthouse Labs, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, XLrator, Vendasta Technologies, Paradigm Consulting Group, Mapster Technology, Graphem Solutions, Berkeley Payment Solutions, Knorket.AI, TalentMarketplace, Fintros AI, ThinkOn, SDAW, X Movement $0.15 $1.14 2022-05-19 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Digital Lift
This is an industry-led project that offers rapid skilling for high-demand tech positions and internship learning opportunities across Canada's major industries.
BC Tech Association, British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), Riipen Networks, SkyHive Technologies, Virtro Technologies, Accenture,, Finning International, Providence Health Care, SAP, Seaspan, MDA Systems, AbCellera Biologics $0.60 $4.01 2022-05-19 Vancouver, BC
Protein Industries Cluster Micro-Credentialing of Indigenous Youth to Work in Food and Ingredient Processing/Manufacturing Businesses
Project partners are working to develop a new micro-credential post-secondary program for Indigenous youth in Western Canada. The program will offer skills that will help Indigenous youth gain employment in the food processing sector, as well as network with processing business leaders, Indigenous Elders, Chiefs and Council, and other Indigenous youth.
Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies, Whitecap Dakota First Nation $0.51 $0.96 2022-05-17 Saskatoon, SK
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster New and Innovative End-of-Line Tester
This pilot project will build an advanced end-of-line tester for bushing components, which is a critical subcomponent of both Stackpole's hydraulic powertrain solutions and the global automotive industry, as it supports and enables vehicle electrification and light-weighting to improve fuel economy and lower emissions.
Kepstrum Inc., Stackpole International Engineered Products, Armo-Tool Limited $0.25 $0.50 2022-05-09 Vaughn, ON
Digital Technology Cluster Asia Competence for Tech Professionals
This pilot e-learning course will help Canadian business professionals develop the knowledge, skills, and experiences that help them tap into the tremendous opportunities in the clean tech and natural resource sectors offered in the Asia-Pacific region.
Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, Canadian Forest Products, Mosaic Forest Management, Teck Resources $0.02 $0.15 2022-05-04 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Intrapreneurial Development, Enrichment and Action (IDEA Lab)
This program will help SMEs in the tech sector to identify and nurture future innovation leaders from within by identifying a diverse pool of high-potential innovation leaders for incubator-based training within their organization.
Evolve Strategies, DigitBC, YMCA Metro Vancouver $0.08 $0.65 2022-05-04 Vancouver, BC
Protein Industries Cluster Increasing Canada's Training and Capacity in Chemical and Food Science Technologies
This project focuses on developing two new three-year Diploma programs at Assiniboine Community College (ACC) to address the challenges presented and to provide talent to fill opportunities in plant protein processing and other food and beverage manufacturing across Canada.
Assiniboine College, Roquette Canada $0.51 $0.57 2022-05-04 Brandon, MB
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Intelligent Pilot Manufacturing Line for the Thermal Ground Plane (TGP) T-Man
The primary objective of this project is to develop an intelligent pilot manufacturing line for the Thermal Ground Plane with an innovative and unique manufacturing method (magnetic pulse welding), automation and AI.
Calogy Solutions, Linear Automation $1.31 $2.62 2022-04-29 Sherbrooke, QC
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Next Generation Gradfoil Plat Forming Pilot Line
The goal of this project is to develop and implement new transformative pilot processes that will enable commercial-scale flexible production while eliminating processing quality issues that are presently leading to product failures within the Ballard manufacturing plant and for customers.
Ballard Power Systems, Macrodyne Technologies, Eclipse Automation $3.18 $6.36 2022-04-29 Burnaby, BC
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Development of Next Generation Membrane Electrode Assembly Using Novel Nanoporous Carbon Materials for High Performance Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell
The proposed project will focus on the development of a high-performance membrane electrode assembly (MEA) product based on patented technology and the manufacturing of the MEA products. Partners will be working together to solve the challenges presented by MEA and will be scaling up manufacturing, bringing next generation products to market.
Momentum Materials Solutions, BlissEarth Research $0.43 $0.95 2022-04-29 Calgary, AB
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Development of scalable manufacturing processes for solar film integrated body panels
This project will develop a production ready, scalable process to fabricate solar integrated automotive polymer panels at Magna using Rayleigh's perovskite thin-film technology and tailor and optimize Rayleigh's solar thin film manufacturing process for application in Magna's automotive polymer panel manufacturing process.
Rayleigh Solar Tech, Magna International $0.40 $0.81 2022-04-29 Halifax, NS
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Advanced Manufacturing Methods for Electric Vehicle Propulsion Batteries
The project will enable the development of advanced manufacturing innovations to improve the performance of electric vehicle (EV) propulsion batteries and battery systems.
Ventra Group, Inspetech $3.60 $7.20 2022-04-29 Windsor, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Recycling of Solid-State Lithium metal Batteries for EV Powertrains
This project will establish a battery recycling hub that will reduce the reliance on critical minerals, reducing energy consumption, and in turn lower our carbon footprint.
Li-Metal, Blue Solutions Canada $2.39 $5.06 2022-04-29 Markham, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Next Generation NMP-free Cell Manufacturing
This project aims to bring a proprietary NMP-free electrode processing technology to a commercial scale. The project partners will aim to overcome challenges in maintaining quality assurance, while operating at high output, through the integration of machine learning software applied to in-line process monitoring and advanced rapid cell testing technology.
Electrovaya, Lantern Machinery Analytics, EECOMOBILITY $0.93 $1.87 2022-04-29 Mississauga, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Flex-Ion Advanced Battery Innovation Center – Advanced Manufacturing Research (Project Tau)
The project will establish a Battery Innovation Centre with all the equipment required for experimental Li-ion battery production to strengthen Canada's global leadership position in battery cell research and development. It will also support the growth of Canada's next generation of talent which will further strengthen Canada's emerging battery cell manufacturing and vehicle electrification industry.
Ventra Group, ECAMION $3.55 $9.70 2022-04-29 Ontario
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Compact Inverter Manufacturing Development
This project proposes to develop a stable manufacturing process for the mass production of smaller, lighter frequency inverters (also known as switches) for use in zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). This novel inverter uses 1/12th of the space and mass of other competing inverters.
Linamar, Westhill Innovation $3.48 $7.02 2022-04-29 Guelph, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Scale-up to Commercialization of Metallic Bipolar Plates for Fuel Cell Road Vehicles using Advanced Manufacturing in Canada
This project aims to grow and develop long-term partnerships to advance Canada's position as the global leader in the transformation and mass adoption of hydrogen fuel cell technology for on-road vehicle applications.
Precision Resource Canada, Miltera Machining Research $4.00 $8.00 2022-04-29 Cambridge, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Green Recycling of EV Battery Black Mass
The objective of this project is to recycle EV battery black mass using an environmentally friendly approach. It will to demonstrate the green process operation at an annual processing capacity of 20 metric tons of spent lithium ion batteries.
Cnem, Talon Metals Services, Palcan Energy $0.41 $0.91 2022-04-29 Mississauga, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster AI-Assisted Smart-Optic Manufacturing of Modular EV Systems
This project will develop novel versatile metrological systems for increasing the production speed, quality and safety of EV battery assembly.
Damon Motors, DarwinAI, Moment Energy $4.00 $7.95 2022-04-29 Vancouver, BC
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Automated Module Assembly with Advanced Laser Welding and In-Line QC Methods
This project aims to develop pilot advanced manufacturing capabilities for high voltage electric truck and bus battery modules in Canada.
Electrovaya, EECOMOBILITY $1.21 $2.48 2022-04-29 Mississauga, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Manufacturing denaLi C Green Lithium Extraction Modules
The proposed project will expand the manufacturing and assembly line for Summit Nanotech's advanced materials and extraction modules.
Summit Nanotech, Ionic Solutions $3.97 $7.94 2022-04-29 Calgary, AB
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Establish CoE for HVM of HFCs for HDCV to realize Canada's GHG emissions target by 2030 & 2050
This project will build a pilot production process capability to manufacture up to 20,000 fuel cell units per year by the end of 2022. To achieve this, both the supply chain and manufacturing automation process need to be improved. Project partners are collaborating to address these challenges.
Hydrogenics, AIS, Konnexio, Shelley Industrial Automation $3.67 $7.77 2022-04-29 Mississauga, ON
Protein Industries Cluster Project Helia — Extraction of Sunflower Proteins
Project partners are working on adding substantial value to the sunflower value chain. Their approach is to work on a new protein extraction technology to produce 90% sunflower protein isolate from the cold-pressed sunflower feed currently used for animal feed.
Burcon NutraScience, Persall Fine Foods, University of Manitoba, Saskatchewan Food Industry Development $0.25 $0.97 2022-04-26 Winnipeg, MB
Protein Industries Cluster Commercialization of unique vegan products using fava ingredients
This project will result in several new, high-value Canadian consumer packaged good (CPG) products. Partners will utilize grown-in-Canada protein in novel in-house technologies to create line extensions and new consumer-winning foods. They will also be testing fava flour in a new tofu line, with the goal of developing a fava tofu, and a blended fava/chickpea tofu.
Prairie Fava, Big Mountain Foods, Prairie Research Kitchen, Cereals Canada, Quality Food Design $0.20 $0.40 2022-04-21 Glenboro, MB
Protein Industries Cluster Plant Protein Atlantic: Exploring the value of plant proteins in the Atlantic Region
The intention of the project is to explore and quantify the value of plant proteins in the Atlantic Region in three parts: asset mapping, value-chain analysis, and a food system literacy program and creating careers in agriculture and food.
Eastern Canada Oilseed Development Alliance, Dalhousie University, University of Prince Edward Island, Field to Fork Agrisystems Consulting $0.23 $0.35 2022-04-06 Charlottetown, PE
Scale AI Cluster Intelligent Yield Optimization Platform for Agricultural Supply Chain
This project will enable the development of an intelligent platform that captures operational growth metrics/telemetry as well as image-based insights and links them to their impact on yield and quality.
Adastra, Johnny's Selected Seeds, Loblaw, Sun Gro Horticulture, University of Guelph, GoodLeaf Farms $0.96 $2.50 2022-04-06 Guelph, ON
Scale AI Cluster Predictive modelling and optimization algorithms in Home Care
This project will use predictive modelling to provide a decision-support tool to healthcare professionals to improve patient care.
AlayaCare, CIUSSS Nord de l'ile, Bien Chez Soi, Polytechnique Montreal, Government of Quebec $0.64 $1.74 2022-04-06 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster An AI-powered NDT Platform for Weld Defect Detection and Classification
This project will develop an AI-based model to reduce scrap and improve productivity for the midstream welding of steel tailor welded blanks. The AI-based solution will not only predict whether a defect is present, but also classify the type of defect present.
InspecTech Analygas Group, Impact AI, QU Constultants, Royal Military College of Canada, TWB Company, Magna International $0.69 $2.06 2022-04-06 Scarborough, ON
Scale AI Cluster AI- Driven Retail Sales and Demand Forecasting
This project will bolster Bombardier Recreational Products' supply-chain processes through improved forecasting of cusomter demand for its products. This forecasting should drive enhancements to the entire supply chain, from the procurement of parts and raw materials, to production and delivery to customers.
Bombardier Recreational Products, IVADO Labs, Performance NC, Motor Sports World, Energy Power Sports $1.64 $4.35 2022-04-06 Valcourt, QC
Scale AI Cluster Demand-Centric Vendor to Customer AI Supply Chain Model
This project will accelerate the integration of AI across London Drugs' supply chain – from vendor through to consumer – to yield intelligent forecasting capabilities, enhance productivity, and improve operational efficiency.
London Drugs, Theory and Practice Business Intelligence, Deloitte, Sanctuary Cognitive Systems, Atlantia Holdings $3.02 $13.81 2022-04-06 Vancouver, BC
Protein Industries Cluster Regulatory Centre of Excellence
The project is focused on generating data to inform and support changes to Canadian regulatory frameworks that currently impede the food industry's ability to communicate the presence of plant protein to consumers, as well as developing a Regulatory Centre of Excellence to assist companies in the sector. The partners will focus on protien labelling claims, naming conventions around plant-based foods, discretionary fortification of simulated plant-based meat and poultry products, and the use of animal testing in determining protein content.
Pulse Canada, Plant-Based Foods, Loblows, Humane Society International $1.48 $1.58 2022-04-05 Winnipeg, MB
Protein Industries Cluster Plant Forward: The Canadian plant-based food, feed and ingredient international conference
This project consists of planning and executing the first Canada-led international conference on plant-based food and ingredients. Pulse Canada, Plant-Based Foods of Canada and Protein Industries Canada will plan and host Plant Forward.
Pulse Canada, Plant-Based Foods of Canada $0.21 $0.41 2022-04-01 Toronto, ON
Protein Industries Cluster Oat Protein, Canada's Hero Ingredient
This project is incorporating Canadian-processed oats into Oat Canada's range of oat-based dairy alternative products. Working with Roquette will allow Oat Canada to develop a new oat-based protein ingredient processed in Canada leading to benefits for both companies. At the same time, Oat Canada will test the oat protein in several new beverages and dry products, such as protein powder. They will commercialize these new products as they are developed to make available to Canadians.
Oat Canada Inc, Roquette Canada Ltd, Niagara College Canada, GFR Ingredients Inc, University of Alberta $2.05 $4.10 2022-03-22 Toronto, ON
Protein Industries Cluster Developing novel food safe plant-based protein ingredients of the future
This project focuses on building innovation throughout the supply chain starting with the use of different field applications to improve the protein yield in pulses. The next step is adopting technology from another industry and applying Modify Wave Technology to the pre-processing stage. This technology will improve the pre-processing of crops, including the removal of non-soluble fibres and reducing contaminants, that will lead to enhanced processing outcomes. The final step involves employing a wet fractionation process that will remove non-soluble fibres and will extract as much as protein possible, resulting in a high protein ingredient.
More Than Proteins Ingredients, SiccaDania, Quantum Mechanical Technology, Hammam Ag. Research, Food Processing Development Centre, National Research Centre $5.77 $29.62 2022-03-17 Bowden, AB
Ocean Cluster BlueVita Technology
This project will introduce new technologies for the mobile storage and transport of aquatic life through a novel, best-in-class, multi-modal system. The system controls and manages the storage and transport environment, maintains product quality, reduces shrinkage, and provides high animal welfare standards. The project will also address significant challenges faced by the seafood sector in Canada and around the globe, this includes undervalued seafood that has been frozen due to seasonal harvests. This project will also enable access to high-end markets that are currently constrained by air transport costs, complicated shipping logistics, or other factors. 
Ship Nature's Way Inc., GIS Gas Infusion Systems, Ocean Perfect Holding BV, Huntsman Marine Science Centre, Membertou First Nation, Kingsclear First Nation, Pabineau First Nation, Current Water Technologies Inc. $0.83 $1.68 2022-03-13 St. Andrews, NB
Protein Industries Cluster Transformational Changes to the Sustainable Protein Research Network
This project aims to bridge the gap between Manitoba's protein research and processing sectors by developing a publicly available asset map that details the research expertise and infrastructure related to sustainable protein activities in the province of Manitoba.
University of Manitoba, Enterprise Machine Intelligence and Learning Initiative (EMILI) $0.14 $0.17 2022-02-24 Winnipeg, MB
Protein Industries Cluster National Index on Agrifood Performance
This project is leading phase 2C of the National Index on Agri-Food Performance. With the overall Index project focused on developing a set of sustainability indicators and metrics related to Canada's agriculture and agri-food industry, phase 2C will focus on developing selected sub-indicators, scoping out data platforms and verification protocols, and developing a series of papers to inform the index and policy implications. All of which will help prove that Canada's plant-based foods and ingredients are as environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable as consumers are demanding they be.
Pulse Canada, Global Institute for Food Security Ag Tech Enterprise, Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute, Alltech, Arrell Food Institute, Bayer Crop Science, Birds Canada, BMO, Canadian Agri-Food Sustainability Initiative, Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance, Canadian Federation of Agriculture, Canadian Horticultural Council, Canadian Produce Marketing Association, Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Crops, Canadian Wildlife Federation, Cereals Canada, Chicken Farmers of Canada, Le Conseil de la transformation alimentaire du Québec, Corteva, CropLife Canada, DMci Strategies, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Enterprise Machine Intelligence & Learning Initiative (EMILI), Farm Credit Canada, Federated Co-operatives Limited, Fertilizer Canada, Fisheries Council of Canada, Food & Beverage Canada, Food, Health, Consumer Products Canada, Loblaw Companies Limited, Manitoba Agriculture & Resource Development, Maple Leaf Foods, Nutrien, Olds College, Ontario Cattle Feeders' Assocation & Ontario Corn-Fed Beef, Protein Consortium, Manitoba, Protein Industries Canada, Standards Council of Canada, Syngenta, TrustBix, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Environment & Climate Change Canada, Statistics Canada, Canadian Forage & Grasslands Association, Deans Council – Agriculture, Food & Veterinary Medicine $0.63 $0.66 2022-02-23 Winnipeg, MB
Digital Technology Cluster Compass
This project will develop a modular platform to help transform the social safety net and deliver improved and equitable social outcomes. Individuals, families, communities and systems are interconnected which is why responding to their needs requires a holistic approach. For this reason, the Compass platform is a tailored solution for the three target audiences within the social sector; help seekers, service providers, and decision-makers.
HelpSeeker, Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, City of Lethbridge, Corsac Technologies, Homeward Trust Edmonton, Medicine Hat Community Housing Society, University of Toronto, First Nations Information Governance Centre, Microsoft, Mitacs $1.50 $4.94 2022-02-22 Calgary, AB
Digital Technology Cluster Standard Data Platform for Autonomous Agriculture
The Standard Data Platform for Autonomous Agriculture is an interactive operational planning platform that will improve the efficiency of farming, reduce emissions, and increase the net income of farmers. Using analytic data and digital technology, farmers will be able to better plan their farming operations and make data-driven decisions based on economic and environmental factors. This technology will also empower smarter, faster, and more sustainable food production.
Verge Ag, Terramera, i-Open Technologies, Simon Fraser University, QuantoTech, Coutts Agro, Mitacs, Olds College, Whipcord, InBridge $4.35 $10.81 2022-02-15 Calgary, AB
Ocean Cluster Clean Ocean Advanced Biofuels
Project partners will be working together to produce Canada's first renewable diesel from abundantly available agricultural and forestry by-products. A major ocean industry challenge is the need for a range of environmentally sustainable, low greenhouse gas (GHG) emission, and low-sulphur marine fuels for end-users at a competitive cost that are compliant with fuel regulations. This project will address this challenge by introducing a low carbon biofuel across the marine ecosystem.

Valent Low Carbon Technology,
FORGE-Sombra Corporation, Mara Renewables, Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), Shell Canada, Clearwater, Katal Energy, Horizon Maritime
$5.87 $65.05 2022-02-08 Dartmouth, NS
Protein Industries Cluster Attracting capital to Canada's plant-based food, feed and ingredient sector
The goal of this project is to fund the establishment of a $200 million fund of deployable capital for Canadian ingredient processors. This project will use government support in order to set up the fund and research to identify pockets of investor capital. This capital will fund processing capacity, educate investors, leverage the generational market to support small- and medium-sized enterprises in Canada, and set up an advisory board of subject matter experts, industry representatives, and Indigenous leadership to help lead the fund.
Bellwoods Partners, Champlin Advisory, Deloitte, Osler $1.79 $2.44 2022-02-08 Saskatoon, SK
Ocean Cluster Coastal Incident Management System
This project will provide coastal, Indigenous, and rural communities with a cost-effective rapid response package which will include a mobile command, control and communications system, data analysis tool, and mobile spill response platform for marine emergencies.
Shift Environmental, T'Souke,
Saab, Blue Node, Western Canada Marine Response Corporation Head Office (WCMRC), Canadian Coast Guard (DFO), National Indigenous Fisheries Institute (NIFI)
$4.39 $10.48 2022-02-07 Nanaimo, BC
Ocean Cluster Precision Fish Harvesting
This project will develop a "SmartNet" using herding and deterring technology. It seeks to deploy uncrewed service vessels (USVs) to improve the efficiency of conventional trawl fishing, and to reduce bycatching and seabed contact.
Katchi, Scotia Harvest Inc., ABCO Industries Inc., MITACS, National Research Council (NRC) - Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP), NRC $1.59 $3.26 2022-02-07 Halifax, NS
Ocean Cluster Resident Autonomous Aquaculture Cage Inspection and Reporting System
This project will focus on the opportunity to further enhance operations and work toward a proactive approach to fish farming inspection and maintenance. It will develop a new remote aquaculture monitoring solution, using in-cage autonomous vehicle technology, deployed in net cages on a periodic basis to perform inspections through various trophic levels.
Deep Trekker, Visual Defence Inc., MOWI Canada East $3.05 $6.24 2022-02-07 Kitchener, ON
Ocean Cluster Autonomous Remote Offshore Wind Inspection, Navigation and Deployment (AROWIND)
This consortium will be developing an uncrewed surface vessel (USV)-based subsea inspection solution for offshore windfarm inspection. This project will result in a prevailing ocean solution that will vastly reduce operational costs.
Voyis, Deep Trekker, HydroSurv Unmanned Survey Inc., EVIA, Sonardyne, Saipem $2.98 $6.66 2022-02-07 Waterloo, ON
Ocean Cluster Ocean Solutions for Immune Boosting
Project partners will be using Atlantic sea cucumber to develop and launch a clinically proven novel human health product that can help ward off infectious diseases.
AKSO Marine Biotech Inc., Atlantic Sea Cucumber Ltd., Fisheries and Oceans Canada – Atlantic Fishery Fund,
National Research Council (NRC) - Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) PEI Bio Alliance, GreenShoots
$0.52 $2.32 2022-02-07 Halifax, NS
Protein Industries Cluster Ivey Executive Education to increase business sophistication and ability to access capital
Partners are working together to build a custom, world-class, executive education and training program to boost the all-around business and leadership acumen of PIC members who are looking to scale. The aim of this program is to provide participants with knowledge and understanding of sought-after business acumen on topics that will enable to them to position themselves as industry leaders, and attract capital investments.
The Ivey Academy at Western University, Protein Industries Canada $0.75 $0.86 2022-01-27 London, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Driving Advanced Manufacturing Practices Through Supply Chain Resilience Analytics
Project partners will collaborate to build a data and analytics solution for the Canadian manufacturing sector. The Supply Chain Resilience Platform will house a global database of trade, trends, supply, and environment information to perform enhanced analysis of supply chain data. This solution will enable manufacturers to leverage predictive modelling and introduce data-driven decision-making capabilities that will transform advanced manufacturing practices and ensure Canadian manufacturers are not left behind through the global restructuring of supply chain practices.
ThinkData Works, Palantir Technologies, Martinrea International $3.55 $8.00 2022-01-18 Toronto, ON
Protein Industries Cluster Growing Canada's Plant-Based Cultured Cheese Sector
This project aims to elevate Canada's role in the rapidly growing non-dairy cheese industry. This includes investments into Canadian grown input materials; scaling production capacity; investments into the sales channel including revamping Save-on-Foods' own cheese section to include Canadian plant-based alternatives; new technologies for precession fermentation to improve product quality; and finally the development of unique bacterial culture sets that will enable the entire industry to access the same building blocks dairy cheese producers have had for centuries but now developed specifically for plant-based ingredient input.
Lumi Foods, Save-On-Foods, Wine Crush Technology, Provision Analytics, University of Alberta, Mera Food, Koralta Agri-Food, InnovoPro, University of British Columbia $5.43 $10.87 2022-01-18 Vancouver, BC
Protein Industries Cluster Upskilling Talent in the Agrifood Sector
This project is focused on designing and delivering a upskilling pilot program in digital skills in the agrifood sector in Saskatchewan. The project includes research and consultation with key stakeholders and industry partners to determine the most pressing needs of the agrifood industry, and develop a short program to meet the demands of employers.
Palette Skills, University of Saskatchewan $1.01 $1.08 2022-01-12 Saskatchewan
Digital Technology Cluster CanDETECT
This project will use artificial intelligence to develop a precision oncology software that will increase the effectiveness and impact of cancer recurrence monitoring. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the software will provide real-time assessments of tumour status and potential response to targeted therapies.
Canexia Health, DNAstack, Illumina, Microsoft, Oxford Nanopore, Queen's University, University Health Network, BC Cancer Research, Kingston General Health Research Institute, Kingston Health Science Centre $5.31 $17.88 2022-01-11 Vancouver, BC
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster 3D BioFibR Advanced Biofiber Manufacturing 
This project will result in the development of an advanced biofiber manufacturing process capable of producing spider silk sutures for microsurgery, woven collagen tubes for nerve repair and other protein-based fibers that have the lengths, linear density, and strengths necessary to be processed using industrial weaving and braiding equipment. Current production processes yield a maximum fiber length of 5 meters, whereas this new process could yield fibres as long as 100 meters - a gamechanger in the advanced biomaterial space.
3D BioFibR Inc., Dalhousie University  $0.07 $0.21 2021-12-09 Halifax, NS
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Transformation of the Stone Veneer Panel Manufacturing and Installation Process
This pilot project aims to develop a manufacturing process and installation method for manufactured stone veneer panels. This process advancement will include the development of an automated concrete colour 3D printer providing precise volumetric and positioning control along with the enhancements of a novel patented attachment mechanism integrated into a single stone veneer panel manufacturing process.
Apex Industries Product Development & Automation Group Inc., 709960 NB Ltd.  $0.10 $0.20 2021-12-09 Moncton, NB 
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Novel Clean Tech. Manufacturing Process for the Catalytic Production of a Green Disinfectant for Water Treatment 
This project will demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of developing a chemical manufacturing technology that will produce a third-generation green waste water disinfectant. The disinfectant may also be used in drinking water treatment, industrial effluent treatment and bio-solids remediation, among other applications.
Datec Coating Corporation, Process Research Ortech Inc $0.08 $0.20 2021-12-09 Mississauga, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Development and Industrial Demonstration of Metal Casting Digital Twin with Integrated AI-Driven Optimization
Project partners will be working together to develop a software as a service solution for metal casting. The project will create a metal casting digital twin with integrated artificial intelligence driven optimization capabilities that will offer practical and cost-efficient manufacturing process optimization services for the Canadian and international manufacturing sector. These services will help the manufacturing industry improve productivity and product quality and reduce development times and costs. 
Cast Analytics Inc., Empower Operations Corp., Applied CCM, Inc.  $0.10 $0.24 2021-12-09 Vancouver, BC
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Deep Cryogenic treatment tank for industrial applications
This project will result in the manufacture of a deep cryogenic treatment tank that reduces wear, corrosion and material fatigue in metal alloys for use in the mining, power, marine and energy industries. 
Deep Cryogenics International Inc., Induspec $0.23 $0.45 2021-12-09 Dartmouth, NS
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Automated Slitter Table Technology with Weight Compensation
This project will develop an automated slitter table with weight compensation technology for reducing scrap rate and reducing labour costs for compression molding of Sheet Molding Compound, with a particular focus on the Electrical Vehicle sub-sector of the Automotive Industry.
Macrodyne Technologies Inc., Ridgetech Automation, Linear Automation  $0.13 $0.25 2021-12-09 Concord, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Development and implementation of an autonomous novel bottle/pump insertion solution
The purpose of this project is to build new machine vision technology that will be applied to collaborative robots (COBOTs) used for randomized product selection. This new vision computing software, leveraging machine learning, will enable the COBOT to pick up randomized pumps with high speed precision.
Petra Hygienic Systems International Limited, Sidac Automated Systems Inc. $0.25 $0.74 2021-12-09 Concord, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Low latency tele-robotics for manufacturing pick and place
As part of this pilot project, partners will develop a solution where a remote operator can take control of a robotic arm when the robot is unsure of how to complete the objective task at hand.  Most tasks in manufacturing environments are semi-structured, meaning there are some structured, repeatable portions that a robot can be pre-programmed to automate, but the rest of the task are unstructured and infeasible for pre-programmed robots. The goal of this project is to help Canadian manufacturers gain competitiveness by increasing the scope of feasibility of robotic automation through assisted teleoperation.
Quali Artificial Intelligence Inc., Novo Textile  $0.10 $0.20 2021-12-09 Kitchener, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Manufacturing Process for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Gradient Coil Production
This project will design and build a flexible production line for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) gradient coils developing the capability to simulate, optimize and manufacture more advanced gradient coils of various sizes. 
Synaptive Medical Inc., MRIdt Inc.  $0.24 $0.80 2021-12-09 Toronto, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster High speed temperature measurement for aluminum strip processing
This project will install and commercialize a new high-speed thin-strip twin belt demonstration/pilot line at a manufacturing facility in Kingston that will produce high quality aluminum alloy sheet at a fraction of the conversion cost and carbon footprint of conventional processes.
Hazelett CASTechnology ULC, Aluminum Valley Society  $0.25 $1.25 2021-12-09 Calgary, AB
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Asphaltene Carbon Fiber Feasibility Study
This feasibility study will see project partners investigate and develop a commercial asphaltene derived carbon fiber advanced manufacturing process. The main goal is to determine the pilot plant design, capital and operating costs to inform the go-forward decision.
Exergy Solutions Inc., Suncor Energy Oils Sands Limited, Archer BD Inc.  $0.08 $0.17 2021-12-09 Calgary, AB
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Bio-refinery Engineering Study
This feasibility study will provide the foundational knowledge necessary to construct a biorefinery capable of processing 10 metric tonnes of hemp per day into commercialized products such as compostable medical personal protective equipment and other advanced materials such as bioplastics and graphene.
Advanced BioCarbon 3D Ltd., KF Hemp Corp.  $0.10 $0.20 2021-12-09 Trail, BC
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Delivering a Transformative Industry 4.0 Capability Enhancement for the East Coast Battery Materials Development & Manufacturing Sector
This project aims to help Canada establish itself as a major player in the global battery sector as it aims to create a Canadian electric vehicle (EV) value chain to meet the current lithium-ion battery manufacturing demands related to the adoption of electric vehicles and grid energy storage. The bulk of this manufacturing is currently done in Asia and employs established, wet-chemical processes. In this project, Novonix will employ its patented dry synthesis process and technology that will be less costly than the traditional wet-chemical processing, while also reducing chemical waste streams. 
Novonix Battery, Well Engineered Incorporated  $1.68 $17.75 2021-12-07 Bedford, NS
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Scale-up of graphene based membrane manufacturing
This project is leveraging the development of a breakthrough manufacturing process for ultra-thin graphene membranes which have the potential to radically transform facets of everyday life from energy storage to drug delivery and water purification. To date, these membranes have not been a commercial success due to a lack of cost-effective and scalable approaches for manufacturing the nano-scale films quickly, continuously, and over large areas. Project partners will be working together to scale up the commercial application of these graphene membranes into the manufacture of critical environment systems and cleanrooms with stringent requirements for precision temperature, humidity control, air quality and pressure.
Evercloak, Environmental Systems Corp.  $2.03 $4.57 2021-08-13 Waterloo, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster AscendBio
The Verschuren Centre is leading the creation of the Clean Technology Bio-Industrial Cluster. The cluster will enable and accelerate commercialization of new Canadian clean technology bio-industrial start-ups, connect bio-industrial SMEs with other Canadian manufacturers, create leading innovations and IP, and create a sustainable and renewable bio-industrial supply chain. Creation of the cluster will engage existing manufacturing organizations and attract new industrial partners, making Canada a leader in bio-industrial solutions.
Verschuren Centre $0.08 $0.15 2021-07-29 Sydney, NS
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster OAC Virtual Aerospace Matchmaking Platform and Intelligence Hub
Ontario Aerospace Council (OAC) has designed a Virtual Aerospace Matchmaking Platform and Intelligence Hub branded "aero+b2beematch" that will be a dedicated space for aerospace SMEs and industry clusters to network globally, gather market intelligence, and share innovation challenges. The platform's analytical tools will deliver valuable insights on the sector's demographics, capabilities and funding gaps enabling OAC to provide increased support to its member ecosystem. OAC's added internal digital capabilities will help to further promote the growth of Ontario's aerospace capabilities and develop collaborative partnerships across Canada and around the world.
Ontario Aerospace Council  $0.08 $0.46 2021-07-29 Pickering, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Canadian Nanomedicine Cluster
NanoCanada has formed the first Canadian nanomedicine cluster, Nanomedicine Canada connecting a community of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) in the nanomedicine supply chain. The new cluster will be a hub for collaboration and partnerships, provide a database of expertise and capabilities, and showcase Canada's leadership on the global stage.
NanoCanada $0.08 $0.16 2021-07-29 Edmonton, AB
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Manufacturing & Export Enhancement Cluster (MEE)
Central Alberta Access Prosperity has formed the Alberta Manufacturing & Export Enhancement (MEE) cluster to bring together Alberta's manufacturers to create opportunities, share best practices, solve common challenges, build partnerships, and enhance growth. Through networking, economies of scale and educational events, manufacturers will gain access to expertise and information that will strengthen competitiveness, encourage innovation, and help companies generate new commercial opportunities in domestic and global markets. 
Central Alberta Access Prosperity  $0.08 $0.21 2021-07-29 Red Deer, AB
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Virtual Photon Cluster
This consortium is creating a virtual photon cluster that will provide information and insight into the application of photonics in different industry sectors and will foster collaboration by bringing together photonic and manufacturing companies, academia, and research institutions. The cluster aims to accelerate the growth of the Canadian industry through photonics. 
Canadian Photonic Industry Consortium Inc.  $0.03 $0.06 2021-07-29 Quebec City, QC
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster CAMM Transformation Virtual Program
This project will develop a digital platform that will allow moldmakers to shift their business plans to include a hybrid of virtual and in-erson strategies. This will provide SMEs with access to international markets and help them become more globally competitive. CAMM also anticipates that the virtual platform will attract new members, increasing revenues and allowing for more investment in critical programs for CAMM members.
Canadian Association of Moldmakers Inc. $0.08 $0.16 2021-07-29 Windsor, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Aerospace & Automotive Advanced Air Mobility Manufacturing
This project will result in a zero-emission aviation solution that will fuse the expertise of Canada's existing automotive sector with that of the aerospace industry in manufacturing and operating new zero-emission aircraft in Canada. This will place Canada at the forefront of zero-emission aircraft manufacturing.
Canadian Advanced Air Mobility $0.07 $0.15 2021-07-29 Vancouver, BC
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Advanced Systems for High Purity Alumina (HPA) Production
This project aims to develop and advance novel systems to produce HPA, a critical mineral that is suitable for new and emerging electronic applications used in electric vehicles (EV), as well as future battery design components. 
Polar Sapphire Ltd., Nature Alu Inc., Dynamic Concept  $2.22 $5.01 2021-07-28 Oakville, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Automated inspection system for robotic welding operations
This pilot project collects data for machine learning and validations, and addresses challenges around the deployment of the technology at an industrial scale and over different welding equipment operations resulting in a real-time quality management system. The accuracy and application of the machine-learning software will be improved by accumulating process data through running the system over different welding operations and executing designed test plans.
Autometrics Manufacturing Technologies, Inc., Macron Metalfab Inc. $0.19 $0.37 2021-07-28 Vancouver, BC
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Autonomous Adaptable Robot System
This project will result in a novel robot integration solution for manufacturers who require flexible solutions for their growing product mix, but may not have the scale of work or capital resources needed to justify larger investments in automation systems. Using the latest in 3D vision technology, software and robotics, the solution will allow operators to easily modify the robot path and workspace.
Stronach Centre for Innovation (a division of Magna International Inc.),
Maple Advanced Robotics Inc.
$2.62 $5.98 2021-07-28 Aurora, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Transforming Food Waste Anaerobic Digester into a Bioplastic Manufacturing Hub
This project will design and commission a demonstration add-on unit for an anaerobic digester to convert a portion of their organic waste feedstock into polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) bioplastics. PHAs are the world's best biodegradable plastic, having similar properties to commonly used petroleum plastics, with added end-of-life sustainability and functionality for applications such as thermo-resistant food packaging, agricultural plastics, medical plastics, and additive manufacturing (3D printing) filaments. This innovation can help anaerobic digesters produce a new revenue stream from their existing operations, while making high-demand sustainable bioplastic resins for the Canadian economy.
Genecis Bioindustries Inc., StormFisher Ltd.  $2.68 $6.03 2021-07-27 Scarborough, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Mycionics robotic mushroom harvester
This project will fully automate the mushroom harvesting process using novel advanced robotics. The entire harvesting process will be optimized through the application of data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. As a complete system, the robotic harvester will increase the yield of a growing room through a "smart graze harvesting" strategy, picking over a 24-hour period and allowing the system to pick each mushroom at the optimal time instead of being restricted to harvesting only during normal working hours. Additionally, the ability to harvest robotically and the use of data analytics will increase food safety, traceability and disease detection.
Mycionics Inc., Whitecrest Mushrooms Ltd., Piccioni Brothers Mushroom Farm Ltd.  $1.72 $3.88 2021-07-07 Putnam, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Real Time Asset Monitoring, Optimization & Food Processing Supply Chain Collaboration
Building on successes from an earlier Pilot Project which was launched to address the food processing sector's lagging adoption of industry 4.0 technologies, this consortium will apply a novel solution for determining the performance of production assets across food processing and related supply chains. The new project will create a scalable, commercially ready real-time monitoring and advanced analytics platform which will lead to significant commercial opportunities for the consortium partners.
Panevo Services Limited, Saputo Dairy Products, Accuenergy $1.38 $3.72 2021-04-06 Vancouver, BC
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Array Additive Manufacturing Production System (ARRAY)
This project consortium will develop a novel industrial additive manufacturing solution called "Array". The new platform will be factory-floor ready, with an automated manufacturing cell consisting of independent, multi-material 3D printers, a fully automated robotic operator, centralized resource planning control software and a line of engineering grade production materials. With disruptive unit economics and scalability, Array will unlock the next generation of digital manufacturing at scale.
Mosaic Manufacturing Ltd., Objex Unlimited, ReDeTec Inc., Athletic Knit $3.55 $8.00 2021-03-31 Toronto, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Feasibility of a New and Innovative Production End-of-Line Tester
This feasibility study will identify analytical algorithms that will create a system capable of identifying compound production problems that cannot be detected by current quality control processes. This will help address the increasing levels of recalls that the Canadian automotive manufacturing industry is experiencing as a result of unidentified product failures during production.
Kepstrum Inc., Stackpole International Engineered Products Ltd. $0.10 $0.28 2021-03-02 Vaughan, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster AI Powered Visual Quality Inspection
Project partners have come together to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) powered plug and play camera solution that automates visual quality inspection for manufacturers. This project will use vision systems and AI as part of an automated manufacturing process to ensure higher product quality than could be achieved using human inspection methods. The technology can be used in a wide range of industries spanning automotive, plastics, and food and beverage manufacturing.
AIXEL Inc., Riverside Natural Foods Ltd., Axiom Plastics Inc., Terra Cotta Foods Ltd. $0.10 $0.20 2021-03-02 Kitchener, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Advancing Ablation Processes for Automotive Applications
This project will develop an advanced manufacturing process to remove various coatings from metal surfaces using laser technology, eliminating the need for the toxic chemicals or hazardous materials typically used in this application. Although the initial target of the project is the automotive industry, the knowledge and expertise developed in this project will create a localized cluster for laser ablation technology applicable to multiple industries.
CG Belle Industries Inc., Spectral Devices Inc. $0.17 $0.37 2021-03-02 Oshawa, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Advanced Manufacturing for Highly Adaptive Manufacturing Environments
This project seeks to transform the Canadian manufacturing landscape by applying advanced manufacturing technologies into production environments where constant changes and the ability to maintain high levels of flexibility are essential competitive advantages. The collaborating partners will develop technologies that include the integration of artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, data sharing, predictive maintenance, collaborative robotics and manufacturing process self-optimization through the use of data and dynamic production planning.
MDA Corporation, Promark Electronics, AV&R $5.00 $11.26 2021-02-18 Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Novel Application of Advanced Manufacturing Approaches to High Quality Protein
This project will be implementing advanced manufacturing technologies such as industrial automation and robotics, IoT, and deep learning/analytics to farm crickets that have a similar protein quality to meat and with a significantly reduced environmental footprint. Through a fully automated food grade, insect protein manufacturing site in London, Ontario, this project is expected to revolutionize food-grade protein production, and address food insecurity as well as the high environmental cost of protein production.
Aspire Food Group, TELUS, A & L Canada Laboratories Inc., Darwin AI $16.80 $72.76 2021-02-17 Toronto, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster New PCB Manufacturing Process
This pilot project aims develop a innovative professional printed circuit board manufacturing facility in Ontario, in order to attract the electronics supply chain to Canada and provide an ultra-clean option to manufacture electronics in record time.
Addem Labs Inc., COREngineering Ltd. $0.25 $0.50 2020-11-16 Toronto, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Zero Transition Process
This project is developing a technology to eliminate visual transitions between different plastic materials, typically hard and soft plastics, for use in automobile interior and exteriors, with applications in broader advanced manufacturing industries. This solution will strengthen Canada's automotive industry and the broader high-performance plastics manufacturing industry, and will have applications in aerospace, medical devices, construction, heavy equipment, and sport equipment manufacturing.
Axiom Group Inc., MS Falcon Tooling Inc., Kytech Machine Works Ltd., Bulldog Polymers Inc. $0.88 $1.98 2020-11-16 Aurora, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Cluster Digital Transformation Program
This project will enable Blue Water Wood Alliance (BWA), a not-for-profit wood manufacturing cluster, to undertake a digital transformation program to help SMEs grow and run their businesses through virtual access to BWA's programs and activities. Anticipated economic benefits include increased sales and productivity, engagement and suport of remote SMEs, and process improvements for member companies both inside and outside the cluster. The program will also foster collaboration with other organizations involved in the Canadian wood industry, further strengthening the wood manufacturing ecosystem.
Blue Water Wood Alliance $0.07 $0.13 2020-11-16 Hanover, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Module for Digitalizing Work Instructions to Augmented Reality
Project partners will add a new module to the current DeepSight augmented reality (AR) platform that allows organizations to create holographic guides to help workers in the assembly of aerospace components and composite parts. This will greatly increase productivity and reduce the number of defects, as the employees will be empowered by immersive and intuitive instructions.
DeepSight, Avior Integrated Products Inc. $0.17 $0.34 2020-11-16 Montreal, QC
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Saskatchewan Industrial Mining Supplier Association (SIMSA) Digital
This project will create a new, digital platform that will allow members and members' clients to continue to do business together by digitizing current practices and developing new partnerships and business opportunities. The new platform also allows SIMSA and its members to link virtually to other mining industry associations across Canada, encouraging innovation and collaboration with new partners in both traditional and non-traditional industry sectors.
Saskatchewan Industrial Mining Suppliers Association $0.08 $0.15 2020-09-28 Saskatoon, SK
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster AI-enabled RoboticHand with Human-level Dexterity for Assembly
This project aims to engineer a robotic hand prototype capable of mimicking the mechanical abilities of a human hand for small part assembly and object manipulation. This has the potential to transform the advanced manufacturing industry by allowing for a greater percentage of assembly processes to be automated, addressing a key barrier to the use of robotic technology in complex manufacturing processes. This technology will have broad based applicability across numerous market categories beyond manufacturing and demonstrates Canadian leadership in aspects of Industry 4.0.
Sanctuary Cognitive Systems Corp., ForceN Inc., Dr. Christopher Doherty M.D. MPH FRCSC (Western University) $0.25 $0.51 2020-09-15 Vancouver, BC
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Integrating Automation for Scale up of Carbon Fibre Cascade Production
This project consortium is working to integrate automated vacuum infusion technologies to scale up the production of engineered carbon fibre parts while reducing production costs. The scale up period, which will extend to the end of 2021, will position Canada as a leader in the production of aerospace components, securing long term employment and technological capabilities for Canadians, as well as securing the Canadian supply chain for complex material manufacturing.
Formula Solutions Inc. (FSI), AXYZ Automation Group, Promation, Weber Manufacturing $3.63 $8.17 2020-09-15 Burlington, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Technology Feasibility Demonstration for Stroke Diagnosis
This project will see partners develop a prototype for a portable brain scanner based on electromagnetic imaging and artificial intelligence that will allow for the diagnosis of stroke faster and earlier than is currently possible.
Artificial Intelligence Imaging Sensors (AiimSense Inc.), Sorena Tech Corporation $0.06 $0.11 2020-09-15 Waterloo, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Development and validation of automated patient specific medical device software to improve additive manufacturability
This project will see project partners create a fully integrated platform for the manufacturing of customized orthopedic implants for patients based on pre-operative imaging and physician recommendations. These new medical devices can be created "on demand" – within hospitals — thereby simplifying surgeries, improving patient recovery time and greatly enhancing their quality of life. These made-to-order implants will replace off-the-shelf implants that come in fixed dimensions, ensuring a much better fit for each patient, while costing no more than current off-the-shelf models.
Orthopedic Innovation Centre, Pega Medical Inc., Spinologics, Conceptualiz, Precision ADM Inc. $2.07 $4.93 2020-07-08 Winnipeg, MB
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Advancing large steel press technology
This collaborative project will create the world's most sophisticated large steel forming press and will bring new capacity to manipulate large thick panels for domestic shipbuilding needs on Canada's East and West coasts. The consortium aims to challenge conventional capabilities and push new possibilities within the industrial use of Canadian steel, strengthen Canadian supplier networks, and showcase unique Canadian IP and manufacturing capabilities in press and crane technologies.
Conrex, Macrodyne Technologies Inc., Source Industrial Services Inc. $2.22 $4.99 2020-07-08 Toronto, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Digital transformation of secondary metallurgy facility at ArcelorMittal Dofasco
This project is an opportunity to marry the best in oxygen steelmaking with the best in digital transformation with the goal of digitally transforming a manufacturing asset in a mature, heavy industry. Digitalization in heavy industry lags that of other manufacturing subsectors. This project will create value in advancing the state of understanding of the digitalization process in Canada—in a real heavy manufacturing environment—including: the process execution required to implement intelligence, the standards required to enable the flow of data, as well as the impact on the workforce. This is especially critical as all global industrial economies are racing towards these goals.
ArcelorMittal Dofasco, IBM Canada Ltd., Tenova Goodfellow Inc. and IFIVEO Canada Inc. $3.91 $12.07 2020-07-08 Hamilton, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Advanced manufacturing applications in mining and mineral processing
This consortium will develop new oil sands and mineral processing technologies that will reduce energy intensity and resulting greenhouse gas emissions. It will also develop cleantech solutions that will mitigate the environmental impacts of using solvents, significantly reducing water usage and eliminating the need for tailings ponds.
Exergy Solutions, Suncor Energy, Precision ADM Inc. $2.14 $4.82 2020-07-08 Calgary, AB
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Development and Testing of Cube Molding Methodology
This project will see project partners develop a new manufacturing process that will transform the way automotive components are made, allowing cycle times to be cut in half, increasing productivity and decreasing costs.
Molded Precision Components, Niigon Machines Ltd $0.25 $0.50 2020-07-08 Oro-Medonte, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Advancing Large-scale Graphene and Thin-film Membrane Manufacturing
Project partners will work together to develop a production process for graphene and thin-film membrane that will be primarily applied in the cleantech sector.
Evercloak Inc., Zen Graphene Solutions $0.25 $0.50 2020-07-08 Kitchener, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Pilot scale of Nanogel Lubricants, or Superabsorbent (SAC) Lubrication for the Automotive Stamping Industry
This project will develop a solution that will improve tool life and reduce costs by reducing the amount of lubricant required in manufacturing processes. Their project will validate KSL's proprietary gel based lubricant technology in various industrial settings and machining operations, and aims to show a 50% overall improvement performance and cost improvement compared to traditional lubricants.
KSL Lubricants, Wolfdale Tool & Stamping $0.14 $0.32 2020-07-08 Mississauga, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Roll to Roll Continuous Printing of Transparent Conductors and Heaters
This project will develop an automated system that can manufacture flexible, transparent electrodes and heaters utilizing Nano Silver Strand technology with a diverse range of clean technology applications such as batteries, electronics and solar cells.
Nano Cnet Ltd., Evercloak Inc. $0.25 $0.50 2020-07-08 Waterloo, ON
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Real-time Overall Equipment Effectiveness Monitoring & Optimization
Project partners will develop and pilot a software platform which utilizes the latest IIoT technologies to enable cost-effective, real time monitoring of production assets to help manufacturers identify inefficiencies, boost productivity and reduce waste.
Panevo Services Limited, Accuenergy Canada Inc $0.13 $0.26 2020-07-08 Vancouver, BC
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Leadership in Gene Therapy
Project partners will develop an advanced manufacturing process for gene-editing tools that have been successfully used to fight cancer and repair a variety of rare and inherited genetic disorders in both children and adults. The new manufacturing process advanced by this project will address the challenges that face the current production of this gene therapy tool, such as outdated and inefficient processes, and will minimize the cost and footprint in manufacturing, while maintaining a high level of quality and safety. This project aims to establish Canada as a world leader in gene-editing tools and technology.
iVexSol Canada, Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine, GE Healthcare $1.89 $4.26 2019-06-26 Toronto, ON
Digital Technology Cluster Virtual Clean-Energy Training Platform for First Nations Communities
This project will work directly with rural indigenous communities in the Northwest Territories to create a virtual training platform in Clean Energy Power technologies. The training program aims to provide trainees with the digital skills required to operate, maintain and repair power plants based on renewable sources of energy.
British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), Siemens Canada, Denesoline Corp $0.15 $1.20 2021-11-30 Lutsel K'e, NWT
Digital Technology Cluster Earth X-ray for Low Impact Mining
This project will give mining companies unprecedented visibility up to 1 km beneath the Earth's surface, much like x-rays give us visibility inside the body. The consortium will build, test, and deploy powerful new-to-the-world technology that will help precision-target deposits and create the environmentally responsible critical mineral supply chains needed to fuel the energy transition.
Ideon Technologies, Dias Geophysical, Fireweed Zinc, Simon Fraser University $5.58 $13.50 2021-11-25 Richmond, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Coastal First Nations Connectivity Network
This project will improve the connectivity of remote Indigenous communities to support opportunities for remote work, education and telehealth. This will create the foundation for the future Coastal First Nations digital economy and serve as a wining model of collaborative innovation for other Indigenous communities across Canada.
Coastal First Nations, First Nations Technology Council, Innovation Island, Llama ZOO Interactive, Microsoft, Rogers, TakingITGlobal, Vancouver Island University $0.13 $0.73 2021-11-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Digital Aircraft Record System (DARS)
This project will streamline processes and increase productivity with a digital solution that leverages blockchain technology. The objective is for DARS to be the world's first industry-wide aircraft maintenance data platform, replacing paper records for an aircraft with a digital alternative that offers greater insight and reduces manual work. A core part of the project involves the creation of digital workflow applications to provide efficiency improvements and a digital data platform for storing maintenance records throughout the lifecycle of an aircraft.
TrustFlight, Boeing, RaceRocks, University of British Columbia (UBC) $4.22 $10.18 2021-11-15 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Athena Digital Leaders
Building on the success of the Athena Pathways pilot, the Athena Digital Leaders project seeks to increase technology adoption and foster more diverse technology leadership. In leveraging the network and expertise of nine partners, more than 40 mentors and 25 hiring organizations, this project aims to increase demand for AI, machine learning and data science skills by promoting adoption through thought leadership events and executive workshops. It will also create a supply of diverse talent in these fields including women, recent immigrants and racialized Canadians - especially for in-demand junior and mid-level leadership roles.
AInBC, KPMG, University of British Columbia (UBC), Simon Fraser University (SFU), Northeastern University, Immigrant Employment Council of BC, Variational AI, FinnAI $0.15 $1.06 2021-07-27 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster
This project will help us to better understand personal wellbeing, by developing a 'digital brain' (virtual assistant) that will use AI models and optimization products to analyze human interactions and one's environment in order to provide a personalized wellness coaching experience. Individuals will be able to work with a digital wellness agent that will combine assessment and coaching to achieve their personal wellness goals.
Lululemon Athletica, Wysdom.AI, Microsoft, Queen's University, Mitacs $8.49 $20.00 2021-07-27 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Autism Sharing Initiative
This project aims to create a federated, global network for sharing genomics and clinical data to accelerate discoveries and the development of precision therapeutics in autism.
DNAstack Corp, Hoffman-La Roche Limited (Roche Canada), University of British Columbia, AutismSpeaks, AutismSpeaks Canada, SickKids, McGill University, Excelar Technologies, Molecular You, Pacific Autism Family Centre Foundation $4.31 $11.20 2021-06-02 Toronto, ON
Digital Technology Cluster Workplace Brain Health
This project aims to develop a brain health data repository to help employers and employees better understand how sleep and meditation impact cognitive functions such as learning, thinking, reasoning, remembering, problem solving and decision making. As a result, the consortium aims to determine the impact of cognitive performance on the overall health and safety of Canadian workers, especially in sectors such as manufacturing and healthcare.
Interaxon, Cambridge Brain Sciences, Western University, Hatch $0.87 $2.04 2021-03-12 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Canadian Tech Talent Accelerator
This capacity building project will support Canada's economic recovery by providing valuable, in-demand tech skills through a 15-week online skills training and job placement program. The program will equip 2,500 underrepresented youth (18 to 29 years old) for in-demand digital careers across Canada.
NPower Canada, Microsoft Canada, Blueprint $0.32 $8.71 2021-01-28 Toronto, ON
Digital Technology Cluster Multi-Omics and Medical Imaging Engine
More than ever, healthcare organizations are seeking more efficient and effective ways to deliver healthcare. This project seeks to add valuable data to enhance the capabilities of health data platforms currently being developed and deployed by provincial health authorities across Canada. It proposes a feasibility study for creating a MOMI engine to improve the resiliency of health systems, advance translational medicine and enhance health research and innovation capabilities in Canada.
PHEMI Systems Corp., Providence Health Care, BC Ministry of Health, Provincial Health Services Authority, Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) $0.20 $0.26 2020-11-19 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Healthcare to Homecare
In its early stages, this project assessed the feasibility of developping a precision medicine platform that uses real-time, remote monitoring and assessment to deliver data for prognostic, diagnostic and treatment regiments. Now, the project will focus on developing a Frailty Care System (FCS) to help frail individuals remain in their homes as long as possible, while providing essential services at their home. This solution intends to reduce costs and optimize individual care through remote monitoring.
XCO Tech, University of Victoria, Providence Health Care, iClinic Systems, Greenroom Research, Kinduct, Ontario Brain Institute, Quebec Network for Research on Aging, Canadian Frailty Network, Government of BC $1.10 $2.46 2020-08-31 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster TRUSTSPHERE
This project aims to empower Canadians through the creation of a scalable and trustworthy health-access platform that enables each person to utilize a strong digital identity to easily view, share and manage their own health data in a private, secure and informed manner. Owing in part to the increased COVID vulnerability of diabetes patients, the pilot will focus on improving patient-centered care for children with Type 1 diabetes by connecting them with their families, caregivers and clinicians.
Careteam, UBC, BC Children`s Hospital Research Institute, IDENTOS, Secure Key, MedStack, SmileCDR, Mitacs $2.25 $5.91 2020-08-31 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Protecting our Oceans
This project will use machine learning, artificial intelligence and data visualization to identify, track and apprehend illegal fishing vessels in order to protect our global fisheries and marine ecosystems.
MDA Systems, VizworX and SFU $0.66 $1.55 2020-08-13 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Satellite-based Environmental Analytics
This project uses machine learning to automate and provide faster, more accurate geographic information through satellite imagery to better understand the health of the environment and mitigate against, and adapt to, climate change.
UrtheCast, Microsoft, Hatfield Consultants, Environment and Climate Change Canada, BGC Engineering Inc., BC Parks Foundation, Mitacs, University of Victoria $1.12 $2.91 2020-08-13 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Athena Pathways
This capacity building project will help more Canadian women see the potential of the tech sector, and how a career in AI could align with their skills and interests. Through training programs in computing science, as well as internship and mentorship programs, this project will support Canadian tech companies to fill job vacancies and, in turn, become more competitive while addressing the gender gap in AI.
Artificial Intelligence Network of BC (AInBC), UBC, SFU, BCIT, Northeastern University, Teck Resources, MetaOptima, Careteam, D-Wave, SCWIST, KPMG, Microsoft $0.06 $0.87 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Augmented Reality for Maintenance and Inspection
This project will revolutionize aviation maintenance by building a new augmented reality engine to allow aircraft inspectors to examine historical and current data in order to compare a plane's current state to its state during previous inspections. Learnings from this project could lead to a host of applications that leverage augmented reality for the inspection of large objects across the transportation industry and beyond.
Boeing Vancouver/Aeroinfo, Unity Technologies (formerly Finger Food Advanced Technology), SFU $0.23 $0.56 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Autonomous Systems Technician
Project partners will tackle talent shortages by equipping students with the skills needed to install and maintain autonomous telecommunications systems through a new certification program based on BCIT's existing Telecommunications System Technician diploma. This program will have additional content to meet the needs of natural resource companies and remote communities today, and will focus on training women, Indigenous peoples, and youth who are currently under-represented in the field. As resource companies shift to operating remote facilities with real-time sensors and systems, the program will prepare students to work with innovative technologies such as AI, IoT and machine learning to enhance operations, ensure worker safety, monitor equipment, and increase productivity.
Teck Resources, BCIT, College of the Rockies $0.08 $0.82 2020-01-16 Kootenay Region, BC
Digital Technology Cluster CAMPFIRE
This project will help mid-career workers gain skills needed to thrive in the digital economy. The Competency Assessment Mapping Platform will personalize services to individual users' needs and will be driven by their actual skills and competencies rather than simply basing the process on credentials. The project will initially focus on three key economic sectors: forestry, healthcare, and mining, and is expected to help impacted workers reduce their time to re-employment by 25 percent. It is also designed to be scalable and extended to other sectors, providing a much-needed approach for building capacity and supporting workforce transformation across the Canadian economy.
BCIT, Immigration Employment Council of BC Society (IECBC), LifeLabs $0.07 $0.52 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Design for Startups
This project will connect design students with technology startups through intensive 12-week sessions to develop applied solutions to product design problems. The project aims to bridge the gap between the technology and design communities in order to improve digital products, platforms and services. This hands-on program will help advance the careers of emerging designers and advance the core product offering of up to 40 regional startups.
Emily Carr University of Art & Design, BC Tech, A&K Robotics, CoPilot AI, Innovate BC, 40 technology start-ups $0.06 $0.47 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Diversifying Talent in Quantum Computing
This outreach project will work with youth and Indigenous education leaders to ensure that students are aware of career opportunities in the quantum computing space. The program will deliver ready-to-use education kits and curriculums through workshops, summer camps, specialized programming for girls and Indigenous students, teacher training through an online quantum computing resource hub and a bi-weekly "Quantum bits" podcasts that will host well-known international academics and industry experts.
UBC, D-Wave, Microsoft $0.06 $0.50 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Fresh Water Data Commons
This project will pilot a platform to harness water monitoring data from a river basin in B.C. to better understand the health of the surrounding ecosystem, and the relationship between water quality, microorganisms, and industrial activities. Real-time data will be collected across the pilot area with a network of low-power, low-cost sensors in the environment to measure water quantity, water quality, as well as climate data, including precipitation. This platform offers a new monitoring tool that can help every part of Canada — and the world — use data to improve regional water management, and ultimately protect water, people, ecosystems and the economy as the demand for fresh water continues to rise.
Carl Data, Teck Resources, Microsoft, Astra Smart Systems, I4C Innovations, Living Lakes Canada, University of Victoria, Genome BC $1.62 $4.96 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Future Capital
This project will provide investment education to 500 women, enabling them to lead and shape the future of the economy. By providing female leaders with the skills to invest in early-stage ventures, this program will help women to participate in the next generation of high-growth businesses and close the gender gap.
Female Funders, Microsoft, SFU $0.11 $1.20 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster HyperTalent
This project will tackle the tech talent shortage by working with K-12 urban and rural educators to build awareness around careers in technology, and connecting school curriculums with real-world examples of the opportunities ahead. The program will also provide a number of Indigenous youth with hands-on exposure to the tech sector through industry internships at leading technology companies. This broader approach will help youth align their interests and skills with prospective careers.
BC Tech, Accenture, Arrow Lakes School District 10, BCIT, Microsoft, Providence Health Care, St Paul's Foundation, SAP, Unbounce, Vancity, Vancouver School Board $0.07 $0.45 2020-01-16 Vancouver and Kootenay Region, BC 
Digital Technology Cluster Intelligent Network for Point-of-Care Ultrasound
This project will develop a bedside tool for doctors that combines machine learning, handheld ultrasound devices and a cloud-based platform to create an integrated and intelligent point-of-care ultrasound network to deliver faster, more accurate diagnoses to patients whether they reside in urban, rural or remote areas. This will position Canada as a leader in the development of integrated, point-of-care diagnostics while improving healthcare delivery and outcomes for Canadians.
Providence Health Care, Change Healthcare, UBC, Clarius, Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Canada Foundation for Innovation $0.65 $2.56 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Personal Health Wallet
This project will use blockchain technology to create a personalized health wallet platform that will allow individuals to confidently manage their medical data with approved parties, while ensuring that their privacy and the security of their data is protected. This will enable patients to present a complete medical history to healthcare professionals when needed, including test results; prescription history; and treatment records, leading to more efficient and accurate diagnoses and treatment.
Molecular You, Stone Paper, UBC, Mitacs $0.54 $1.38 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Precision Agriculture to Improve Crop Health
Project partners will be working to develop new pest and pathogen controls to improve crop health through the use of computational biochemistry, genomics, machine learning, and robotics. The project will identify and test new pest management formulations and their ability to attack specific fungi on specific crops. It will also look into how crops and pests interact with different pesticides, pesticide enhancers, and alternatives. The computing tools developed by this project will be applicable in other fields outside of agriculture, including medicine, biotechnology, chemistry, and computer science.
Terramera, Sightline,, BC Cancer, Trent University, SFU, Universtiy of Saskatchewan, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Genome BC, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research $2.66 $7.33 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Reducing Opioid Use for Pain Management
This consortium will collect and centralize patient data from multiple sources to create a complete snapshot of a patient's treatment before and after surgery. Physicians face the challenge of needing to balance pain management, with prescribing adequate and effective medication for each patient. This project offers a solution with customized post-operation strategies for each patient through a monitoring system that will ensure doctors have the information they need to manage and reduce the prescription and use of opioids.
Careteam, Excelar Technologies, Providence Health Care, Thrive Health, UBC, BC Children's Hospital Research Institute, Xerus Medical, NRC, Mitacs. $1.71 $4.38 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster W Venture
This project will build capacity for female entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds aimed at increasing the representation of women in the technology sector. As an entrepreneurship development program designed by women for women, it will support female entrepreneurs and their tech ventures through boot camps, workshops, mentorship and peer sharing on leadership skills. This project offers women a more meaningful and impactful experience than programs available through traditional incubators and accelerators.
Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council (VIATEC), Accelerate Okanagan, Purpose Five, Communitech, University of Victoria, Coast Capital Savings Innovation Centre (CSIC) $0.11 $0.63 2020-01-16 Victoria and Kelowna, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Dermatology Point-of-Care Intelligent Network
This project will use a cloud-based technology platform to reduce time-to-diagnosis and help improve patient care by training artificial intelligence (AI) models on real-life clinical data in order to create algorithms for clinical decision support. The project will use tele-pathology and tele-dermatology imaging augmented by AI to expedite urgent cases faster through e-referral and e-triage. This new platform will serve as a basis for building similar end-to-end processes in other image-intensive service lines such as Cardiology, Radiology, Pathology and Ophthalmology.
Change Healthcare, BC Cancer, MetaOptima, Careteam Technologies, Providence Healthcare, University of Victoria, UBC $3.63 $9.85 2019-03-02 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Earth Data Store
This project will see partners use earth observation data and environmental sensors to develop a comprehensive global imaging system for monitoring and predictive purposes. Through interactive visual maps and running deep learning algorithms, the project will foster cutting-edge analysis of Canada's vast forests, fields and mines to facilitate better observation and protection of remote areas. This will allow researchers, businesses, and government agencies to be able to make more informed decisions on a wide array of key environmental issues.
Urthecast, Sparkgeo, Microsoft, Geoscience BC, UBC, University of Victoria, Mitacs $1.73 $3.94 2019-03-02 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Forest Machine Connectivity
This project will use an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform — which is a network of 'smart' devices that can monitor, collect, exchange and analyze data — to develop an application that will be used to solve technical barriers that impact efficiency in the wood product manufacturing industry. This application will allow contractors, machine operators and forest managers to identify bottlenecks, improve productivity in real time and develop best practices throughout the timber harvesting supply chain.
Canfor, UBC, Mosaic Forest Management, Lim Geomatics, FPInnovations $3.27 $7.77 2019-03-02 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Predictive Analytics for Manufacturing Processes
This project will see project partners create a digital twin of Avcorp Industries' metal finishing process line and uncover opportunities to capture key insights for fault detection. It will use Solid State AI's algorithms and D-Wave's quantum computers' capabilities to transform the fault-detection process from reactive to predictive-based solutions.
D-Wave, Avcorp, Solid State AI, SFU, Mitacs $0.19 $0.42 2019-03-02 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Tailored Health — Pharmacogenetics
This project will use a digitally-integrated solution to combine an individual's genetic makeup with their biophysical, drug and medical history. The outcome will be a gene-based medication management system that integrates both Electronic Medical Records and Pharmacy Management Systems. This initiative will enable population-based risk assessments, enhance prescribing effectiveness, reduce adverse drug reactions, and deliver better health outcomes for Canadians.
TELUS, GenXys Health Care Systems, LifeLabs, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Genome BC, Mitacs $2.05 $4.73 2019-03-02 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Learning Factory Digital Twin
This project brings industry, academia and researchers together to simulate and model industrial factory processes using real-time, data-driven technologies. This consortium will create a digital twin of two industrial production lines for complex Boeing aircraft parts. Partners will merge full-scale industrial production with technology to create new digitally-driven industrial tools in spatial planning, asset tracking, data collection and process automation.
Avcorp, Convergent Manufacturing Technologies, AMPD, Boeing/Aeroinfo, LlamaZOO, Microsoft, UBC $2.12 $4.81 2019-03-02 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Cluster Secure Health & Genomics Platform Program
This project will leverage the Cluster's ecosystem leaders in cloud computing, bioinformatics, data security, genome science and health services to aggregate health and genomic data across the country in order to develop a pan-Canadian digital heath platform that will improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancer and rare diseases.
Deloitte, DNAstack, Genome BC, LifeLabs, Molecular You, UBC, Microsoft $1.40 $3.42 2019-03-02 Vancouver, BC
Ocean Cluster Offshore Connected Worker Mixed Reality Application
This project will implement Connected Worker (CW) technologies offshore in a digital twin environment, reducing the risks and adding value for offshore marine operations by addressing challenges and inefficiencies. This new capability of remote monitoring of assets, and monitoring of personnel allows for reduction of personnel onboard by using data and machine learning to optimize roles, prevent equipment failures, optimize vessel operations, and increase safety of the crew. 
Horizon Maritime, Allswater Marine, ShipReality Inc., VMG Investigative Consulting, Rimot, C-CORE, Kognitiv Spark, Kinduct  $1.47 $2.94 2021-12-15 St. John's, NL
Ocean Cluster Critical Intervention and Operability Analysis for Digital Ocean Operations (CRIOP-DO)
This project will build upon Norway's successful Crisis Intervention and Operability Analysis (CRIOP) model to establish a Canadian methodology to demonstrate safety and reliability assurance of critical, complex digital ocean systems, and support regulatory compliance. Project partners will be working together to focus strategically on human-machine interfaces in normal and abnormal operating scenarios, supporting regulators' confidence in digital technologies and ensuring alignment with evolving Canadian regulatory reforms and industry advancement. 
Energy Research & Innovation Newfoundland and Labrador (ERI), National Research Council, Oceans, Coastal and Rivers Engineering, Lloyd's Register, Atlantic Towing, Memorial University  $0.09 $0.47 2021-12-15 St. John's, NL
Scale AI Cluster Support for the decisions and planning of the workforce using AI
This project is looking for a new tool to optimize the constantly varying daily workload that depends on port traffic, and the quantity and type of cargo and merchandise. This project will allow for a shift from manual processes and Excel spreadsheets, which offer limited visibility and short-sighted consideration of operational cost optimizations, to AI solutions that allow for more accurate labor requirement estimates.
Halifax Maritime Employers Association (HMEA), Montreal Port Authority, Maritime Employers Association, Port de Trois-Rivières, Hamilton Oshawa Port Authority, CargoM, British Columbia Maritime Employers Association (BCMEA), Airudi, Prof. Foutse Khomh $1.55 $3.10 2021-11-22 Montreal, QC
Ocean Cluster ROC Fishing System
This project will develop and commercialize ropeless or rope-on-command (ROC) fishing solutions to help address global problems including vertical line entanglements, plastic pollution, and 'ghost fishing' caused by abandoned, lost, and discarded fishing gear.
Ashored Inc., eSonar Inc. $0.65 $1.35 2021-11-18 Bedford, NS
Ocean Cluster Geoscan
This project will provide an innovative solution to de-risk offshore wind, oil and gas, and other offshore installations by implementing wider scanning functions in underwater robotic systems. This technology will lead to a reduction of personnel offshore, faster data collection, and improved efficiencies that will support Canada's commitment to net-zero emissions by 2050, while also advancing Canada's leadership in the global blue economy.
PanGeo Subsea Inc., Cellula Robotics, Marine Institute of Memorial University  $2.00 $3.41 2021-08-11 St. John's, NL
Ocean Cluster Marine Safety Training Online
This project will accelerate mixed-reality safety training development to offer faster and more accessible digital training options across marine industries. Mariners are essential workers and require regular training to maintain critical skills. Digital training, including simulation, is increasingly popular in the marine industry due to reduced risk and costs, and the ease of access to training. In building the desktop simulators, developing the software, and organizing the online digital content, this project will expand the opportunities for marine training on land.
Virtual Marine Technology Inc., Survival Systems Training Limited, Memorial University $0.70 $1.80 2021-06-10 St. John's, NL
Ocean Cluster HydroSpark
This project will focus on emerging mixed reality technologies to develop a secure ocean data visualization and collaboration application using the Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Microsoft Azure Mixed Reality Services. This application will visualize underwater environments in 3D mixed reality to support training, mission planning and rehearsal, and support defence and other marine sector underwater operations.
Kognitiv Spark, Kraken Robotics, University of New Brunswick, New Brunswick Community College $0.40 $0.87 2021-06-10 New Brunswick
Ocean Cluster BridgeVue
This project leverages an emerging technology to enhance marine navigation by contextualizing radar data over an individual's field of vision, in real time. By using an Augmented Reality (AR) headset, bridge crew can overlay critical information over their field of vision, even when visibility is near zero, increasing their situational awareness.
Engage Creative Technologies, Mitacs, Petroleum Research Newfoundland and Labrador, Rutter, Marine Institute – Centre for Marine Simulation, Robot Interactive + Marketing $0.17 $0.42 2021-06-10  Newfoundland and Labrador
Ocean Cluster Bubble Diffuser Aeration Entrainment Monitor
This project will develop a real-time entrainment monitoring system for aquaculture fish farms in complex coastal ocean environments  ensuring the effectiveness of bubble systems in aquaculture while reducing costs and emissions associated with fish-farming operations. The products and related services will allow customers to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the fish mortality from high surface temperatures and harmful algal blooms.
ASL Environmental Sciences, MOWI Canada West $0.32 $0.50 2021-06-10 British Columbia
Ocean Cluster Split PM Hybrid Propulsion Motor
This project will develop a hybrid diesel-electric system to make the hybridization of existing vessels worldwide a financially viable option. It will utilize advanced permanent magnet motor technology to provide both Canadian and vessel clients around the world with a propulsion system that reduces not only maintenance and fuel costs, but also GHG emissions and carbon footprint.
DuXion Motors, Aspin Kemp & Associates $1.09 $1.68 2021-05-03 St. John's, NL
Ocean Cluster Unmanned Digital Twinning of Underwater Assets
This project will develop an innovative product that will enable the digital twinning of underwater infrastructures, without the need for external specialists working in remote offshore locations. Once the product launches, conventional offshore remote-operated vehicles/vessel crew will be able to confidently collect high quality image data for post-processing digital twins, guided by way of real-time 3D reconstruction giving feedback on image quality and coverage.
Welaptega Marine, Whitecap Scientific, SubC Imaging $0.32 $0.59 2021-05-03 Halifax, NS
Ocean Cluster Sustainable Protein for Aquaculture: A Circular Approach to the Feed Supply Chain
This project aims to develop and commercialize two breakthrough technologies to produce an environmentally sustainable and low-cost protein for the aquaculture industry while reducing oil and gas emissions. The project will take greenhouse gas emissions from upstream oil and gas and convert them into a high-value protein product to be used to feed farmed fish.
DeNova Inc., CFFI Ventures, Natural Products Canada, The Centre for Aquaculture Technologies Canada, National Research Council of Canada - IRAP,  Atlantic Canada Opportunities, Dalhousie University, Cooke Aquaculture, ExxonMobil  $2.25 $6.00 2021-05-03 Halifax, NS
Ocean Cluster Mobile and Mixed Reality Virtual Technician and Maintenance Software
This project will develop an integrated service-hub, "Tech Companion", that centralizes data in a remotely accessible, intelligent, and automated digital ecosystem for use in ocean industries. The project has goal to connect technicians across the globe and facilitate the collection of core data, including condition-based monitoring of equipment, task level instructions, structured reporting, and augmented reality training to support tasks on demand.
Modest Tree, RENK Canada, Microsoft Canada $1.17 $2.22 2021-05-03 Halifax, NS
Ocean Cluster The Autonomous COMPASS
This project will develop a portable, embedded passive acoustic capability which will allow data to be collected and analyzed in-real time, onboard an untethered autonomous underwater vehicle. This new technology will allow for faster, reliable and affordable data acquisition with applications in defence, oceanographic research, marine mammal protection activities, and energy exploration.
Sensor Technology Ltd., Kraken Robotic Systems Inc., 3D Wave Design $1.62 $2.98 2021-03-24 Nova Scotia
Ocean Cluster Port Integration and Enhancement of Data (PIED)
This project is developing software products to enhance the ability to collect ocean data and facilitate more effective and efficient ocean operations. These new technologies will enhance specific supply chain data quality through machine learning applications, enhance business intelligence by developing customers' competitive position and improve the interoperability of data between different actors in the supply chain.
BlueNode Inc., Saab Technologies Canada, National Research Council, Halifax Port Authority $1.06 $3.17 2021-03-24 Nova Scotia
Ocean Cluster Fishless Marine Microbial Fish Oil
Project partners will be working together to develop a sustainable alga-based nutritional oil that fully mimics and complements the health benefits of fish oil consumption.
Mara Renewables Corporation Nature's Way Canada, Algorithm Ingredients Inc. $1.79 $2.88 2021-03-24 Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick
Ocean Cluster Integrated Operations and Real-Time Analytics
This project will bridge gaps between land, sea-based, and processing operations that exist in the aquaculture industry today by providing real-time information, analytics and environmental connectivity to improve overall operations.
Grieg NL, Hi-Tech Comms, AKVA Group, Innovasea, Sub-C Imaging $12.00 $26.83 2021-02-25 Marystown, NL
Ocean Cluster Orca
Project partners will be working together to advance the development of a lower carbon fuel to reduce dependency on diesel for ocean vessels, harbour vessels, cruise ships, ferries, barges, terminal operations, and other marine machinery. The project aims to help grow the ocean economy in a digital, sustainable, and inclusive way.
Katal Energy Inc., Valeant Low Carbon Technologies Inc., Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), Mitacs, Deepsense, Spearhead $2.00 $4.25 2021-02-17 Alberta
Ocean Cluster Advancing Smart Integrated Ocean Sensors
This project will bring state-of-the-art ocean environmental monitoring sensors into the ocean's autonomous platforms to measure ocean health. These sensors will reduce power, lower costs, enable better system integration, and improve measurements with higher stability and data quality protocols.
RBR Sensors, Oceans Network Canada, Dalhousie University, Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) $1.99 $3.59 2021-02-17 Ottawa, ON
Ocean Cluster Field Validation of Energy Storage System
This project will introduce a novel battery-based Energy Storage Systems (ESS) suited for larger marine vessels to achieve significant greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions in Canada and worldwide.
Corvus Energy, Seaspan Ferries Corp., Hydro BC, University of Vancouver, BC Ferries $2.00 $4.15 2021-02-17 British Columbia
Ocean Cluster Digital Offshore Canada
Digital Offshore Canada will bring together shared ocean, asset and operational data into a common platform, and applies value-adding analytical tools (machine learning, optimization, artificial intelligence, and visualization). This project enables the creation of digital twins, which provide powerful "sandboxes" for innovation, builds capacity and accelerates the digitalization of ocean industries.
Petroleum Research Newfoundland and Labrador (PRNL), Hatch Ltd., MNP, Virtual Marine, GRI Simulations $9.00 $18.00 2020-12-18 Newfoundland and Labrador
Ocean Cluster Automated Pipeline Inspection for Small AUVs
In response to expanding market demand for more efficient ocean floor inspection capabilities, this project will deliver a commercially ready survey payload for automated underwater vehicles (AUV), for immediate adoption by inspection companies to improve their capability and cost efficiency. This collaboration between domestic and international partners will accelerate the proliferation of advanced ocean technology, strengthen the Canadian digital workforce, and deliver long term growth in Canada's ocean economy.
2G Robotics, Ocean Floor Geophysics (OFG), EIVA, L3Harris OceanServer, Ocean Infinity $0.99 $1.72 2020-12-17 Ontario
Ocean Cluster Tallybot
Project partners will be working together to develop predictive and prescriptive machine learning (ML) algorithms—branded Tallybots— to help optimize fish plant and cannery operations. Tallybots will help processors maximize yields, improve quality and reduce data errors and noncompliance.
ThisFish Inc., Orca Specialty Food Ltd., Hardy Buoys Smoke Fish Inc., McGill University — Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry, York University, Eurofish S.A. $0.50 $0.87 2020-12-17 British Columbia
Ocean Cluster Development of Miniaturized Piezocomposite Sonar Transducer
This project will develop a customizable solution to improve the quality of the images and scans from inspections of underwater assets in remote locations, using miniaturized piezocomposite sonar transducers, which will allow end users to make quicker and more reliable decisions. This made in Canada solution will create new domestic and export opportunities, skilled jobs and supply chain opportunities.
Sensor Technology Ltd., NorthEastern Micro, Kraken Robotics $0.57 $0.91 2020-12-17 Collingwood, ON
Ocean Cluster Ocean Energy Smart Grid Integration Project
This project will enable the cost-effective integration of Ocean Energy Generators (OEG) into communities. Many remote coastal communities are not connected to national electrical grids, and the cost of integrating new green energy generation alternatives is high due to the need for customization. This project standardizes the smart grid through the "Microgrid Interface Unit" (MIU). This will result in reduced dependency on diesel generators in rural communities and increase the opportunity for renewable sources of energy.
BMT Canada, Sustainable Marine Energy $0.63 $0.98 2020-12-17 Ontario
Ocean Cluster Digital Ship In-Service Support System
This project combines on-board vessel sensor and digital twin technologies for vessel management and maintenance through an advanced technology platform. This new platform will help vessel designers, builders, operators and maintainers more efficiently manage vessel lifecycle; reduce down-time for repair and maintenance by providing predictive information; improve vessel design and construction to reduce costs; and integrate multiple data sources by leveraging the language of visualization. It will help make Canada more globally competitive, drive export opportunities, and create jobs in the marine sector.
Seaspan Shipyards, Genoa Design $2.00 $3.08 2020-12-14 Newfoundland
Ocean Cluster Digital IoT
This project supports collaborative R&D that will result in an Internet of Things (IoT) enabled solution providing remote monitoring as a Managed Service. The project will enhance Canada's competitive position on the international stage in radar system data acquisition and cloud-based storage & analytics. It will also enable data collection that will enhance further collaboration with academic, government and other industrial partners.
Rutter Inc., Husky Energy, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, NRC-IRAP $0.72 $3.17 2020-12-10 Newfoundland and Labrador
Ocean Cluster Blue Futures Pathways
This ecosystem-building project will connect youth across Canada with education and employment, and support participants in developing a successful career in the sustainable blue economy. The initiative is supportive of all youth aged 18-30 and will have a particular focus on the inclusion and inspiration of under-represented, remotely located, and Indigenous people.
Students on Ice Foundation, Centre for Ocean Venture Entrepreneurship (COVE), ECO Canada, Mitacs $1.49 $2.41 2020-11-25 Gatineau, QC
Ocean Cluster CARIS Cloud Technology
This project will develop and utilize highly specialized software in the Cloud that will reduce the need for operators in the field, and enable increased processing and quality control from an office or home setting. The techbology developed through this project will bring efficiencies, cost savings and reduce human risk particularly for higher risk, high priority areas where measurements are currently conducted using regular field surveys.
Teledyne CARIS, Ocean Floor Geophysics, Marine Institute, UNB — Ocean Mapping Group (OMG), Interdisciplinary Development Centre for Ocean Mapping (CIDCO), Hydrospatial International Inc. (H2i) $0.94 $2.13 2020-11-20 New Brunswick
Ocean Cluster Smart Protective Coatings
This project will develop and commercialize new graphene-based protective coating products for vessels. These coatings provide a number of advantages to marine industries including reduced fuel consumption for vessels, non-toxic protection, and reduced underwater radiant noise. The products will not only help position Canada as a global hub of ocean innovation, but also deliver shared competitive advantages in accessing those world-wide market opportunities across different ocean sectors — particularly with its environmental focus.
Graphite Innovation Technologies (GIT), Horizon Maritime Services Ltd., Netukulimk Fisheries Limited (NFL), Mitacs $2.24 $4.65 2020-11-19 Halifax, NS
Ocean Cluster Ocean Allies
This innovation ecosystem project will foster a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable space in the ocean economy for untapped communities, through partnerships with key ocean sector organizations and targeted strategic activities.
Pisces Research Project Management, Upswing Consulting Solutions, Huntsman Marine Centre, Assembly of First Nations, BioNB, Center for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE), Irving Shipbuilding, Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI), Ocean Technology Council of Nova Scotia (OTCNS), Ocean Advance, PanGeo Subsea, Synapse PEI, Mitacs $0.25 $0.42 2020-11-19 Halifax, NS
Ocean Cluster Vitality
This innovation ecosystem project will leverage Canada's ocean data to deliver definitive commercial outcomes to the businesses involved by advancing ocean data analysis, management and visualization capabilities, and products.
Pisces Research Project Management, Dalhousie University, Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc., Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE), University of Victoria, St-Lawrence Global Observatory (SLGO), Tula Foundation, Marine Renewables Canada (MRC), COIN Atlantic $1.50 $3.80 2020-11-19 Halifax, NS
Ocean Cluster XO-G2
Marine industries are seeking safer, lower cost, unmanned solutions for collecting ocean data. This project will develop the next generation of Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) that addresses these challenges and expands existing capabilities to survey faster, deeper, further offshore with negligible carbon emissions.
XOcean Canada Ltd., XOcean Ltd., ABCO Industries, DMR Boat Design, Ocean Floor Geophysics, Department of Oceans and Fisheries $2.00 $3.36 2020-11-19 Nova Scotia
Ocean Cluster Marine Search and Rescue Simulation
This project will deliver a new device and capability to train search and rescue (SAR) operators under realistic mission scenarios including turbulent flow zones, sea state, complex ship and offshore installation geometries and rescue rafts, while simulating the full array of harsh East coast and arctic environmental conditions.
Bluedrop Learning Networks, Cougar Helicopters Inc., Memorial University of Newfoundland $1.03 $2.06 2020-11-13 St. John's, NL
Ocean Cluster CoLab Enterprise — 3D Engineering Review, Communication & Collaboration Hub
This project aims to build and commercialize a highly configurable, enterprise-ready communication platform that supports the future of Agile Model-Based Enterprises and Digital Twin Solutions. This new platform will contribute to Canada's competitive advantage in the management of complex engineering projects, using a cloud-based solution that combines 3D design review technology and mechanical issue tracking to securely support thousands of users working together in real-time.
CoLab Software Inc., Genoa Design, Kraken Robotics, PRNL $1.63 $2.80 2020-11-13 Newfoundland
Ocean Cluster Building an Inclusive Workforce for Innovative Arctic Ocean Technology
This ecosystem-building projectseeks to provide technical skills training for Inuit participants across Inuit Nunangat. The holistic and culturally contextualized training curriculum will address the barriers faced by Inuit in remote northern communities and promote their inclusion and participation in the ocean economy.
SmartICE Sea-Ice Monitoring & Information Inc., Pinnguaq Association, Nunavut Fisheries Association, Ilitaqsiniq Literacy Council, Social Research and Demonstration Corporation $1.15 $1.79 2020-11-13 St. John's, NL
Ocean Cluster Ocean DNA System
Project partners will work in collaboration to revolutionize the development and commercialization of genomics solutions in order to modernize the way we monitor, measure and assess fish stocks and characterize the ocean.
eDNAtec, Petroleum Research Newfoundland and Labrador (PRNL), Nunavut Fisheries Association, Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) $2.21 $4.91 2020-09-24 Various, NL
Ocean Cluster Indigenous Career Pivot Pilot
This pilot program aims to facilitate and support meaningful work placements for Indigenous peoples wishing to explore career options in the ocean economy. The project will support the employment of approximately 10 Indigenous peoples in Ocean Cluster member organizations for 12-month placements. Participants will gain valuable experience in a new industry and will enhance their knowledge through placements that complement their existing skillset and natural aptitudes.
Ulnooweg Development Group, JEDI, College of the North Atlantic $0.55 $0.74 2020-09-21 Truro, NS
Ocean Cluster Ocean Aware
This project will develop next-generation underwater observation systems for deployment in zones of high commercial interest to enable both Canadian and global ocean industries to balance business efficiency and profitability with sustainable ocean business practices. The technologies and information-sharing concepts developed will improve monitoring capabilities over wide areas of ocean and will allow such monitoring to be done more economically and more quickly.
Innovasea, Emera, Xeos Technologies, Dartmouth Ocean Technologies, Ocean Choice International, DFO, The Ocean Tracking Network, Irving Shipbuilding, Dalhousie University, Memorial University of Newfoundland $13.72 $29.39 2020-07-28 Nova Scotia
Ocean Cluster Ocean Startup
Through this project, partners will be supporting the development of ocean technology start-ups and increasing the industrial use of marine technologies. This innovative project will address talent challenges by growing the ocean workforce, helping new businesses hire employees with the skill sets they need. In addition, the project will encourage the participation of under-represented groups such as women and Indigenous groups in this vital economic sector.
The Genesis Centre, Innovacorp, PEI Bioalliance, New Brunswick Innovation Foundation, Dalhousie University, Springboard Atlantic, Mitacs, ACOA, (Provincial Governments) $4.08 $7.10 2020-02-21 St. John's, NL
Ocean Cluster OceanVision
These project partners will develop a turnkey service solution for the collection of seafloor imaging and mapping to be used by a number of ocean industries, including oil and gas, fishing, hydrographic, search and salvage, and military and defence. This new underwater service hub uses new marine technologies and products to produce high-resolution images of the seafloor, and will reduce the cost and risk of operating in ocean environments.
Kraken Robotics, Petroleum Research Newfoundland & Labrador, Ocean Choice International, Nunavut Fisheries Association, NRC, Government of Newfoundland $6.26 $18.78 2019-06-28 Mount Pearl, NL
Protein Industries Cluster Creating a Lupin Ecosystem in Canada - From the Seed to Fork
The goal of this project is to develop a closed loop farm-to-fork approach for this high value protein crop to improve access to ingredients and respond to demand while increasing diversification options for western Canadian farmers.
Lupin Platform, Hensall Co-op, PURIS, The Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre, Lumi Foods, Canadian International Grains Institute, AgCall, Aratinga Extracts, Can-Seed Equipment, Food Assure, Food Connections, Food Development Centre, Frontier CFO, Intertek Canada, Mera Food Group, Red River College, University of Manitoba $2.81 $5.61 2021-12-16 Calgary, AB
Protein Industries Cluster Development of nutritionally and functionally superior plant-based milk, yogurt, and eggs using Canadian ingredients
This project will solve technical challenges in formulating plant-based milk, probiotic-rich yogurt and dairy alternatives, and other functional plant-based analogues, with a key focus on maintaining the nutritional content and equivalency to conventional products for the consumer packaged goods market.
YoFiit, Avena Foods, Roquette Canada $0.77 $1.75 2021-11-29 Vaughn, ON
Protein Industries Cluster Building the Fermentation Ecosystem
This project will bring partners together to strengthen the use of fermentation processing technology in western Canada's plant-based ingredients ecosystem. The partners will also develop a new fermentation program that will enable the commercialization of new technology that will aid small- and medium-sized enterprises across Western Canada in launching new plant-based food and beverage products into the consumer market.
The Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan, Ag-West Bio, The Global Agri-Food Advancement $0.70 $1.32 2021-11-23 Saskatoon, SK
Protein Industries Cluster Developing Extraordinary Canadian Plant-based Finished Products Scaled Through Global Partnerships
This project focuses on the development and sales of Japanese inspired plant-based food products. Using a combination of Canadian raw materials and Canadian research & development to build products for sale through two of Japan's leading food companies. This project's main objective is to rapidly expand into a proven but niche market for Japanese style plant-based products - establishing Canadian-based Wamame's Waygu brand as a dominant global player.
Wamame Foods Inc., Azuma Foods Canada, Merit Functional Foods, The Saskatchewan good Industry Development Centre, University of British Columbia (UBC), Winecrush, Wismettac Asian Food US $3.79 $7.57 2021-11-08 Vancouver, BC
Protein Industries Cluster Food & Beverage Sector Supply Chain Mapping
This project will create a national platform that connects local and provincial tools to enable the businesses and organizations that comprise Canada's food system, including the plant protein segment, to work together locally, provincially and nationally. This new level of connectivity and collaboration will help to address supply chain challenges, find domestic solutions to disruptions, promote innovation across the value chain and increase the resilience and value of the sectors involved.
The McGill Centre for the Convergence of Health and Economics, Conseil de la Transformation Alimentaire du Québec (CTAQ), Food and Beverage Canada, Food and Beverage Atlantic, Food and Beverage Ontario, Food and Beverage Manitoba, BC Food and Beverage, Bivizio, University of Ottawa $2.13 $2.66 2021-08-10 Montreal, QC
Protein Industries Cluster Pea++, Innovative Way of Breeding for Plant Protein
This project will develop new pea and hemp varieties for use in plant-protein ingredient processing. The partners are focusing on increasing the protein content and altering the starch content of their varieties, in order to improve functionality, texture and nutrition of ingredients.
NRGene Canada, Farmer's Business Network (FBN), Pulse Genetics, Manitoba Harvest $1.80 $5.10 2021-07-27 Saskatoon, SK
Protein Industries Cluster EMILI Data Initiative
These project partners are coming together to enhance the Canadian plant-based food, feed and ingredients ecosystem's use and knowledge of data by: 1. Exploring the current state of the data ecosystem in Canadian agri-food; 2. Performing research into knowledge gaps related to data; 3. Developing data-related training programs; and, 4. Creating a project-specific working group.
Enterprise Machine & Intelligence Learning Initiative (EMILI), Alberta Data Institute (ADI) $0.44 $0.90 2021-07-20 Winnipeg, MB
Protein Industries Cluster Advancing Innovation in the Indigenous Agriculture/Agrifoods
This project will work to develop a national Indigenous Innovation Strategy for the Agriculture and Agrifood Sector, with a focus on establishing food sovereignty, creating job opportunities and business growth for Indigenous groups across Canada.
Indigenous Works, University of Saskatchewan, Nutrien Ag Solutions, University of Regina, Farm Credit Canada $0.25 $0.50 2021-06-23 Saskatoon, SK
Protein Industries Cluster Enhancing Plant Based Seafood
These project partners will be working together to develop a new line of plant-based seafood products with a focus on whole muscle, fish fillet alternatives that emulate the same texture, taste and cooking experience of fish, creating a product that appeals to the mass-market consumer. 
New School Foods Inc, Liven Proteins Corp $0.93 $1.86 2021-06-15 Toronto, ON
Protein Industries Cluster Automated Risk Management Systems for the Value Chain
This project will be capturing farm-level data related to crop and storage health management to develop predictive models that use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help farmers enhance production practices, as well as make better storage and marketing decisions. This is expected to increase return on investments related to all areas of seed selection, irrigation, equipment selection and post-harvest management.
Farmer's Edge Inc., OPI Systems Inc., TrustBix Inc., Standards Council of Canada, National Research Council, Olds College, Merit Functional Foods, Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI), Richardson International $8.55 $17.11 2021-04-16 Winnipeg, MB
Protein Industries Cluster Commercializing an Innovative Canadian Technology to Manufacture High Quality, Clean Label, Plant-based Protein Ingredients
This project is developing a proprietary process to produce high-quality soybean protein ingredients and soybean oil that comply with non-genetically modified and Organic labelling standards resulting in clean-label protein ingredients derrived from Canadian-grown soybeans. Crops will be processed at a brand-new, first-of-its-kind facility in Canada.
Canada Protein Ingredients (CPI), DJ Hendrick International, Agrocorp Processing, Semences Prograin, Synthesis Network $7.37 $27.36 2021-03-18 Lindsay, ON
Protein Industries Cluster Improving Cost and Energy Efficiency of Pulse Protein
This project will further develop and utilize a specialized dry processing technology patented by GrainFraclead to create new, high-protein pulse-based ingredients for the non-dairy beverage market. This scale-up will help GrainFrac quantify the environmental benefits associated with the technology's dry processing capabilities, including its reduction in water use.
GrainFrac, Tomtene Seed Farms, Ripple Foods $2.17 $4.34 2021-03-04 Edmonton, AB
Protein Industries Cluster Plant Protein Efficacy and Evidence: a New Gold-Standard
This project will use ethically-sourced, Canadian materials and manufacturing to develop new plant-based protein powders similar to whey protein. The protein powders will be made available for clinical and athletic consumers.
Enhanced Medical Nutrition, Infinit Nutrition Canada, McMaster University $1.18 $2.21 2021-02-09 Aurora and Windsor, Ontario
Protein Industries Cluster Agrifood Opportunity Awareness for Youth (AOAFY)
Project partners are working together to help address the agriculture industry's growing need for a skilled workforce. This project will expand existing STEM programing for students in kindergarten to Grade 12 throughout Western Canada, to generate awareness and interest in career opportunities in plant protein, agrifood and digital agriculture. The program, targeted to reach 69,000 youth over three years, will focus on students in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, with emphasis placed on Indigenous, inner-city and rural/remote students.
EMILI, Actua, Agriculture in the Classroom $1.43 $2.04 2021-01-22 Oak Bluff, MB
Protein Industries Cluster Exploiting the Potential of Tempered Whole Pulse Flours
This project will test and develop new applications for proprietary tempered pulse flours. These tempered pulse flours are poised to help meet the fast-growing market demand for plant-based proteins and products in the growing vegan and flexitarian markets, both in North America and overseas.
Avena Foods Ltd., Big Mountain Foods, Daiya Foods, Bakenology, The Village Bakery $3.31 $9.41 2020-12-08 Regina, SK
Protein Industries Cluster Development of New Plant Protein Products for Domestic and Asian Markets
This project will use Western Canadian commodities such as oats, lentils, hemp, fava beans and chickpeas to develop new plant-based protein products and ingredients, dietary alternatives that can be sold to markets in Canada and Asia.
Mera Development Corp., Mera Food Group Inc., Benson Farms, Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre (SFIDC), KGS Group, Kenlin Design Group, Process Innovation — Food Safety, Specialty Process Systems Ltd., Federated Co-operatives Limited $3.61 $7.22 2020-11-18 Regina, SK and Saskatoon, SK
Protein Industries Cluster Improving Taste and Use of Canadian Pulse Ingredients
This project will improve the taste and functionality of pulse-based ingredients. Initially focusing on yellow peas, partners will use physical processing techniques to turn the commodities into ingredients that will be available to food processors and manufacturers in Canada and internationally.
Ingredion Inc., Verdient Foods Inc., T. Base 4 investments Corp., O.M.D. Food Products Corp. $12.84 $25.68 2020-11-10 Vanscoy, SK
Protein Industries Cluster

Adding value to Canadian pea and canola proteins and finished products through functionalization and sensory improvements
This project will utilize peas and canola, some of Canada's most widely grown crops, in the development of a variety of new plant-based ingredients and products including alternative meat and dairy products and other beverages. As a result of this project, partners will be able to move from sourcing their plant-based protein ingredients from international sources to a Canadian source, improving their sustainability and strengthening Canada's economy.

Merit Functional Foods Corporation, The Winning Combination Inc., Daiya Foods, Grand River Foods $3.97 $7.95 2021-05-27 Winnipeg, MB
Protein Industries Cluster Automatic Risk Management Systems for the Value Chain
Project partners will be capturing farm-level data related to crop and storage health management to develop predictive models using AI and machine learning. These models will help farmers enhance production practices, as well as make better storage and marketing decisions. This is expected to increase return on investments related to all areas of seed selection, irrigation, equipment selection and post-harvest management.
Farmers Edge, ClimateCHECK, NRC, Next Instruments, OPI Systems, Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI), Standards Council of Canada $7.41 $20.95 2020-09-16 Winnipeg, MB
Protein Industries Cluster Yellow Peas & Data Trust Tech: Economic Game Changers for Western Canada
This project will use leading-edge artificial intelligence and data trust tools to optimize current plant-breeding processes. The objective is to develop yellow pea varieties that combine high-yield potential and high-protein content, a composition long awaited by farmers and processors in the plant-protein ecosystem.
Sightline Innovation, 20/20 Seed Labs, Cornerstone C5 Group, DL Seeds, Global Health Systems, Global Institute for Food Security, NRC, SeedNet, University of Saskatchewan, University of Winnipeg, $1.76 $3.51 2020-08-27 Winnipeg, MB
Protein Industries Cluster Modernizing Agriculture Via the Zero-Chemical Residue Ecosystem
Project partners will develop a new technology that specifically targets pests when spraying fields, increasing efficiencies and providing economic benefits for farmers. The technology uses artificial intelligence to detect weeds and other crop pests while passing over a field. This is estimated to reduce pesticide use by up to 95 per cent while maintaining crop yield, saving farmers approximately $52 per acre per growing season.
Exceed Grain Marketing, Aberhart Farms, Global Institute for Food Security, NRC, Panvion Technology, Precision.AI, Providence Grain, Provision Analytics, Pure West Commodities, Puely Canada Foods, RMD Systems, SAIRS Ltd (Shearer Agricultural Imaging & Remote Sensing), Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Sure Growth Solutions, VeriGrain, Wilmar Farms $12.80 $25.81 2020-08-20 Regina, Saskatoon, Langenburg and rural, SK
Protein Industries Cluster Research and Develoment of New Plant-based Protein Ingredients
This consortium will work together to develop new plant-based protein ingredients for food processors throughout Canada, helping meet the rising demand for vegan and flexitarian food options. The results of this project will diversify the plant-based protein market in Canada.
Griffith Foods Ltd., Persall Fine Foods Co., K2 Milling, NRC, Saskatchewan Food Development Centre $0.61 $1.22 2020-08-06 Ontario
Protein Industries Cluster Production of Minimally Processed, Sustainable and Local Pulse Ingredients for Vegetable Protein and Plant-based Food Applications
Project partners will work together to process pea, lentil and fava bean protein concentrate into high moisture meat analogue, Texturized Pulse Protein (TPP), tempeh, tofu, pasta and non-dairy analogues. These ingredients will then be further developed into market-ready food for the consumer and restaurant markets, helping to meet the increasing demand for vegetarian and flexitarian diets.
AGT Foods and Ingredients, Ulivit, Saskatchewan Food Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan College of Agriculture; Department of Food and Bioproduct Sciences, Recipe Unlimited Corporation $5.67 $11.33 2020-06-24 Saskatoon, SK
Protein Industries Cluster Furthering Pea and Fava Bean Processing
Together, this project consortium will address nutrition and processing challenges for pea and fava in Western Canada, such as how to mitigate the effects of cold weather, while also exploring the utility of blended pea-fava protein products. This knowledge will be key in further expanding Canada's ability to be a global leader in the production of plant protein.
Roquette Canada, Prairie Fava, Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan, University of Manitoba, Hatch Ltd., Dedert Corporation, KEP Entreprises Ltd., University of Alberta, Canadian Centre for Agri-Food Research in Health and Medicine (CCARM), The Food Development Group, DL Seeds, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada $9.58 $19.16 2020-06-19 Portage, MB
Protein Industries Cluster New Uses for By-products from Processing
This project aims to develop a micronutrient fertilizer using products that were once considered waste in processing, such as pea and lentil hulls, to deliver nutrients to plants. This project will help Canadian organic growers and processors by developing a new use for by-products from the pulse processing industry — increasing the value of Canadian pulse crops.
Lucent BioSciences, AGT Foods and Ingredients, 4D Labs (Simon Fraser University), Kwantlen Institute for Sustainable Horticulture, National Research Council $1.25 $2.92 2020-03-03 Rural Western Canada, BC
Protein Industries Cluster Empowering Farming Through Data
Project partners will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to develop an integrated data platform to make farming more transparent, efficient and profitable. The consortium of agri-food, digital mapping and technology firms will be collecting farm-level data on activities such as seeding and fertilizer application, fuel consumption and wear and tear of machinery to improve on-farm logistics and food traceability along the value chain. This will reinforce Canada's reputation as a global supplier of sustainable and traceable food.
Provision Analytics, Verge Technology, Skymatics, Coutts Agro $4.63 $9.26 2020-02-27 Calgary, AB
Protein Industries Cluster Creation and Utilization of High Protein Canola
This project will use gene-editing technology to create hybrid oilseeds in order to breed higher-protein canola. These new canola seed varieties are expected to be well suited for both traditional processing methods like crushing, and other newer technologies. This will make Canadian canola even more of a premium product in global markets over the next decade, resulting in economic benefits across the entire value chain.
Corteva, Botaneco, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Bunge, Botaneco, NRC, University of Manitoba $13.63 $27.69 2020-01-15 Calgary, AB
Protein Industries Cluster Novel Pea and Canola Protein
Project partners will work together to produce and commercialize a new highly soluble, highly functional pea and canola protein isolate. These novel isolates will eliminate the grittiness experienced with less soluble proteins, and improve the flavour profiles of plant-based products including in plant-protein beverages and other meat alternatives. This project aligns with the shift in consumer trends, which has led to a growing demand for more options, and will provide Canadians with better tasting plant-based alternatives.
Merit Functional Foods Corporation, The Winning Combination Inc., Pitura Seeds Inc., Burcon NutraScience Corporation $9.55 $19.10 2020-01-10 Winnipeg, MB
Protein Industries Cluster Better Oil and Protein — Improving hemp and Canola Production
This project will see project partners develop and commercialize a novel processing technology that will improve the separation and purification of Canadian crops such as canola and hemp. This new technology will increase the current value of Canadian oilseeds by yielding new high-protein products and ingredients for the global food, feed, and aquaculture markets.
Botaneco, Centre for Aquaculture Technologies, Corteva, Food Processing Development Centre Leduc, Rowland Seeds, Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre, The Food Development Centre, University of Alberta, University of Lethbridge, University of Manitoba, University of Saskatchewan $5.86 $11.81 2019-06-26 Calgary, AB
Scale AI Cluster AloT Fulfilment
This project is exploring how applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to disruptive 3D automated storage and retrieval technology can lead to higher efficiencies such as reducing a company's warehouse needs and labour costs. By maximizing the number of items picked-up by the robot, orders will be gathered faster and more efficiently, further reducing the fulfillment cost for customers.
Attabotics, Intel of Canada Ltd., Microsoft, Canadian Tire, Amii, AltaML $2.52 $7.03 2021-12-08 Calgary, AB
Scale AI Cluster Predictive Analytics for Aviation
The goal of this project is to use predictive analytics models to enable a more proactive approach to aviation maintenance, limiting aircraft downtime and reducing "Aircraft on Ground" (AOG) costs for aircraft, as well as providing unique state-of-the-art maintenance support to customers. Aircraft maintenance typically consists of scheduled activities at specific intervals and unscheduled activities when aircraft parts need repair. 
Bombardier, GlobVision Inc., IVADO Labs $2.95 $11.69 2021-12-08 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster AI-enabled Quality Control and Predictive Maintenance for the PPE Supply Chain
The project will deliver a comprehensive quality control system that will leverage both artificial intelligence and machine learning through computer vision to increase quality standards and production outputs in the production of personal protective equipment (PPE) with a focus on medical gown manufacturing. By significantly improving the quality control standards while meeting demand and reducing the need for manual intervention, this will create an increase in customer trust, production capacity, and shared intelligence for the entire supply chain.
CrossWing Solutions Inc., Cardinal Health, The Design Quantum, Big Nano Corporation, Shield Medical Products, York University, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Performance BioFilaments Inc., LifeCycle Revive  $1.28 $4.16 2021-12-08 Toronto, ON
Scale AI Cluster Staff Optimizer and Two-Way Product Recommender for e-Commerce
This project will integrate artificial intelligence to an existing e-commerce software suite in order to build strong personalization capabilities that are scalable for retailers more broadly. The tools developed as a result of this project will provide retailers with the ability to categorize their clients, score their likelihood of making a purchase, and prioritize incoming clients in real-time to better capture demand and optimize their store resources. It will also include a product recommender which will subsequently provide product and service recommendations for the relevant customers' clusters based on expected customer needs and available inventory. The goal of this project is to ultimately grow retailer transaction conversion rates, or demand capture, while increasing supply chain efficiency. This new software will be very beneficial to retailers as they will be able to offer more tailored products and services to their customers.
Kognitive Tech Inc., Ivado labs, Roy Foss Motors Ltd., Cellcom Communications  $1.02 $2.93 2021-12-08 Toronto, ON
Scale AI Cluster Precision Harvest
This project will be developing a break-through technology that will support farmers in crop management decision making. Project partners will be harnessing the power of data and artificial intelligence to give farmers the tools to be more proactive about crop management while reducing the impacts of weather uncertainty. Specifically, the project will help potato growers in sequencing their fields for harvest against objective criteria such as canopy health and wet spots in order to maximize yield. 
McCain Foods Group Inc., CP Farms Ltd., Perry Produce, Riverview Farms Corp, Swansfleet Alliance, IVADO, Resson, Fiddlehead Technology $0.71 $1.85 2021-12-08 Hartland, NB
Scale AI Cluster AI-powered Satellite Constellation Production
This project aims to support the demand, complexity and scale of satellite constellation production by optimizing MDA Corporation's supply chain operations. Project partners will be leveraging artificial intelligence to improve efficiency within the supply chain by reducing waste and optimizing inventory, manufacturing schedules and performance during the production of the satellites and their subsystems. 
MDA Corporation, CDW Corporation, Mafina Solutions Inc., Connektica, IVADO Labs $1.54 $5.73 2021-12-08 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Industrial Video Analytics for Manufacturing Efficiency
Project partners will work together to develop advanced video analytics solutions and processes to solve some of the costliest production problems in manufacturing. Industrial video analytics uses computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to study motion patterns of production processes and identify opportunities for improvement or help explain non-standard, unexpected losses of time or motion. 
Pacefactory Inc., Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, Dupont Sustainable Solutions, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute, University of Quebec at Rimouski, University of Guelph, Premier Tech, Magna  $0.90 $2.88 2021-12-08 Oakville, ON
Scale AI Cluster Cognitive Capabilities for Aero-engines' Aftermarket
This project aims to provide an integrated solution to support decision making across the spare parts sector of the aerospace industry. This new technology will enable intelligent maintenance forecasting, recommendation capabilities for new and used parts as well as an integrated inventory control system. This AI implementation will have lasting positive economic and operational results as the aerospace industry recovers from the impacts of the pandemic. Through this project, partners are accelerating supply chain efficiency to ensure customers have the parts and services they need to grow their businesses at a time where this is more important than ever.
Pratt & Whitney Canada, McKinsey & Company Canada, MOOV AI, Cognitive Group, Standard Aero Limited Winnipeg, Vector Aerospace Engine Services- Atlantic Inc., Schaeffler, Paradigm Orillia Technology, Meloche $5.46 $23.46 2021-12-08 Longueuil, QC
Scale AI Cluster Developing an AI-Driven Platform for Last Mile Delivery and Home Installation
This project will develop a software as a service AI platform that combines real-time data and artificial intelligence to optimize last-mile delivery and product installations for large Canadian retailers. This intelligent platform will have optimization capabilities that will synthesize existing and real-time data inputs including inventory availability, delivery carrier details, delivery location and contractor skill levels to improve the capacity planning and scheduling of over 5000+ contractors and delivery agents. 
Quick Contractors, Tech Consultants Group, Genaire Transport, Canadian Tire $0.65 $1.98 2021-12-08 Toronto, ON
Scale AI Cluster AIStotle
This project will leverage SemiosBIO's robust historical data set of in-canopy microclimate conditions to develop spatial weather forecasting tools designed to account for variability in a site's crop and topographic characteristics. These new capabilities will provide a lower-cost entry level solution for smaller growers with more precise and granular weather predictions that are tailored to the in-canopy conditions of their farm, supporting more reliable decision-making.
SemiosBIO Technologies Inc., IVADO Labs, Laughing Cayote Orchards $1.60 $3.63 2021-12-08 Vancouver, BC
Scale AI Cluster AI for Energy Supply Chain Feedstock Optimization
Together, project partners will be developing a data layer that consolidates and augments multiple data sources into a single source platform solution to make better operational, commercial, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) decisions. Specifically, this new AI technology will track and predict oil and gas supply chain feedstocks with aims to economics for supply chain participants and reducing environmental waste associated with inefficiencies. The tools being developed are not only useful in both day-to-day operations, but also in the strategic planning of product movements. 
Tidewater Midstream and Infrastructure Ltd., Validere Technologies Inc., NOVA Analytics, Queen's University  $1.21 $3.57 2021-12-08 Calgary, AB
Scale AI Cluster End-to-end Machine Learning-based Demand Forecasting
This project will implement end-to-end artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning-driven demand forecasting predictive models to increase process efficiencies, help improve forecast accuracy and unlock capacity in the business; ensuring improved service, optimum inventory and better production scheduling. By integrating internal and external demand data from all stores across nine major retail chains, the AI and machine learning-based solution will provide predictive analytics to adjust production for 95% of its goods.
Unilever Canada, Larus Technologies Corporation, Southern Ontario Smart Computing For Innovation $0.52 $2.20 2021-12-08 Toronto, ON
Scale AI Cluster Sherbrooke AI Digital Twin
Using real-time data, the project will recreate Kruger's new manufacturing plant's entire supply chain virtually, adding an integrated set of predictive and prescriptive AI capabilities. This will allow the improvement of key operations from supply through processing to client shipping in order to drive revenues, efficiency and agility.
Kruger Inc., Polytechnique Montreal, DataPerformers, Université Laval, The Boston Consulting Group, Osedea $5.56 $25.50 2021-06-21 Sherbrooke, QC
Scale AI Cluster Planogram optimization solution
This project will develop an AI solution that optimizes merchandise product lines by generating a customized planogram for each location, delivering solutions to effectively merchandise each Canadian Tire store through the use of real-time data optimizing operations based on customer behaviour patterns.
Canadian Tire, Spacefile International Corp $2.00 $4.99 2021-06-21 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Transportation Optimization
This project will develop an AI solution that will focus on optimizing the transportation routes and minimizing costs for the pulp & paper, water treatment and oil & gas industries. AI will allow the solution to select the optimal combination of routes after an exhaustive evaluation of all possible options, including driving hours, material compatibility, opening hours and even construction along the way.
Kemira Water Solutions Canada Inc., Global Attributes $0.93 $2.32 2021-06-21 Varennes, QC
Scale AI Cluster Patient clinical care pathway optimization
Project partners will be working together to develop an AI solution that will optimize the patient care path between virtual, in-person and specialist visits. This solution will offer better care to MCI OneHealth patients by supporting a holistic model for more integrated, personalized and cost-efficient healthcare delivery.
MCI OneHealth Technologies Inc., William Osler Health System, SeamlessMD, Khure Health, Polyclinic Family and Specialty Medicine Facility, Altima Dental Inc. $0.66 $1.77 2021-06-21 Toronto, ON
Scale AI Cluster Extending an Order's Life Cycle Through AI
This project aims to reduce installation time for new fiber optic connections by accelerating several steps in the supply chain with artificial intelligence solutions.
Bell Business Markets (Bell Canada), Loblaws Group of Companies Inc., Ausenco Engineering Canada Inc., Inmind Technologies, Maxa AI Inc. $0.62 $2.39 2021-02-18 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster AI-powered Pricing
Project partners will be working together to optimize pricing based on consumer demand and behaviour. The solution will also integrate the responses of competitors and market conditions.
Couche-Tard Inc., Third Bridge, Ivado Labs $0.91 $5.68 2021-02-18 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Optimization of transportation assets (ARES)
This project aims to develop a decision support system based on artificial Intelligence for the optimization of transport assets including a fleet of trucks, drivers, chassis and rails. Road transportation planning will allow Ray-Mont and its partners to reduce expenses, eliminate bottlenecks, reduce empty runs and improve asset utilization. In terms of rail transportation, the project is expected to minimize switch changes, car movements and operational delays related to rail management at Ray-Mont terminals and at its railway partners.
Ray-Mont Logistics International, Argus Transport $0.46 $1.83 2021-02-18 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Improving the Supply Chain for Truck Maintenance
This project aims to design a suite of algorithms that can predict what would otherwise be unexpected truck breakdowns and their root causes. These algorithms will make use of data generated during normal truck operations, particularly related to the engine, brake and tire subsystems.
Trimac Transportations, Preteckt, McGill University, Bridgestone $1.43 $5.03 2021-02-18 Cornwall, ON
Scale AI Cluster Demand Forecasts for Spare Parts
This project will see project partners use AI models to better predict the demand for spare parts for aircraft maintenance. This will reduce the risk of supply shocks and will benefit suppliers and customers alike all along the supply chain.
Bombardier, Traxall $0.65 $1.70 2021-02-18 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Ecofuel Accelerator
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada. The Cluster is investing in Ecofuel, an accelerator that provides services and support to startups specializing in clean technology, and the selection process for start-up participants is underway.
Ecofuel Up to $0.20 Up to $0.96 2020-11-10 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Amplify AI BC
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada. The Cluster is investing in Alacrity Canada, a not-for-profit accelerator that will be providing services and support to AI-focused firms based in B.C. Alacrity Canada aims to help build inbound investment and revenue both domestically and globally for AI driven companies. Their goal is to launch the first commercialization, marketing, and sales acceleration program for AI supply chain companies in Canada.
Alacrity Canada Up to $0.20 Up to $0.57 2020-11-10 Victoria, BC
Scale AI Cluster Centech Acceleration
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada. The Cluster is investing in Centech, a business incubator based in Montreal that offers support programs for start-ups. The Centech Acceleration program is an intensive and structured 12-week program dedicated to technology ventures.
Centech Up to $0.35 Up to $1.19 2020-11-10 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Corporate Innovation Program for AI Supply Chain Startups
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada. Through this project, the Cluster is investing in BCF Ventures to accelerate collaboration between AI-based Supply Chain start-ups and provide entrepreneur-centric advice that responds to the challenges of business development with corporations, legal due diligence, scalability and funding.
BCF Ventures Up to $0.20 Up to $0.20 2020-11-10 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Creative Destruction Lab — Montreal
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada. The Cluster is investing in Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) to support ventures applying AI along the supply chain, such as operational planning, sourcing, distribution, delivery and services across diverse industries from retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics.
HEC Montréal — Executive Education, Creative Destruction Lab Up to $0.23 Up to $2.10 2020-11-10 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Datapreneur
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada. The Cluster is investing in the Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Montreal (CEuMontreal) to provide support and services to future entrepreneurs in AI and data science with the goal of transforming their ideas into concrete projects.
Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Montreal (CEuMontreal) Up to $0.05 Up to $0.24 2020-11-10 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Founder Institute Supply Chain & Mobility Fellowship
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada. The Cluster is investing in the accelerator at BCF Ventures, a Canadian-based Corporate Venture Capital firm based in Montreal. BCF Ventures will partner with the Founder Institute (based in Silicon Valley with chapters across the globe) to launch the stage accelerator program that provides the structure, mentor support, and global network of entrepreneurs needed to start an enduring company.
BCF Ventures, Founder Institute Up to $0.06 Up to $ 0.06 2020-11-10 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Holt Accelerator
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada. The Cluster is investing in Holt Accelerator, a seed fintech investor based in Montreal. Holt tracks early stage fintechs globally and solicits the best ones and matches them with their Advisor network.
Holt Accelerator Up to $ 0.04 Up to $0.74 2020-11-10 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster HubIA Inspire
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada. The Cluster is investing in Centech, a business incubator based in Montreal that offers services and support programs for start-ups. The program aims to accelerate AI adoption for SMEs and ensure that they are ready for AI implementation with pre-approvals from financial partners.
Centech Up to $0.10 Up to $0.38 2020-11-10 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster HyperScale AI
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada. The Cluster is investing in BC Tech Association, based in Vancouver, to provide services and support required to accelerate the creation of globally competitive Canadian supply chain AI companies.
BC Tech Association Up to $0.35 Up to $0.35 2020-11-10 Vancouver, BC
Scale AI Cluster L-Spark Accelerator
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada. The Cluster is investing in L-Spark Corp, an accelerator based in Ottawa. L-Spark offers services and support to startups in: Deep Technology, Startups focused on enterprise solutions with a heavy AI component, and startups focused helping SMEs use AI to automate customer attraction, retention and yield.
L-Spark Corp Up to $0.50 Up to $0.69 2020-11-10 Ottawa, ON
Scale AI Cluster MaRS Supply Chain AI Project
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada. The Cluster is investing in MaRS Discovery District, based in Toronto, to provide services and support to build Canada's next generation of high-growth supply chain AI companies.
MaRS Discovery District Up to $0.50 Up to $0.50 2020-11-10 Toronto, ON
Scale AI Cluster Next AI — Montreal
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada. The Cluster is investing in Next AI — Montréal, an accelerator and founder development program for artificial intelligence-based ventures, delivered in Montreal. In partnership with HEC Montreal, Next AI — Montreal will identify early stage ideas and teams and provide them with the capital, mentorship, education and network to disrupt industries.
HEC Montréal — École des dirigeants, Next Canada Up to $0.40 Up to $2.37 2020-11-10 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Next AI — Toronto
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada. Scale AI is funding Next AI — Toronto, a global innovation hub for AI related venture creation and technology commercialization. Next AI identifies talented individuals and teams with ambitious ideas and provides them with the tools they need to compete.
Next Canada Up to $0.35 Up to $1.65 2020-11-10 Toronto, ON
Scale AI Cluster Propel Virtual Accelerator
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada. The Cluster is investing in Propel ICT Inc., Atlantic Canada's virtual accelerator for start-ups in the information and communications technology space. Propel ICT Inc. works directly with emerging businesses during the first 6 months to help with the development of their ventures.
Propel ICT Inc. Up to $0.11 Up to $1.63 2020-11-10 Saint John, NB
Scale AI Cluster Propulsion Scale AI
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada. The Cluster is investing in Le CAMP, based in Quebec City, to offer services and support for startups using technology to solve supply chain issues.
Le CAMP Up to $0.18 Up to $0.38 2020-11-10 Quebec, QC
Scale AI Cluster FounderFuel
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada. The Cluster is investing in FounderFuel, a mentor-driven accelerator, focusing on leadership development and growth to help early-stage startups make meaningful progress on the venture path during a 4-month intensive program.
Real Ventures (Founder Fuel) Up to $0.11 Up to $0.48 2020-11-10 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Scale AI Québec
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada. The Cluster is investing in Centre d'entreprises et d'innovation de Montreal (CEIM). CEIM provides services and support to Quebec startups at the pre-commercialization or commercial stage who are developing innovative products and services with AI that have supply chain applications.
Centre d'entreprises et d'innovation de Montréal (CEIM) Up to $0.18 Up to $0.58 2020-11-10 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Supply Chain AI West
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada. The Cluster is investing in the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII) based in Edmonton. The AMII will empower startups and early-stage founders to incorporate AI and machine learning toward creating AI-powered supply chains through access to training and advertisement services.
Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII) Up to $0.50 Up to $0.77 2020-11-10 Edmonton, AB
Scale AI Cluster TechStars Montréal Ai
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada. The Cluster is investing in Techstars Montréal, a Montreal-based accelerator that will provide services and support to selected AI startups.
TechStars Montreal Up to $0.07 Up to $0.67 2020-11-10 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Velocity
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada.The Cluster is investing in Velocity, the signature entrepreneurship program at the University of Waterloo. Velocity's incubator program is for early-stage, pre-seed tech startups.
Velocity Incubator Up to $0.50 Up to $0.50 2020-11-10 Kitchener, ON
Scale AI Cluster Volta AI
Scale AI's Acceleration program provides funding to accelerators and incubators to support the growth of AI startups and SMEs across Canada. The Cluster is investing in the innovation hub Volta, based in Halifax. Volta will launch a program where eligible AI supply chain focused ventures are given additional access to programming and funding opportunities facilitated and administered by Volta.
Volta Up to $0.18 Up to $0.18 2020-11-10 Halifax, NS
Scale AI Cluster Improve demand forecast accuracy
This project will develop an AI tool to improve demand forecast accuracy, and by extension a large set of supply chain aspects affected by demand forecast accuracy (i.e. fulfillment, inventory, assortment, planograms), in order to optimally manage store supply and ensure the best possible shopping experience for consumers.
Loblaw Companies Limited, Plotly, Government of Quebec $0.65 $1.65 2020-09-21 Brampton, ON
Scale AI Cluster Smart supply chain for the minerals and metals sector
The project will enable a highly advanced AI algorithm to ensure full traceability of the supply chain for minerals and metals, from extraction to the end of the product life cycle. The traceability system makes it possible to guarantee the North American origin of the materials, which will reduce the processing time for exports at the border. From an environmental perspective, analyzing the data will facilitate the implementation of initiatives to reduce greenhouse gases and ensure that industry complies with the OECD guidelines on responsible sourcing.
Optel Group, Aluminium Association of Canada, Université Laval, Laserax, Lithion Recycling, SmartyfAI, Government of Quebec $1.24 $16.56 2020-07-21 Quebec, QC
Scale AI Cluster Port Logistics Optimization Tool
Project partners will work together to develop a data-driven approach to port logistics that will provide upstream visibility on the rail and marine supply chain to support decision-making at the tactical level through AI. The movement of containers through the Port of Montreal's infrastructure is driven by complex information in the possession of numerous stakeholders. A better synchronization of all the elements of the supply chains is expected to bring substantial benefits to the entire gateway ecosystem.
Montreal Port Authority, Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership, Canscan, EI Systems, Termont, Government of Quebec $0.66 $2.68 2020-07-21 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Demand forecasting and real time monitoring in retail businesses
This project will advance an industry-specific inventory and supply chain planning solution for retailers in the apparel, footwear and accessories space that ensures improved predictability of product demand and control of production. The goal of this solution is to reduce production waste and environmental impacts, while maximizing financial gains.
FIND A.I, Pr Chi-Guhn Lee, Pacific West Commercial Corporation, Boathouse Apparel, Cook Culture Ltd, Bella Group, Plenty Apparel, Purdy's, Northern Reflection $1.08 $4.46 2020-07-21 Vancouver, BC
Scale AI Cluster An AI-based prediction platform for driving supply chain efficiencies
This project will result in a robust and scalable big data analytics solution to better manage the maintenance of commercial vehicle fleets with predictive analytics around components. Equipment downtime is a leading cause of supply chain and logistical inefficiencies. This technology will be able to provide advanced brake and tire prognostics to fleet owners and managers to significantly reduce downtime and, consequently, lower the cost of ownership of their mobile assets.
Fleet Complete, Pitstop, Sensata, NPL Canada, Superior Propane $0.88 $3.51 2020-07-21 Toronto, ON
Scale AI Cluster Intelligent forecasting for a more reliable supply chain
This project will offer a new way for the pharmaceutical industry to improve pharmacy inventory management, reduce shortages and increase revenue through an innovative cloud-based platform for the drug distribution chain.
Distribution Pharmaplus, Groupe Horizon Santé, Pharmacie SM, CS et AP Inc, Sodan Conseillers TI, Thales Digital Solutions, Government of Quebec $0.41 $1.55 2020-07-21 Quebec, QC
Scale AI Cluster AI Solutions for a Home Care Staffing Crisis
This project will see partners use an AI-informed software platform to give home healthcare agencies better planning and management tools to optimize and prepare the home care workforce to meet the growing demands of our aging population. By creating efficiencies in scheduling, time reporting, clinical documentation and patient monitoring, this innovative software will enable home care providers to deliver best-in-class services aimed at improving patient outcomes in Canada.
AlayaCare, CBI, IntegraCare, Polytechnique Montréal, Bien chez soi, Clinique GO, CIUSSS, Government of Quebec $0.61 $1.84 2020-01-14 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Augmented Reality: A New Approach to Aerospace Defect Detection
This project will tackle a key supply chain issue of the aerospace industry: better and faster detection of defects to significantly speed up production pace. It uses augmented reality, combined with AI-powered computer vision to optimize the identification and repair of defective equipment, which in turn will lead to increased production.
Ova, Bombardier, Marine Royale Canadienne, Centre en imagerie numérique et médias interactifs (CiMMi), Government of Quebec $0.31 $0.77 2020-01-14 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Adaptive AI Powering the Oil & Gas Supply Chain
Project partners will use simulation tools to create virtual reality replications of field operations to provide energy producers with a better understanding of the drivers and bottlenecks that affect the flow of assets through the oil and gas supply chain. This will allow producers to take appropriate actions before the revenue opportunity is lost or gained.
Stream Systems, IBM, Paramount Resources, NAL Resources, Trans Mountain, Drift Technological Solutions, Egistix Corporation, Government of Quebec $1.79 $5.90 2020-01-14 Calgary, AB
Scale AI Cluster Breakthrough AI and Machine Learning Models for Canadian Supply Chains
Project partners will use a breakthrough AI and machine learning software to facilitate easier access and engagement with complex data collected to bring integrated solutions to supply chain issues. This software will be used to develop interactive data-driven web applications that decision-makers can easily access and analyze in order to draw actionable takeaways for their respective supply chains.
Plotly, Hydro-Québec, S&P Canada, Musashi Canada, Dex Clothing, Enhance Energy, RenoRun, BuildDirect, Xtract AI, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII), Government of Quebec $1.42 $5.66 2020-01-14 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Taking Flight: Optimization in the Airline Industry
This project will apply machine learning and optimization to the value chain in order to predict passenger no-shows, revenue, and competitor behavior, in turn leading to an enriched information feed and a better prediction of consumer demand.
Air Canada, Plotly, Government of Quebec $5.99 $16.80 2020-01-14 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster AI for the Air Cargo Industry
This project will adopt AI-powered solutions in order to enhance airline cargo operations and performance by optimizing asset utilization, forecasting shipments, and identifying errors.
Air Canada, OEC Group, Edgenda, Government of Quebec $3.53 $14.29 2020-01-14 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Intelligent Platform for Automated Construction of Optimal and Localized Price and Promotion Plans
This project will use AI-driven workflow engines to automate promotional planning and demand forecasting capabilities for retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. This new technology will generate an entire promotional calendar, given the objectives, constraints, local consumer conditions and business rules on behalf of corporate planning teams in order to maximize profitability.
Kinaxis, Rexall, Google, University of Guelph $1.00 $2.81 2020-01-14 Toronto, ON
Scale AI Cluster New Intelligent planning tool for Shipyards
This project brings together specialists in technology and design, in addition to university researchers, to develop an innovative optimization solution for the planning of naval in-service support. Partners will be developing a new intelligent planning tool to help shipyards manage complex sets of constraints and adapt to unplanned events.
Thales, Sodan, SimWell Consulting & Technologies, Genoa Design International, Polytechnique Montréal, Université de Laval, Dalhousie University, Seaspan Victoria Shipyards, Government of Quebec $0.89 $2.43 2020-01-14 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Retail Supply Chain Platform
This project will have partners working together to create an AI-powered retail supply chain platform that will help Canadian export innovation. This platform will connect people, physical and virtual spaces, and data -enabling retailers to better predict customer demand, optimize inventory and deliver products faster.
Ravel by Cadillac Fairview, Coveo, Fintech Growth Syndicate, Adeptmind, Mackage, AlDO Group, Softmoc, Government of Quebec $4.61 $12.99 2020-01-14 Toronto, ON
Scale AI Cluster Cognitive Supply Chain in Aerospace
Project partners will work together to optimize the aerospace supply chain and manufacturing processes, further develop capabilities to reduce production cycle times and improve product time to market.
CAE, GFI, Groupesag Laser/Jet d'eau, BMP Metals Inc, Avanade, Lixar, Createch, Government of Quebec $2.24 $10.78 2020-01-14 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster AI for customized packaging
This project will see project partners leverage production and demand data for an AI platform that will allow for better supply chain planning and delivery. This AI-enhanced platform will also benefit other consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands and suppliers by accelerating growth in this space.
Nulogy Corporation, Mars Canada, Shenker Canada, Menasha, Lake City Foods, Linsey Foods, Alliance $0.61 $1.74 2019-06-27 Toronto, ON
Scale AI Cluster Farm to Market
This collaborative project will establish an innovative online platform that will significantly reduce distribution costs and enable access to new markets. The AI algorithms created will identify co-loads in advance, giving farmers an entirely new logistics model where ship dates are projected and synchronized months into the future.
Local Line, Flanagan Foodservice, Ontario Fresh, Ontario Farmers Collective $0.20 $0.50 2019-06-27 Kitchener, ON
Scale AI Cluster Reducing installation and repair times for telecommunication customers
Project partners will employ AI models to assign technicians; optimizing field installation and repair processes. This will reduce the number and average time of visits, and ultimately improve the Canadian consumer experience.
Bell Canada, Exfo, VuPoint Systems, Government of Quebec $0.19 $0.48 2019-06-27 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Cluster Increasing Efficiencies in the Multimodal Transport Industry
Project partners will develop a solution for better planning of container movement, maximization of space and crane scheduling. This AI solution will manage uncertainties and variability to ultimately increase efficiency of Canadian exports and the attractiveness of Canadian products.
Ray-Mont Logistics, SimWell Consulting & Technologies, Government of Quebec $1.26 $3.16 2019-06-27 Montreal, QC

This list is current as of September 30, 2022.

Note: This list includes those projects that have been announced and launched, and totals will differ from the data on the home page, which references all approved projects, including those that have not yet launched.