Global Innovation Clusters

Canadian partnerships. Worldwide impacts.

When companies of all sizes, academic institutions and not-for-profits come together, they generate bold new ideas. Ideas that wouldn't have otherwise come to light. Our investment in Canada's five Global Innovation Clusters are helping build first-rate innovation ecosystems with a competitive edge. And a whole world of possibilities.

As part of Budget 2022, $750 million over five years was earmarked for Canada's Global Innovation Clusters. To date, the Government of Canada has invested nearly $2 billion in the Global Innovation Clusters to continue to strengthen their ecosystems and position Canada for global markets.

With this funding, Canada's five Global Innovation Clusters will continue to grow their innovation ecosystems, promote investment in innovation and commercialization, expand their national and global presence, collaborate to deepen their impact, act as a catalyst for skills and talent development, and continue to support the growth and scale-up of Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises.

To learn more about how the clusters are delivering, and what they are doing for Canada, please explore our website.

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Meet the Global Innovation Clusters

Canada's five clusters are accepting members from industry, academia, Indigenous groups and non-profit organizations. It's a great opportunity to collaborate on shared projects, solve common challenges and build a better Canada.

Each cluster has its own application process. Some have associated fees or different membership levels, including free options.

Find out more about how to apply to each cluster:


A world of possibilities

Clusters by the numbers

Announced projects

Project partnerships
More than 50% are SMEsFootnote *

Co-invested with industry
$956M+ in program funds

Members across Canada

New IP rights generatedFootnote **

Last updated on March 31, 2024

Read more about the Global Innovation Clusters objectives.

Supporting Canadian IP

The government supports the strategic use of intellectual property (IP) to help businesses grow. As companies come together to work on projects through the clusters, they can generate IP assets, such as inventions, technologies, software, proprietary information, brands, etc., all of which can be protected with certain IP rights. Learn more about how the clusters are taking a part with in-house IP creation and retention.

Economic benefits

Investment in the clusters are having numerous benefits to Canada's economy. Read more about the work that has been done from developing these ecosystems.

Job creation

Canada's Global Innovation Clusters have been delivering results, creating a strong national brand with more than 500 projects and thousands of jobs across industries created. A recent EY report confirmed that the program's impact is well underway with 23,900 full-time employment jobs expected to be created or sustained from its initial funding period of 2018 to 2023.

Accelerating AI

The Government of Canada is investing in efforts to drive responsible adoption of AI across Canada’s economy and society. In 2022, Canada’s Global Innovation Clusters were allocated $125M from the second phase of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy to accelerate the commercialization and adoption of AI technologies. This ensures that Canadian ideas and knowledge are mobilized and commercialized domestically.

Announced projects

Co-invested with industry

in funding from the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy

Project partnerships

Last updated on March 31, 2024

Read more about the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy.


Clusters in action

Success stories

Learn more about the projects and impacts of the Global Innovation Clusters.

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