Canada's Ocean Cluster

The Ocean Cluster, Canada's Ocean Supercluster, is tapping the combined strengths of the industries operating in Canada's oceans, fisheries, aquaculture, bioresources, defence, marine renewables and offshore resources, shipping, and ocean technology. The Ocean Cluster is bringing its members and partners together to accelerate the development and commercialization of globally-relevant ocean solutions and advancing Canada's position as a global leader in ocean development. Building on its momentum, the Ocean Cluster will continue bringing together companies of all sizes, academia, investors, regional innovation hubs, and governments to work together to grow our nation's ocean economy to $220 billion by 2035, which is 5X the growth potential in ocean in Canada.

Total funding: up to $278M

Technology focus: Digital sensors and monitoring, autonomous marine vehicles, energy generation, automation, marine biotechnology and marine engineering technologies

Ecosystem benefits: The Ocean Cluster plays a significant role in supporting the development of a healthy innovation ecosystem. They are nurturing and developing membership networks that span the country and connect Canada's three oceans, networking and capacity building activities, as well as unique collaborative initiatives. For example:

  • Building on Canada's reputation as a leader in blue innovation, the Ocean Cluster is helping to create a strong international ocean brand. The Cluster is reaching new audiences across Canada and internationally – establishing and delivering on strategic partnerships, raising global awareness of the collaborative and innovative projects that are solving some of the worlds biggest challenges in the ocean economy and expanding opportunities for Canadian companies in global markets.
  • The Ocean Cluster is driving change in the ocean ecosystem, through their Two-Eyed Seeing Initiative, shifting towards extensive and meaningful engagement of Indigenous communities and affording Indigenous peoples opportunities in Canada's Ocean Sector.

Program Streams:

  • Scaled Ocean Energy – Greening Canada's economy by accelerating Canada's renewable ocean energy industries.
  • Sustainable Seafood – Increasing the provision and security of sustainable food from ocean-based sources.
  • Future of Ocean Transportation – Driving marine decarbonization by transforming vessel efficiency, autonomy, and powering.
  • Ocean Climate Solutions – Accelerating the delivery of innovations that mitigate climate change.
  • AI Ocean Program – Encouraging new investment into ocean AI solutions and accelerating the adoption of AI by Canadian ocean companies.
  • Ecosystem development – Supporting the scale-up of companies and commercialization of innovative products, building a larger and more diverse ocean workforce, connecting ocean communities, and creating international relationships and investment opportunities.

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