Global Innovation Clusters: Impacting the lives of Canadians

Multimedia resources showcasing how the clusters are collaborating with partners to solve common challenges, deliver results, and build a better Canada.


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Global Innovation Clusters: Canadian partnerships. Worldwide impacts.]

[Five independent, non-profit organizations supporting Canadian innovation to solve some of the world's biggest challenges. Here's how:

Digital Supercluster: Developing new technologies to support human and environmental health.

Protein Industries Canada: Developing new plant-based proteins.

NGen: Developing clean technology for zero-emission vehicles of the future.

Scale AI: Using artificial intelligence to boost supply chain efficiencies.

Canada's Ocean Supercluster: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in marine transportation.]

[Through collaboration the clusters are: Building sustainable ecosystems. Encouraging collaboration in Canada's most promising industries. Attracting talent, research and capital. Scaling up Canadian SMEs.]

[Since 2018: 500+ approved projects. 2465+ project partners. $2.37b+ co-invested with industry. 8000+ members across Canada. 855+ new IP assets granted. 2022 Data]

[Canada's Global Innovation Clusters are making an impact on the ecosystems Canadians are in touch with daily.]

[Moving forward, the Global Innovation Clusters program will continue to support national priorities while increasing global presence, contributing to the green economy and supply chain resiliency.]

[Learn more about the impact of Canada's Global Innovation Clusters:]

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