Canada's Protein Industries Cluster

Based in the Prairie Provinces, the Protein Industries Cluster is increasing the value of key Canadian crops — such as canola, wheat and pulses — and serving growing markets in North America, Asia and Europe for plant-based meat alternatives and new food products. Through plant genomics that improve nutrition, novel processing technology and digital solutions from farm to fork, this cluster is helping Canada capture premium markets for its agribusiness and feed the world.

Total funding: up to $323M

Technology focus: Agri-food enabling technologies, including genomics, processing, and information technology (IT)


Expected economic impact

Expected economic impact
GDP impact over 10 years (in billions) Job creation over 10 years
More than $4.5 billion More than 4,500 jobs

Program Streams:

  • Create – focuses on improving seed protein quality and yield to manufacture products and co-products.
  • Grow – uses smart and sustainable production methods to increase farm productivity and improve integration within the supply chain.
  • Make – advances novel process technology and product development for further processing of crops.
  • Sell – focuses on developing and serving new markets.

Canada's cluster projects

Read the Protein Industries 2020-2021 annual report

Contact information

Website: Protein Industries Canada