Clusters – Taking Canada further, faster


[Music starts]

[Clip of an aerial view of a large Canadian city on the water]

[Text on screen: Imagine a Canada…]

[Clip of a drone flying over a field]

[Text on screen: Where we can feed the world sustainably through plant-based alternatives made from our crops and our innovations. Protein Industries Supercluster]

[Clips of an underwater research device on a boat]

[Text on screen: Where we better understand what is happening in our oceans, including tracking the movement and health of fish.
Ocean Supercluster]

[Clips of pharmacists, automated medicine dispensing, and packaging]

[Text on screen: And use artificial intelligence to improve the distribution chain, so pharmacies can manage inventory and avoid shortages.
Scale AI Supercluster]

[Clip of scientists working in a lab]

[Text on screen: Where we fight diseases like cancer and leukemia, using Canadian-made gene-therapy and editing tools.
Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster]

[Clip of human figures with connecting network lines between them]

[Text on screen: And forecast future pandemics to quickly adapt our response.
Digital Technologies Supercluster]

[Clip of a communications tower with clouds moving in the background]

[Text on screen: Superclusters connect innovators, investors, Canadian companies and researchers. 
By working together, these groups help take Canada further, faster, by speeding up growth in key industries.]

[Clips of a cargo ship moving under a busy bridge]

[Text on screen: With better access to technology, new markets, global supply chains and groundbreaking innovations, Superclusters are supercharging ecosystems across Canada today…]

[Clip of a young girl controlling a robotic arm with a tablet]

[Text on screen: and for a better tomorrow.]

[Clip of a woman in a lab coat controlling a robotic hand]

[Text on screen: This is just the beginning]

[Fade to grey]

[Text on screen: Learn more today about the benefits of Superclusters and how you can become a member.]

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[Canada wordmark]
[Music ends]