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Related Sites

  • Economic Strategy Tables
    The Economic Strategy Tables are a new model for industry-government collaboration, focused on turning Canadian economic strengths into global advantages.
  • Industrial and Technological Benefits
    This website details how the ITB policy including Value Proposition work and how Canadian companies can get involved.
  • Investment Canada Act
    The purposes of the Investment Canada Act are "to provide for the review of significant investments in Canada by non-Canadians in a manner that encourages investment, economic growth and employment opportunities in Canada and to provide for the review of investments in Canada by non-Canadians that could be injurious to national security."
  • Canadian Industry Statistics (CIS)
    Presents and analyzes industry data on a number of economic indicators using the latest annual data sources from Statistics Canada.
  • Financial Performance Data
    Offers industry-specific income statement and balance sheet data for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Company directories
    A list of various directories of Canadian firms can be found on this site.