About Industrial Technologies Office ( ITO)


The Industrial Technologies Office (ITO), a Special Operating Agency of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, advances leading edge research and development (R&D) by Canadian industries. The agency manages two programs which continue to accept new applications: the Technology Demonstration Program (TDP) and the Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative (SADI). ITO also manages programs no-longer accepting new applications: the Technology Partnerships Canada (TPC) program, the Program for Strategic Industrial Projects (PSIP) , and the Hydrogen Early Adopters (h2EA) program.


Our mission is to accelerate innovation by Canadian industries through support for R&D that results in social and economic benefits for Canadians.


Our vision is to be a first-class organization recognized for excellence in program delivery.

Our Values:

ITO manages its portfolio in accordance with the following organizational values:

  • Innovation:
    At the heart of a knowledge-based economy, innovation is vital to the success of all industries, and is vigorously promoted.
  • Accountability:
    We undertake rigorous due diligence on all R&D project applications and actively monitor all projects in our portfolio to ensure that program objectives are met. ITO operations are build on the principle of accountability as outlined in the Federal Accountability Act. Through the Federal Accountability Act and Action Plan, the Government of Canada has brought forward specific measures to strengthen accountability and oversight in government operations. Learn more about the Federal Accountability Act.
  • Transparency:
    Program objectives, application/review processes, assessment criteria, project/program performance as well as results of audits and evaluations are publicly available on our website. Repayment information is also published on our website twice a year.
  • Timeliness:
    We are committed to managing programs efficiently by meeting service standards related to project approvals/amendments, claims processing and client inquiries.
  • Learning:
    We promote the professional development of our employees by giving them the opportunity to develop and apply skills to enhance their careers while empowering them to demonstrate innovation, initiative and creativity.