h2 Early Adopters Program

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Clean. Reliable. Renewable.
Hydrogen just makes sense.

Able to fuel our cars, heat our homes and provide alasting, renewable energy source today and tomorrow,hydrogen offers the potential of real, achievable qualityof life improvements for all Canadians.

It contains more energy than any other known energycarrier - three times that contained within an equalweight of gasoline.

It has the potential to be a clean and nearly limitless fuelsupply for the future.

Its use could help to reduce pollution, improve oureconomy and fuel our industries.

In its natural or gaseous state, hydrogen is colourless,odourless and non-toxic - unlike many of the fuel sourcesin use today. Also, hydrogen is so light that it floats anddisperses immediately, making its use as safe as any otherenergy source currently in use.

Hydrogen fuel technologies offer unlimited potential:promising cleaner air, better health and the knowledgethat our natural resources, and our planet, will beprotected for years to come.

Canadian companies are harnessing this potential todevelop innovative, real-world energy solutions.

These are real and achievable goals for the hydrogenindustry, and for Canada.

How does a fuel cell work?

Fuel cells, the hydrogen version of a battery, combinehydrogen with oxygen to produce combustion freeelectricity.

H2 + O2 = Energy,Water and Heat

Unlike a conventional battery,which only stores energy, afuel cell is capable of producing it - as long as oxygen andhydrogen are supplied.

When combined with solar, wind or hydroelectric powergeneration, hydrogen fuel cells are able to provide a cleanand sustainable power supply.

Although still at the pre-commercialization stage, fuel cellsare being tested for use across industry and throughoutour daily lives: with early adoption demonstrations of masstransit, utility vehicles, power generation and domesticelectrical supply applications currently under way.

In the years to come, fuel cells will:

  • provide back-up power supply for industry;
  • heat homes and buildings;
  • fuel cars, buses and other vehicles;
  • eventually be used anywhere electrical power is required.

Hydrogen Early Adopters (h2EA) program

The Government of Canada's plan for a hydrogen economyis a vision of the future in which energy needs are metthrough the use of renewable resources.

To make this a reality demands strong, committed leadershipand a partnership with industry and indeed all Canadians.

The TPC h2EA program invests in showcasing Canadianindustry using and applying hydrogen technologies,encouraging industry leaders and competitors to worktogether to invent and innovate.

The program encourages the awareness and acceptance ofthese groundbreaking technologies through their installationand demonstration in transportation, residential andcommercial power generation applications. Concepts suchas "hydrogen highways" and "hydrogen villages" are beingrealized, bringing these technologies together and providinga testing ground and establishing codes and standardsto allow this innovative and promising industry to growand advance.

Through the funding of real-world applications for hydrogentechnologies, the TPC h2EA program demonstrates toCanadians that our hydrogen industry is at the forefrontof innovation:working hard to ensure a clean andsustainable future.

The program is a symbol of Canadian knowledge andrecognized leadership in this rapidly advancing field.

It is an affirmation of the Government of Canada'scommitment to our economy, and our future.

Want to learn more?

A number of companies and organizations are currentlyinvolved in the development and installation of hydrogenand hydrogen compatible technologies across Canada.

In addition, the Government of Canada is committed tofurthering research and development into these technologieswith the vision of developing a strong, and world-leadinghydrogen economy in Canada.

For more information, please visit theTPC h2EA Web site at:


or call: