Prince Edward Island Wind

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The Government of Canada, through the Technology PartnershipsCanada (TPC) Hydrogen Early Adopters (h2EA) program, is contributing$5.1 million in the multi-year Prince Edward Island Wind-Hydrogen VillageProject. With the support of this contribution, Hydrogenics Corporation andthe Prince Edward Island Energy Corporation will proceed with the$10.3-million project, which is designed to provide energy solutions andeconomic growth opportunities for local communities.

The project will use wind energy as the primary energy source and producehydrogen to provide backup and primary electricity for industrial, farm andhousehold applications, as well as for fuel for a mix of transportation andother requirements. Using an integrated hydrogen power generation system, theproject will provide real-life demonstration opportunities, permitting theevaluation and refinement of cost-effective hydrogen solutions.

The Government of Prince Edward Island is committed to taking action toreduce its dependence on imported energy supplies derived from fossil fuels.With the highest electricity rates of any province, Prince Edward Island wantsto increase its reliance on renewable energy, such as wind, wind/hydrogen andvarious forms of biofuels. It now draws 4 percent of its electricity fromthe North Cape Wind Farm and 1 percent from the V-90. In addition, PrinceEdward Island has legislated that utilities obtain at least 15 percent oftheir electrical energy from renewable resources by 2010.

The Government of Canada is committed to the vision of a hydrogen economy,and to ensuring that all departments and levels of government work together tomake projects like this a reality. A strong supporter of sustainable energysolutions, the Province of Prince Edward Island will be providing$2.9 million to this project. In addition, Natural Resources Canada iscontributing $115 000, through the Canadian Transportation and Fuel CellAlliance, toward an engineering study that is underway for the hydrogenfuelling stations component of this project.

The Technology Partnerships Canada h2EA program encourages Canadianindustries to take the lead in demonstrating existing technologies inreal-world applications, thus accelerating the market acceptance of hydrogenand hydrogen-compatible technologies with broad environmental, economic andsocial benefits for all Canadians.

Based in Toronto, Hydrogenics Corporation is a leading global developer ofclean energy solutions, and is advancing the hydrogen economy bycommercializing hydrogen and fuel cell products to meet the energy needs ofcustomers. The company employs 325 employees worldwide, with facilitiesin Mississauga, Vancouver and Belgium, as well as satellite operations inGermany, Japan and New York.

The Prince Edward Island Energy Corporation is a Crown corporation of theProvince of Prince Edward Island, established to develop and promote energysystems within Prince Edward Island in response to the province’sdependence on imported electricity, and thermal and transportation fossilfuels. The Atlantic Wind Test Site, one of the corporation’s currentareas of focus, was established at North Cape in 1980 as Canada’s onlynational wind energy laboratory, and has become the country’s premierresearch and development centre for wind energy.

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