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Since 2010, the Innovative Solutions Canada program has helped an incredible number of small and medium enterprises (SME), by getting their innovations to market and helping them grow and create high-value jobs. Here are some examples of Canadian Innovators and their products who benefitted from a little push from the program.


Unleashing innovation with Kraken Robotics

Kraken Robotics is a marine technology company specializing in advanced mine countermeasures and mine hunting solutions.

Making waves with Shearwater

Shearwater Research is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing high-tech scuba diving computers.

Operation virtual rescue with Virtual Marine

Virtual Marine is a maritime safety company specializing in the development of risk-free training simulators.

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Tali gives physicians more time with their patients 2023-10-20
Unleashing innovation with Kraken Robotics 2023-06-30
Making waves with Shearwater 2023-06-30
Operation virtual rescue with Virtual Marine 2023-06-30
Success without interference – E2IP 2023-06-19
Smiling through a pandemic – InnovaTools 2022-09-27
Revolutionizing the world of driving – CEMWorks 2022-09-27
COVID-19 : Let There be Light – Lind Equipment 2022-09-27

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