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Our two streams

Are you an innovator?

Through the Innovative Solutions Canada program, we're partnering with eligible Canadian small businesses and facilitating the early development, testing and validation of prototypes.

Get funds to solve challenges

We set it, you solve it. Compete for funding to prove the feasibility of your solution and build a prototype.

Learn more about the Challenge stream for innovators

Get funds to test your innovation

We buy it to test it. Apply for funding to test your innovation in real-life settings.

Learn more about the Testing stream for innovators


Are you working for government?

Develop innovative novel solutions, products, technologies or services by challenging small businesses, or test innovations in your own operational setting with the opportunity to buy the commercialized innovation.

Challenge innovators

You set it, they solve it. Set the parameters of your challenge. Outline your desired essential outcomes. Your organization funds the development of the innovation.

Learn more about the Challenge stream for government

Test innovations

Discover it and test it. Formerly the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP). Choose from Canada's top innovations not yet available on the market.

Learn more about the Testing stream for government

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