Testing Stream for government

Make next happen – Discover, test and buy Canada's top innovative solutions

Why test Canada's top innovative solutions?

  • Through calls for proposals, we attract the latest prototypes from across Canada
  • You get to test out innovations in your own operational settings
  • Our Pathway to commercialization allows you to potentially buy the commercialized innovation
  • Your input on the performance of the innovation helps Canadian companies refine their innovation before launching into the marketplace

Who can test innovations?

  • Government of Canada departments or agencies eligible for direct testing
  • Provincial, municipal, healthcare, Indigenous organizations, or academic institutions are eligible for third-party testing
    • Third-party testing responsibilities can include collaborating with a testing department, taking on an advisory role, or leading a test with support from a testing department

How to test an innovation

Step 1: Browse our lists divided by priority area to find an innovation you want to test. Use the filter function to search by themes or innovation status.

  • Available for testing: the innovation is currently unmatched and open for testing.
  • Matched: The innovation is tentatively developing a test plan with a testing department. However there is still an opportunity for additional sales, or if the innovation becomes available, we can contact you. You can signal your interest in the matched innovation in the form below.

Step 2: Complete the test an innovation form

Step 3: Review important information about your role as a tester

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