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Pathway to Commercialization / Innovative Solutions Canada

For innovators

The Pathway to Commercialization gives small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) the opportunity to sell their innovation directly to the Government of Canada.

Through the Pathway to commercialization under ISC's testing stream, eligible SMEs can receive commercial contracts based on the successful testing and market-readiness of their innovation It is important to note that this pathway will only be available to eligible Canadian SMEs, which represent over 97% of all businesses in Canada, a percentage that mirrors past participation in the program.

How will it work?

  • Once your initial ISC testing stream contract is completed, you may be eligible for the Pathway to Commercialization if your innovation is market-ready at technology readiness level (TRL) 9
  • You will have up to 12 months to be assessed against eligibility criteria to determine if you will be placed on a Pathway to Commercialization source list where government departments can browse and purchase your successfully-tested innovations for up to three years
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Step 1: The Innovator downloads the Pathway to Commercialization (PTC) application form from Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) website

Step 2: The Innovation Management Advisor (IMA) sends post-test report (PTR) to the Testing Department one week before contract ends

Step 3: The Testing Department completes PTR within 30 days received and returns to the IMA and the Innovator

Step 4: The Innovator submits completed PTC application form and PTR to Public Service and Procurement Canada (PSPC) inbox

Step 5: PSPC will initiate the evaluation process


  • Only available to eligible Canadian SMEs as per the small business set-aside
  • Innovators must apply within twelve (12) months of original testing stream contract completion
    • Resubmission on the basis of a failed application is not permitted
  • Qualified innovations will be available for up to a period of three years
  • Contracts under this procurement vehicle will each have a limit of up to $8M funded by the interested department and;
  • No limit on the number of contracts within qualified time period
  • Note long-term, in-service support contracts are not permitted and will be rejected

Important considerations

  • You must be selling the same innovation from your initial testing stream contract
  • Once an innovator applies and successfully enters the pathway, the innovator will no longer be eligible for additional sales testing contracts
  • The requirements for commercial contracts will reflect the operational needs of client departments
  • The contracting process will be managed by Public Services and Procurement Canada, the program's contracting authority

How will SMEs be assessed?

A number of criteria will be used as part of the assessment process, including:

  • Financial capacity
  • Technology readiness
  • Certifications
  • IP strategy
  • Company size
  • Scalability
  • Innovation test performance

Submission form

Ready to take your innovation to the next level? Fill out and send the completed submission form to

Pathway to Commercialization submission form (PDF)

Eligible innovations for purchase

Expiration date Company Name Innovation Description City/
Component Priority
2026-06-08 Datifex Inc. DigitalTwin 3D Software Platform The Datifex DigitalTWIN Platform gives users the power to collaborate in realistic immersive 3D web applications for any browser, OS and device. There is no need to download software. Users log in and interact with objects and data from any source and control external systems all from within a "single pane of glass". Datifex works with the customer to define and develop solutions. Tests have been done with Canada for command and control, situational awareness, and training with NRC Aerospace, CBSA border crossings, and RCN SeaREADY™ digital dockyard, vessel maintenance, duty watch and Fleet Management School equipment. Kanata, Ontario Military Digital Defence TS1
2026-04-11 Barnacle Systems Inc Rapidly Deployable Remote Monitoring System (BRNKL Rapid Deploy) The BRNKL Rapid Deploy is a self-powered remote monitoring system that provides real-time status and alerts to support monitoring use cases including abandoned boats, environmental monitoring, and disaster response. The system communicates over cellular and satellite networks and can provide early detection of floods and fires while detecting intruders or sudden impacts Victoria, BC Standard Clean Technology TS1
2026-03-31 Machine Trust Platform and AI Governance Services's AI Governance solutions enable ethical oversight of AI, allowing departments to leverage the benefits of AI tools while mitigating associated risk and building trust. The Machine Trust Platform (MTP) is cloud-based software that helps measure and manage artificial intelligence (AI) technology by incorporating global AI governance standards and comprehensive risk-mitigating metrics to ensure that departments are meeting governance and regulatory guidelines. Configurable for each application, the MTP measures include transparency and explainability, fairness and bias, accountability, privacy, performance and ethics. NuEnergy supports the deployment of MTP with services including AI Governance Education, AI and Advanced Tech Inventory, and Framework Development Ottawa, ON Standard Digital TS1
2026-03-23 Agilicus Inc. Agilicus AnyX – Zero Trust for Critical Infrastructure Agilicus is an innovative security platform that safeguards your critical infrastructure from cyber threats. With a foundation in Zero Trust, Agilicus provides seamless central management of users and the authorization to resources, with fine-grained controls and detailed audit. It provides secure remote access to any resource using any device without a VPN or client. Agilicus' novel Zero Trust platform is a more secure alternative to VPNs and empowers any organization to provide single sign-on with existing credentials for any employee, contractor, or partner who require secure remote access. Agilicus reduces risk, streamlines management, and lowers cost. Kitchener, ON Standard Digital TS1
2026-03-01 Zighra Inc. SilentEdge SilentEdge is a digital identity software solution that enables simple, secure passwordless access to both digital and physical systems, and features the world's first patented FIDO certified behavioural biometric technology. SilentEdge supports a true zero-trust journey in a wide array of use cases, replacing legacy approaches such as access cards, one-time passcodes, and traditional MFA. Harnessing the power of sensors and advanced machine learning at the network edge, SilentEdge provides continuous multi-factor authentication (CMFA) that tightly yet easily secures identity, credentials, and dynamic, fine-grained access management (ICAM). Ottawa, ON Standard Digital TS1
2026-01-30 OVA Gestion Conseil Inc. AuraX AuraX is part of OVA's Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality software suite that empowers those taking part in training activities, design reviews, remote collaboration, maintenance & engineering changes, and other digital twin operations. Creating immersive content is accessible to all given that use of OVA's tools require no programming expertise. This content can be experienced remotely by several people simultaneously across both desktop computer and extended-reality headsets. The software architecture will complement your existing toolset and the OVA team is eager to support you through the entire process. Quebec, QC Military Training and In-service support TS1
2026-05-26 Larus Technologies Corporation Total::Foresight Collaborative Analytics Solution Total::Foresight Collaborative Analytics Solution combines a decision support system and a systems simulation engine to provide the end user with an end-to-end solution that enhances situational awareness of air, land and maritime approaches. Total::Foresight offers an AI/ML-driven automated solution to improve situational assessment as well as planning, tasking and assignment of resources. Optimized response plans are generated and simulated within the solution and displayed for seamless ingestion by overloaded decision makers typically inundated with many tasks and a limited number of resources. Ottawa, ON Military Enhanced Warfighting TS3
2026-01-05 Niricson Software Inc. AUTOSPEX Niricson's AUTOSPEX is a condition assessment as a service for civil asset owners across Canada. The solution combines 1mm/pixel resolution imagery, thermal imagery, and proprietary Unmanned Aerial-Vehicle equipped acoustic data to map and quantify cracks, spalls, and delamination in concrete structures (i.e. bridges, runways, dams, locks, and other concrete structures). Compared to rope access inspection solutions, Niricson's solution is safer, is digitized, and enables asset owners to track deterioration in their assets over time. Vancouver, BC Standard Safety and Security TS1
2025-07-29 IMRSV Data Labs Inc. ANVIL Foundations The proposed solution is a workflow tool for intelligence analysts. It provides an open standard for the integration of best-in-breed machine learning models from any vendor to process and enrich unstructured data for analysts either as a standalone IPT or by augmenting an existing IPT. The innovation addresses challenges faced by the defence community with fully-networked command, communications and control for targeting regarding data interactivity, data ownership, and AI model ownership. Ottawa, ON Military Safety and Security TS1
2025-07-29 Kraken Robotics Inc. OceanVision OceanVision™ provides an end-to-end digitalization service, offering advanced sensors, robots and data analytics as a turnkey service for imaging and mapping of the seafloor as well as seabed assets and infrastructure. The high fidelity data collected by OceanVision™ is an absolute requirement for coherent input to machine learning algorithms. Kraken will build, own and operate the sensors and drones; will run the missions; and will analyze the data for their customers. Mount Pearl, NL Military Safety and Security TS1
2025-09-26 Spexi Geospatial Inc. Scalable RPAS Deployment & Training Spexi is an end-to-end drone photogrammetry platform that delivers accurate user-defined products on any scale. High-resolution imagery and geospatial products can be shared with a quality guarantee & cost-effective pricing. Training on drone operations & image capture while also offering a Canada-wide network of advanced pilots is included. Our expertise in standardizing customers' processes ensures usable, high accuracy, high compliance, analytics & data are captured and delivered efficiently. Delta, BC Standard Safety and Security TS1
2025-10-27 Trident Pump Inc. The Trident System At Trident Pump Inc. we have transformed large heavy diesel water pumping systems into lightweight, versatile, rapidly deployable high volume, high head pumping systems. Our pumps are designed handle water, salt water and fuel. They don't require 3rd party equipment such as pickers or hoes to lift. This is an All In One, community protection system with the Trident and hose deployer mounted on 6x6's, with 1.8KM of 4" layflat, 30,000 Lb trailer and all attachments! Athabasca, AB Standard Clean technology TS1
2025-12-15 Rockport Networks Inc. Rockport FOB The Rockport Networks technology is an alternative to Infiniband networking used in AI, high-performance computing (HPC) and virtualized computing clusters. Rockport replaces top of rack switches with a mesh-like topology which dramatically decreases complexity of installation and operation, decreases energy consumption, improves security and creates network redundancy. Rockport is built with industry standard software drivers and requires no changes to applications, libraries, or operating systems. The network can scale to over 1500 server-nodes. In the future Rockport will use the same fabric to support composable disaggregated infrastructure (CDI). Kanata, ON Military Fully Networked Command, Communications, and Control TS1

For government


All direct buy contracts will be issued in accordance with the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) Contracting Policy and the following framework:

  • Funding: Direct buy contracts will be funded by a Government of Canada Organization interested in purchasing an innovation from the source list
  • Maximum Contract dollar value: The Contract dollar value must not exceed the following limit (Applicable Taxes, shipping and Travel and Living expenses are extra, as applicable):
    • Standard Component and Military Component: $8 million
  • Eligible Innovations: Innovations eligible for the Pathway to Commercialization (PTC) must be the same or an improved version of the same Innovation as tested under the initial ISC Stream. Government of Canada organizations must attest that the requirement is for the same or an improved version of the same innovation and retain the attestation on file. The SC Division can assist in this assessment
  • Duration of direct buy contracts: The contract duration will be determined on a case by case basis depending on various circumstances, such as manufacturing lead times, applicable security requirements etc.
    • Canada reserves the right to reject long-term, in service support contracts within this framework.
  • Contracting authority: Public Services and Procurement Canada will be the contracting authority responsible for issuing and managing all contracts under the PTC.
  • Required documents: The interested Government of Canada Organization will be responsible for completing the following:

Government of Canada Organizations representatives must determine if there will be any applicable security requirements. The Security Requirement Checklist form is available on the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat website.

  • Terms and conditions: Direct buy contracts for Innovations will be aligned with government commodity-specific terms and conditions.
  • Price Assessment: Canada reserves the right to consult Cost Analysis experts to determine fair value to Canada and reasonable price in the negotiation of the Contract.
  • Advance Contract Award Notice (ACAN) OR Compete: Canada reserves the right to publish an ACAN for any direct buy contract. Canada may choose to conduct a competitive process for any requirement in the event Canada determines that the same or similar solution or innovation exists in the marketplace.

Process to initiate a direct buy contract

Interested Government of Canada Organizations must submit the required documents by email to the PSPC Central Allocation Unit: with the subject line "Research and Development Procurement Directorate (SC Division)".

Note that SC Division must receive all required documentation a minimum of 60 business days prior to the PTC eligibility expiry date in order to guarantee it being processed on time.