Measurement Canada compliance and enforcement – Frequently asked questions

What will happen if my scale, gas pump or other measuring device isn't measuring accurately?

Measurement Canada uses a graduated enforcement approach. If your device is found to be measuring inaccurately or installed or used incorrectly, Measurement Canada may:

  • issue a notice of non-compliance with a request to repair the device within 14 days
  • prevent your device from being used until it is repaired, when the error is significant and results in your customers not receiving what they paid for
  • issue an information letter or a warning letter
  • issue a notice of violation with a financial penalty

Even if your device is measuring accurately, Measurement Canada may also issue a notice of infraction if:

  • your measuring device has not been inspected according to mandatory recertification frequencies
  • you are not using your measuring device properly
  • you do not give a Measurement Canada inspector access to your device or reasonable assistance to inspect it

What types of measurement issues can result in my receiving a penalty from Measurement Canada?

  • Significant or repeated measurement errors against consumers
  • Improper device use
  • Devices being overdue for mandatory recertification or for repairs

These are just some of the issues that can result in a penalty. Penalties range from $250 to a maximum of $2,000 per violation.