Buying firewood

Buying firewood (infographic)
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Ordering bulk firewood

Ask for the:

  • quantity of firewood in legal units such as stacked cubic metres or a cord (128 stacked cubic feet)
  • firewood to be delivered stacked so you can measure it before it is unloaded

Firewood can be bought using the unit of measurement named "cord". It can also be bought in fractions of a cord (e.g. ½ of a cord, ⅓ of a cord or ¼ of a cord). The purchase of firewood in units identified as "face", "stove" or "apartment" cords is not recommended.

Receiving bulk firewood

Be present

Measure the stacked firewood to calculate the quantity

Ask for a receipt that shows the:

  • quantity and type of firewood
  • seller's name, address and phone number
  • price paid

If you received less firewood than you paid for, contact the seller before using any of it and try to resolve the issue. If you are unable to resolve the issue, you may file a complaint with Measurement Canada.

Buying prepackaged firewood

The quantity of prepackaged firewood on a label must be shown in cubic decimetres (dm3). In addition to the metric unit, the quantity may also be shown in cubic feet (ft3).

If you believe you have received less firewood than stated on the label, you may submit a complaint form to the Competition Bureau at

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