Selling firewood

Selling firewood (the long description is located below the image)
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Firewood is usually sold

  • in bulk
  • bagged, boxed or strapped (generally in stores or gas stations)

Selling bulk firewood

The legal units of measurement for selling bulk firewood in Canada are the:

  • stacked cubic metre (1 m3 = 35.3 ft3)
  • cubic foot
  • cord (equivalent to 128 ft3) or fractions of a cord

Measurement Canada recommends that the stacked cubic metre be used when selling firewood rather than the cord, as some sellers use illegal terms such as "face cord" or "stove cord" to refer to a quantity smaller than 128 ft3. These terms can lead to confusion about the quantity of firewood being sold.

Selling boxed, bagged or strapped firewood at the retail level

Measure the firewood accurately and include the following information on the box or bag:

  • name of product
  • name and address of responsible seller
  • quantity of firewood

If the firewood is strapped, include the information on a hang label and attach it to the straps.

For information regarding label requirements, please visit the Competition Bureau's website at

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