Units of measurement used to sell draft beer

Units of measurement used to sell draft beer (infographic)
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In Canada, businesses such as restaurants and bars can sell draft beer by:

    the pint (imperial)

    fluid ounce (fl oz)

    millilitre (mL)

They can't sell draft beer by:

    US pint

    US fluid ounce

    any other unit

When businesses advertise and sell a quantity of beer, they must serve the stated amount within the allowable limit of error.

In Canada, a pint is equal to 20 fl oz (568 mL).

The allowable limit of error for a pint is 0.5 fl oz (15 mL).

The foam (head) is not included in the measurement.

The term "pint" shouldn't be used to describe a glass or mug of beer, as this could lead to confusion.

Have a complaint?

If you think you didn't get what you paid for, try to resolve the matter by speaking with the business owner or manager. If you still have concerns, you can file a complaint with us.

Contact your provincial or territorial liquor board if you have a complaint about:

  • beer sold in serving sizes described as "small glass", "medium glass", "large glass", "full glass", etc.
  • a quantity of beer that is not included on a menu or price list

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