M-20—Replacement indicators ("loaner" and "spare")

Category: Mass
Bulletin: M-20 (rev. 2)
Issue Date: 2008-09-01
Effective Date: 2008-10-01
Supersedes: M-20 (rev. 1)

Table of contents

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this bulletin is to establish the policy regarding replacement electronic indicators typically referred to as "Loaners" and "Spares". These are generally placed into service when the scales original indicator has malfunctioned and is removed temporarily for repair.

2.0 Scope

This bulletin is applicable only to short term temporary loaner indicators and spare indicators, not to permanent replacement indicators.

3.0 Background

This bulletin was developed to allow service companies some latitude to place devices back into service quickly after a component failure. Prior to this, if an indicator malfunctioned, the trader would be forced to wait until a Measurement Canada inspector, or an Authorized Service Provider (ASP), was available to conduct an initial inspection on the new indicator, even though the service company may have been able to complete repairs much sooner.

4.0 Loaner indicators

A loaner indicator is a pre-inspected indicator owned by the scale service company and 'loaned' to the device owner as a temporary replacement unit. The loaner indicator is not intended to be a permanent replacement for the malfunctioning indicator.

4.1 Inspection and markings

The following conditions must be met to prepare an electronic indicator for use as a loaner indicator:

4.1.1 The indicator must be initially inspected by Measurement Canada or an Authorized Service Provider.

4.1.2 The indicator shall be marked with its capacity in terms of number of scale intervals (n) to which it has been inspected. n = Max / e.

4.1.3 The indicator should be clearly marked as a "Loaner" device.

4.1.4 The indicator should be marked with the name and address of the service company to whom it belongs.

4.2 Installation and use

The following conditions must be met for a loaner indicator to be temporarily placed into service as a replacement for a malfunctioning indicator:

4.2.1 The loaner indicator must be compatible with the scale to which it will be installed.

4.2.2 The loaner indicator shall be configured with the same verification scale interval (e) as the indicator which it replaces.

4.2.3 The loaner indicator shall be configured with the same weighing capacity (Max) as the indicator which it replaces.

4.2.4 The resulting number of scale intervals (n) must be equal to or less than that for which the loaner indicator was certified.

4.2.5 The resulting number of scale intervals (n) must fall within the parameters of the accuracy class for which the loaner indicator was approved, if applicable.

4.3 A loaner indicator can only be used as a replacement for a previously inspected indicator.

4.4 The loaner indicator shall be inspected and sealed as required by the Weights and Measures Act.

4.5 The installation of a loaner indicator must be reported to Measurement Canada, in writing, within 5 days of the installation as required by section 41 of the Regulations.

4.6 The loaner indicator and existing load receiving element will be subject to all of the requirements of the Weights and Measures Act, Regulations and Specifications, including normal enforcement action, when inspected.

4.7 Should a loaner indicator be taken out of "loaner" status to be installed on a permanent basis, a new and complete inspection of the device must be performed.

4.8 Any company failing to comply with the stated conditions may be required to make arrangements for initial inspection of all indicators.

5.0 Spare indicators

Spare indicators are those indicators inspected as backup devices for critical weighing operations. They are intended for use only on the device for which they have been originally inspected.

In order to allow the use of Spare Indicators, the following conditions must be met:

5.1 The spare indicator must be Initially Inspected by Measurement Canada or an Authorized Service Provider (ASP).

5.2 Spare indicators must be configured for and used with only the originally intended load receiving element.

5.3 Spare indicators must be properly marked as per the appropriate regulations or specifications.

5.4 Spare indicators must be available and tested each time the load receiving element or primary indicator is tested, calibrated or inspected.

6.0 Revision

The purpose of this revision is to simplify the requirements for Replacement Indicators (Loaners and Spares) (PBRI2008).

The purpose of revision1 was to:

  1. clarify the requirements for loaner indicators
  2. add requirements for spare indicators
  3. reformat the Bulletin