Canada and Mexico

Canada-Mexico Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) on conformity assessment for telecommunications equipment

The MRA between the Governments of Canada and Mexico for conformity assessment of telecommunications equipment was signed on November 13, 2011 and entered into force on June 1st, 2012.

This MRA provides for the mutual recognition by the Parties of testing laboratories and mutual acceptance of the results of testing undertaken by recognized testing laboratories in assessing conformity of equipment to a Party's technical regulations. Specifically for Canada, the MRA provides for the Mexican regulatory authorities (COFETEL) to accept test results from third-party Canadian laboratories for the conformity assessment of telecommunications equipment to specific Mexican technical regulations listed in Annex I of the MRA.

Currently the governments of Canada and Mexico are in transition period, during which procedural documents for designation and recognition of testing laboratories are developed and a number of confidence building activities are taking place.

IC will post all requirements for applying for designation to Mexico on its website once available. Applications for designation will be accepted once the transition period is concluded.

A full text of the Canada-Mexico MRA is available on the Canada Treaty Information web site.