About us

The Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA) promotes the interests and protection of Canadian consumers. Well-informed and confident consumers help stimulate competition and innovation in the Canadian marketplace.

The OCA aims to ensure that consumers have a voice in the development of government policies and are effective marketplace participants. It provides research and analysis on marketplace issues in support of both policy development and intergovernmental harmonization of consumer protection rules and measures. In addition, it works with international, federal and provincial/territorial partners to identify and address important consumer issues and develops and distributes consumer information and awareness tools.

Finally, the OCA provides financial support to not-for-profit consumer and voluntary organizations, in the form of a Contributions Program, to assist them by funding independent research and fulfilling their consumer interest and advocacy mandates.

Our mandate

"Promoting the interests of Canadian consumers"

Under the Department of Industry Act, the Minister of Industry is mandated to promote and protect consumer interests throughout Canada. The Minister's mandate also extends to measures to strengthen the national economy, promote sustainable development, ensure an efficient internal market governed by effective marketplace rules, and foster science and innovation.

The OCA contributes to this broad mandate by helping to build trust in the marketplace, so that consumers can protect themselves and confidently and knowledgeably drive demand for innovative products and services at competitive prices.

Our partners and clients

The Consumer Measures Committee (CMC)

More information is available at https://ised-isde.canada.ca/site/consumer-measures-committee/en.

Canadian Consumer Organizations

Organizations provide evidence-based input into policy development, undertake independent research on consumer-related issues and trends, and deliver consumer education activities.

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Information on the OECD is available at www.oecd.org.

Canadian consumers

We help represent the consumer voice in policy-making and provide Canadians with relevant and timely consumer information.