Be a green consumer

Your day-to-day purchasing decisions have an impact on the environment. Where you live, what you eat, what goods and services you buy and use, as well as how you dispose of waste, affects ecosystems everywhere.

A green consumer is someone who chooses goods and services that have a neutral or minimal impact on the environment.

There are many ways you can be a green consumer. The links below offer resources to help you and your household make more environmentally friendly choices.

Responsible use of digital technologies
Learn about the environmental impacts of digital technologies, the benefits of repairing devices or buying them refurbished instead of new and how to properly recycle these items at their end-of-life.

Daily purchases and the environment
Prevent pollution or waste when buying food and other items.

Environmental labels and claims
Explore common green claims and labels you will see in Canada.

Electronic waste, if not managed properly, can be harmful to human health and to the environment.

Green your home: A guide for homeowners
Whether you’re planning small fixes or major renovations to your home, consider making them energy-efficient.

Responsible product disposal
Before you dispose of something as regular garbage, ensure you’re disposing of it correctly.

Daily transportation
How you choose to commute has a direct impact on air pollution and other environmental concerns.