October 2019

Consumer Edge

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October 2019

Three tips to be a greener online shopper

Many of us enjoy shopping online, but buying more is often harmful to the environment. Here are a few tips for becoming a greener shopper:

  • Try to re-use, repair or repurpose what you already have and consider buying used or refurbished items or products before buying something new
  • When you shop online, buy quality items that are durable and long-lasting rather than low-grade items that don't last as long
  • Where possible, consider buying products from manufacturers that have take-back programs or design their products to be recyclable

Find more tips about how you can prevent pollution. You can also check out the Pollution prevention resource finder to find other online resources to help you make more environmentally friendly buying choices.

New research on online shopping

A recent Options Consommateurs report helps inform consumers on the advertising practices in the online Canadian marketplace.

The report titled A bargain or a technical problem? Pricing errors in Canada's e-commerce looks at the extent of pricing errors advertised online. It also offers possible, fair solutions for both consumers and businesses.

For more information on OCA-funded consumer projects, check out the Contributions Program for Non-profit Consumer and Voluntary Organizations web page.

Sale of edible cannabis online and in stores

On October 17, 2019, amendments to the Cannabis Regulations—setting out the rules governing the legal production and sale of edible cannabis, cannabis extracts and cannabis topicals—came into force.

As of mid-December, a limited selection of products will appear gradually in both physical and online stores.

For all the details, read Health Canada's news release on the sale of edible cannabis.

Buying government surplus assets online

Did you know that the Government of Canada sells surplus assets to the public? Register for GCSurplus to bid on a variety of items like computer equipment, furniture, books, building materials and even vehicles.

Browse items currently for sale online.

Online shopping by the numbers

How many Canadians made an online purchase last year?