September 2019

Consumer Edge

Office of Consumer Affairs

September 2019

Buying a new vehicle

Did you know that by the end of the first year, a new vehicle could be worth 25% less than the price you paid? Buying a car is a big expense. Before making your purchase, it's important to consider factors like the value depreciation and the long-term negative equity of a new vehicle.

Visit the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada for information on what you should consider when buying a car.

Vehicle lease or buy calculator

Not sure if you should buy or lease a vehicle? Use the Office of Consumer Affair's (OCA) Vehicle Lease or Buy Calculator to compare the costs of financing, leasing or buying out a vehicle over time.

Alternative fuels

The government encourages Canadian consumers to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more about the programs inciting consumers to reduce gas emissions and adopt fuel-efficient driving behaviours.

Recourse for vehicle defects

While there are no "lemon laws" in Canada, there are measures in place to help if you think you may have bought a defective vehicle. The OCA offers information on the steps to get redress depending on the type of problem you may have with your vehicle.

Idle vehicles

Q: In Canada, car owners drive their vehicles [blank] percent of the time.