February 2022

Consumer Edge

Office of Consumer Affairs

February 2022

In this edition of Consumer Edge, learn why home inspections are still an important step in the home buying process, how the Competition Bureau is putting the spotlight on resources for protecting yourself from scams during Fraud Prevention Month and test your knowledge of Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation.

The importance of home inspections

Homeownership can be very exciting and there is much to consider before you get the keys! When making such an important purchase, it is necessary to take precautions to protect yourself and to avoid unwelcome surprises.

Although the booming housing market might make it tempting to forgo a home inspection, it is an important step to help you understand the condition of a home before you buy it.

Make a well-informed decision and learn more about the importance of home inspections from the Office of Consumer Affairs.

March is Fraud Prevention Month

During Fraud Prevention Month, the Competition Bureau helps consumers recognize, reject and report fraud by highlighting some of the ways we can protect our privacy and personal information all year long.

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You can also check out these tips and interactive tools to help you stay vigilant about fraud and common scams. 

Can you recognize spam?

Did you know that businesses need your consent to send you commercial electronic messages? Canada's anti-spam legislation (CASL) protects consumers and businesses from the misuse of digital technology, including spam and other electronic threats.

Spam has become a significant social and economic burden in Canada and around the world. Being able to identify spam can help you better understand CASL and your consumer rights. Visit Fightspam.gc.ca to take our spam quiz and test your knowledge!