Consumer Trends

Consumer Trends Report
Provides a general overview of past and current (2005) economic and marketplace trends of relevance to consumers, and points to research gaps for future work by the consumer affairs community.

Consumer Trends Updates

Provides brief reports on research or policy developments related to themes explored in the 2005 Consumer Trends Report.

Summer 2013

  • Canada's Changing Retail Market
    This update highlights the structural changes experienced in the Canadian retail landscape since The Consumer Trends Report was released in 2005. The major actors operating within this retail sector and the impact of shifting consumer behaviour on the evolution of retail operations in Canada are also discussed.

Spring 2013

  • An Overview of Academic Consumer Interest Research in Canada
    This Consumer Trends Update provides an overview of the status of academic consumer interest research (CIR), from a Canadian perspective. It first presents the challenges inherent to defining CIR and discusses the field's linkages to consumer policy-making. This is followed by some observations on the current state of academic CIR in Canada. Models of CIR-related academic networking activities are then presented as examples of how academic CIR can develop and contribute to policy-making. Such academic CIR contributions deserve further and sustained attention by all partners in the consumer policy community.