Consumer research priorities

Research project stream

Research projects are aimed at improving the capacity of consumer organizations to represent the interests of consumers in the marketplace. The priority areas of focus for the 2023-25 call out are outlined below and are national in scope.

Digital consumer protection

Projects in this category include those dealing with online consumer protection, consumer rights and digital marketing, the digitalization of financial services and more.

Systemic barriers, affordability and other risks to vulnerable consumers

Projects in this category include those addressing the accessibility of trusted sources of information, the impacts of market fluctuations on vulnerable consumers, health and food safety and security, the impacts of labour shortages on consumers and more.

Sustainable consumption and the circular economy

Projects in this category include right to repair, ownership vs. sharing or leasing of products, circular supply chains, sustainable consumption behaviours, sustainable transportation and the environmental impacts of teleworking practices.

Consumers and the financial sector

Projects in this category include consumer awareness of, and access to, programs related to debt repayment, online and high cost lending products, open banking, digital literacy and more.

Development project stream

Development projects are aimed at strengthening capacity building for consumer organizations to help fulfil their mandates, increase their visibility, membership and their self-sufficiency or to work collaboratively in the interest of Canadian consumers.

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