Tips to support local businesses

Local businesses are the heart of your community and your support is what helps them thrive.

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Top tip: Supporting local and small businesses is important and it can be done safely. When taking advantage of the products or services offered by local businesses, make sure you're following the latest public health advice where you live.

Reasons why your support is important

Here are some examples of the positive impacts of choosing to buy local:

  • Increases jobs and supports the success of your community
  • Reduces your carbon footprint because small businesses often source from local manufacturers
  • Contributes to innovation and competition in your area, helping to keep prices lower

In addition, by shopping local, you'll likely discover a more diverse and broad range of products.

Ways to support small businesses in your community

Supporting small businesses is easy with these tips:

1. Get to know the small businesses in your area

  • Follow local and small businesses, such as stores, merchants, and restaurants, on social media
  • Subscribe to your local newspaper or community newsletter
  • Look for bulletins and events posted online such as on your local community centre, online bulletin boards, neighbourhood associations, municipal and library websites
  • Read reviews of local and small businesses to help inform your decision

2. Actions you can take to support small businesses

  • You and the business owner might save on third-party service fees if you order directly from the business
  • Consider buying food that has been grown in Canada or made in Canada
  • If there are few retail options near you to buy local products, consider buying from elsewhere in Canada instead of abroad
    • Many popular online marketplaces will let you filter sellers who are Canadian, or who make or manufacture their products in Canada
  • Share your experience by writing a review
  • Encourage your friends and family to support local businesses by purchasing gift certificates or gift cards from a local store
  • Follow local and small businesses, such as stores, merchants, and restaurants, on social media and engage with their content

Stay safe while supporting small businesses

Support small businesses while keeping the safety and well-being of all in mind.

Before going out,make informed choices to keep yourself, your family and your communities safe. If you're feeling sick, hold off on visiting a local business.

Many local and small businesses are proud of what they have to offer and want you to have a positive shopping experience. However, it's important to remember that those same local and small businesses could be navigating their own challenges, like labour shortages, issues with supply and demand and increased pricing due to inflation. By shopping near where you live, you can help local businesses prosper, making it even easier to continue shopping locally in the future.